Roma vs Real Madrid 5 Talking Points #338


Roma went to battle with Real Madrid last night at the Santiago Bernabeu in the Opening match of the Champions League on Wednesday. Despite no longer having Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid does what they always have Dominate and win games in Europe. Roma did incredibly well defensively and Robin Olsen in goal was superb but then again this is Real Madrid. Real eventually broke through right before the halfway point with an unbelievable free kick by Isco to give Real Madrid a 1-0 lead at half. In the second half Real Madrid when after a little more as a very hard-working Roma defense began to tire. Luka Modric start a counter attack that ended with Gareth Bale putting it into the back of the net to make it 2-0. Roma continue to work hard defensively as their attack was non-existent but at the death of the match Real Madrid is super sub Mariano scored and outrageous goal to give Real Madrid the 3-0 win. An excellent performance from Real Madrid as they have proof they can exist without Cristiano Ronaldo. Roma made several improvements in this match but in the end Real Madrid proved to be too much.



Robin Olsen proving to be a bargain




Robin Olsen was brought to Roma to be the replacement of Alisson Becker who left for Liverpool for then world record 75 million. A lot of people expected Roma to spend big to get his replacement. Roma opted for Copenhagen goalkeeper Robin Olsen who displayed incredible ability at the World Cup this summer helping Sweden gets the quarterfinals. Roma only paid 8.5 million. He has only played five games for Roma but despite that he has been Roma’s best player this season. I named him Roma player of the month in August and he’s looking like he is going to get it again in September. After a sensational performance last night there’s no question about his incredible abilities. Real Madrid did win the match but Robin Olson made it as difficult as possible for them to do so. Under The Lights in his Champions League debut for Roma against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu he didn’t shy away from the Challenge. He made saves after save he proved to the world that he is an absolute top class goalkeeper. Furthermore he is the ideal replacement for Allison he is perfect for this club. he’s not going to be as good as Allison but that’s the beauty of it he doesn’t need to be against Real Madrid the defending champions he left them frustrated with how well he performed. This was a perfect signing and at such a low cost I believe he is already surpassed the value that has been paid for him. Not many players can go to the Bernabeu and perform the way Olson did last night he has given everything for this team he possesses great control and poise. He has also proven to be a leader which is something that cannot be taught. A unreal performance from Robin Olsen it looks like Roma got him for peanuts.
Real Madrid can coexist without Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo’s is Real Madrid’s greatest ever player in his nine seasons with Real Madrid he has scored 450 goals 438 games that included 105 Champions League goals. There are many that believe that without Cristiano Ronaldo this Real Madrid side could not have won three consecutive Champions League titles. Last night that question was answered. Without Ronaldo Real Madrid performed exceptionally well. Although Roma did a lot of work to hold off the inevitable. Real Madrid won the match very comfortably. They showed that they are still the Real Madrid Dynasty without him and I still consider them one of the favorites to win it. So many players stepped up in replacement of Ronaldo to perform at an extremely high level. It turned out to be a routine victory for the Champions League holders. They were as dangerous as they have been with the likes of Gareth Bale Toni Kroos and others they showed the incredible quality they certainly have. Going into this Champions League campaign I did not believe that Real Madrid could win the champions league for the fourth year in a row although I knew it was possible they were not one of my favorites. After last night’s performance with all the options they have in their lineup and Off the Bench there’s no reason why this team couldn’t make it four-in-a-row will.  Only time will tell but they have as good of the chances anyone this proves even without Cristiano Ronaldo they are still the great white sharks of European football.
Roma’s defensive Improvements


This season for the most part Roma defense have struggled. Ultimately put in they’re excellent goalkeeper in an uncomfortable and unavoidable situation. It is one of the most frustrating things about this them so far this season and I think that plays a huge parts on why the season has started as poorly as it has. If Roma where to fix this issue we will see then get back on the right track and start winning more games. We saw the start of that on Wednesday night at the Bernabeu against Real Madrid. This Real Madrid team has so much more quality against a  young vibrant Roma side it was always going to be difficult to shut them down.  This Roma defense made excellent progress Despite who they were  up against they showed a real and genuine effort extremely hard working for the team and at times frustrating Real Madrid. They made smart defensive plays in dangerous areas to prevent some early goal scoring opportunities. Even though they were beat three times I don’t think either will see fault of the defense. They weren’t clean because they did make some mistakes in the game but for the most part you saw a real improvements. This defense looks like the one from last year not the one we have seen so far this season. I thought Federico Fazio did exceptionally well his partnership with Kostas Manolas seem to be very effective. improvements can still be made but I think Roma made great progress defensively last night against a team that rules European football.
Real Madrid’s Dark Knight is Gareth Bale


Real Madrid v Roma, UEFA Champions League Group G, Football, Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Madrid, Spain - 19 Sep 2018

When Cristiano Ronaldo Left for Juventus a gap was left in Real Madrid. The question became without Ronaldo whose team will it become and after the last night there’s no question this is Gareth Bale’s team. Basically since his arrival Real Madrid several years ago from Spurs he has been a number 2 or number 3 option. That does not exist anymore this team goes as he goes his contribution in the attack has proven to be so crucial this season. When Ronaldo left the idea was that Real Madrid was going to spend big on a new player but what they failed to realize is they didn’t need to. As a number two  Gareth Bale scored 92 goals in a 195 games which is an incredible amount given the amount of time he has missed through injury. With Cristiano Ronaldo gone he has taken over as the dominant force in this team. He already has four goals and six games for Real Madrid this season and that is only going to continue if he keeps up his Pace he will easily surpass 30 goals this season.. the Welshman on the wing is incredibly dangerous displaying  great poise and his excellent finishing ability. Not to mention he is come through for Real Madrid in important moments he scored arguably the greatest goal in champions league history against Liverpool in the Champions League final. On top of that he has scored  goals in crucial situations many times throughout his Real Madrid career. Last night he was absolutely unbelievable I fully believe he will be a machine this season he won’t be able to replace Ronaldo in the same way but he has the ability to have an incredibly dominant and successful season for Real Madrid. He is a world-class player and this season I think he will enter the conversation for the world the best player with this opportunity he has the chance to do so much for this team By all accounts Gareth Bale is the Man For Real Madrid he is The Dark Knight.


Nicolo Zaniolo debut


Last night Eusebio Di Francesco made a very bold move ahead of the match against Real Madrid. He gave Nicolo Zaniolo his professional debut against the Los Blancos at the Bernabeu Stadium. The 19 year old arrived in the summer from Inter Milan in the deal that sent radja nainggolan the other direction. The midfielder thrived in The Inter Milan youth systems being regarded as the best youth product at Inter. He’s considered one of the most talented youngsters in Italian football recently got the call up for the Italian national team despite not having registered a Serie A Minute in his career. Last night was the first senior game he’s ever played. To have your debut against Real Madrid in the Champions League is a very difficult and challenging thing to handle. Despite that Roma’s young midfielder performed it very well under the circumstances. He wasn’t unbelievable but under the tough environment in a very crucial game he did some nice things. He played around 55 minutes before being subbed off but by all accounts looks have handled the pressure well. He didn’t make any mistakes that many youngsters would make at his age. After the game Di Francesco reiterated that he started him because he’s incredibly talented and complimented him on the way he performed. The idea was that he would add something extra there was no tape on him there was nothing to study he was incredibly raw but performed very well. He didn’t have a massive impact on the game but I thought his passing frequency was excellent. He will be the jewel of that transfer based on what we saw from him last night the talent is there he is everything needed to be a great midfielder in Italian football I’d love to see him get more games on this season this kid has got it this wont be the last time we see him you don’t know him now but you soon will.





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