Improbable Derby hero Lorenzo Pellegrini cools off red hot Lazio in Roman Derby #349

Score: A.S Roma 3 S.S Lazio 1FT

Stadio Olompico,Rome

Following Roma’s first home game of the season in midweek the big one arrived. It was a Derby Day in Rome as Roma prepared for their biggest match of the season. City Rivals Roma and Lazio went head-to-head for the 186th time. In what was another addition of the Rome Derby better known as the Derby Della Della Capitale. A match that means more than any other fixture of the season one of the most dangerous most violent most competitive rivalries in Europe. The hatred between each team’s has no bounds as the and Supremacy in the city was all at steak in what was a thrilling Derby. Last season Roma won to see the series winning the first meeting and drawing the second. Lazio for a long time has been in Roma shadow but now has a team to dismantle them a game of intensity and drama is what took place Saturday afternoon. It took a little while for the game to develop but once it got going it was incredibly competitive and evenly matched as a sellout crowd experienced the madness. At the very end of the first half Lorenzo Pellegrini who had come on for the injured Javier Pastore gave Roma the lead right before halftime as Roma had the 1-0 lead going into the second half. Lazio fought back in the second half as Roma try to extend the lead. Fortunately for Lazio Roma made a mistake and Ciro Immobile took full advantage finding the back of the neck to equalize. It would only stay even for a matter of minutes as former Lazio player Alex Kolarov saw his world-class free kick rip through the net to give Roma the 2-1 lead. Lazio continued to try to claw their way back into the game but off on another set-piece late in the contest Federico Fazio found the back of the net to give Roma the 3-1 lead. In what was an eventual win for the Romans despite Roma’s less-than-stellar start to the season with a big win in the derby that gives them momentum. They cooled off red hot Lazio who had won four consecutive games before meeting their makers. Roma prove that the city is still there as they once again get the better of Lazio. The two clubs are now within one point of each other. The Roman Derby belongs to Roma as Roma had the bragging rights as they silence they’re noisy neighbors.

Eusebio di Francesco made the tough but right decision to keep the 4-2-3-1 formation after their win on Wednesday. In goal as always would be Roma’s number one the Swede Robin Olsen. Roma would have and identical defense as on Wednesday. At left-back would be Alex Kolarov beside him would be the typical centre-back Partnership of Federico Fazio and Kostas Manolas then at right back getting his second consecutive starts would be Davie Santon. In front of the defense would it be the defensive Midfield pairing of Steven Nzonzi and Roma Captain Daniele De Rossi who worked really well together last week. The attacking midfielder would be made up of Alexandro Florenzi who pushes forward rather than taking his right back position. Then beside him in Central Midfield would be Javier Pastore and beside him on the right would be Stephan El Shaarawy. Then up front as the main Striker would be Edin Dzeko who was rested and ready for the matchup. Then as always a strong bench with the likes of Under Lorenzo Pellegrini and Justin kluivert.

After preparations and predictions we were almost ready to kick off for this much anticipated fixture between Derby Rivals Roma and Lazio. You could feel the energy and atmosphere in the air as it was derby day at the Olimpico. The derby started kind of slowly as both teams for trying to feel each other out. It was a lot of possession football using a lot of ball movement to try to open things up. It Didn’t really open up in the opening 20 minutes. There was nobody clearly in control as it seems pretty even in the very beginning. Finally just passed the 20th minute we saw the first chance of the game. When Martain Cacruas saw his shot go wide. Roma would respond almost immediately as Stephan El Shaarawy released Edin Dzeko after a great run dzeko struck the ball from the side of the Box before being saved by The Keeper. Finally the game started to open up with several chances coming over the next several minutes. Alexandro Florenzi found Javier Pastore on the counter-attack shortly after. Pastore dug in and took a shot on goal but was denied Roma looked a little bit more in control but Lazio were coming. Their Superstar Ciro Immobile hit a fiery shot at Robin Olsen but the Swede dealt with. A minute later Lazio came close as Luis Alberto found milinkovich Savic but his header went wide. It really was a back-and-forth fast as Roma got a pair of chances in response. Javier Pastore connected with Steven Nzonzi but his header was too high. This was followed up by a close attempt from Daniele De Rossi. Shortly after there was a delay with Javier Pastore appeared to be in some pain. DiFrancesco then was forced to make a change as he made a incredibly important substitution. Lorenzo Pellegrini the Roma born a midfielder entered the game. Within minutes of coming on at the end of the first half in the 45th minute Roma finally took advantage of an it. Coming off a free kick in which Edin Dzekoeko headed the the ball into the box. Where Pellegrini was by himself with several Lazio Defenders around him a lapse of communication allowed Pellegrini to get to the ball and to score a backheel goal in what was almost an empty net to give Roma the 1-0 lead. Major questions of communication come at lazio’s expense but a deserving lead for Roma. That would signal the end of the first half with Roma in front with a 1-0 lead thanks to Lorenzo Pellegrini.

Lorenzo Pellegrini shows some Flair to give Roma the lead.

It was a very solid 1st half from Roma but equally Lazio were extremely disappointed with the mistake and lack of communication they showed to end the first half down a goal. In the second half Roma still looked like the better side and was showing that they had some fight left despite their earlier digression. Milinkovic savic came really close with a Long Ranger but narrowly missed. Ciro Immobile followed it up with a brilliant attempt on goal but an equally brilliant Robin Olson denied him. Roma tried to get the momentum back with a deep strike from Edin dzeko but he misfired. Moments later Lorenzo Pellegrini came very close with a deep strike. Roma were looking to double the lead because it would kill off the game but Lazio didn’t back down from the challenge of getting back into it. Edin Dzeko and Ciro Immobile both had chances later in the half but were unable to find the back of the net. Lazio’s moment came in the 67th minutes after a huge defensive Mistake by Federico Fazio allowing to Ciro Immobile to and drill the ball into the bottom of the net to equalize making it 1-1 with about 20 minutes to go. It was an equalizer Lazio would only hold onto for so long. Just 4 minutes later Roma retook the lead. In the 71st minute former Lazio player Alex Kolarov scored a superb free-kick from the 18 years box. He became the first player in over 30 years to score in the derby for both Roma and Lazio. He showed his appreciation for his current Club as he exploded in celebration ran towards his team and the Roma supporters. It would be his second goal of the season after scoring his first on Wednesday. Lazio were frustrated after just equalizing. They try to get back in the game as karera saw his header miss. Roma would make their second change as a Bryan cristante came on for Daniele De Rossi. With under 10 minutes to go Robin Olson made a superb save on milinkovic savic. All the momentum was going in the Roma’s Direction they could see the finish line. Roma would make their final change of the afternoon as Alexandro Florenzi handed his armband to Federico Fazio before coming off for Juan Jesus. Roma were nearly there then in the 86 minute they put the game to sleep. On a free kick from outside the box Lorenzo Pellegrini directed free kick of pinpoint accuracy into 6’5 Federico Fazio who used his size to send a bullet of a header in the back of the net to give Roma the 3-1 lead. It would be his second goal of the season. The rest of the match would play out and the referee blew the whistle as Roma once again prove their superiority over their City rivals..

Federico Fazio and Alex Kolarov finish off Lazio in second half 

Rare underdogs Roma earn a massive three points over their City rivals with an unlikely hero rising to the occasion. On a day that is an important for the entire city for both clubs it is the most important match of the season. With two clubs who have animosity and hate for each other it was unlikely hero give Roma the momentum. Lorenzo Pellegrini did not start the match and was not expected to come on as early as he did. When Javier Pastore had to come off with injury Lorenzo Pellegrini had no choice but to come on and try to perform to his highest level. Within minutes he scored the opening goal in what was otherwise a even match. There was no team that significantly had the advantage both teams did a phenomenal job getting forward and causing pressure. However Roma has a slight Advantage because of how ruthless they were coming forward on the counter-attack it is something they have lacked this season after this performance it looks like a strength. It turned out to be a very dramatic game Lorenzo Pellegrini’s opening goal was held for a long time. In the second half Lazio really went after it they constantly werw coming forward using their Superstar Ciro Immobile as he was looking for blood against his rivals. After a mistake was made by Fazio he found the opportunity he was looking for by equalizing the contest. Roma did a sensational job bouncing back. Roma was unbelievable and their ability to fight back and regain the lead that they felt they deserved. Former Lazio player made history as well as getting some revenge on his old Club. Alex Kolarov scored an insane free kick to give his Roma side the lead. 9 years since scoring against Roma for Lazio he scores another goal in this Derby becoming one of the only players to score for both sides in the Rome Derby. Lorenzo Pellegrini was the star of the afternoon as his cross found Federico Fazio for an assist. Roma take the bragging rights with a 3-1 victory in the Roman Derby. This Derby had everything it needed for an exciting football match it was very competitive and intense. A nearly full stadio olimpico was treated to some football Madness. For Roma to lose the lead and then regain it and to stomp on Lazio throat was very impressive from the very start of the match they believed they would win. When these two teams play it has been the same story for several seasons this is Roma City they own this Derby on Lazio not only in the standings but in this historic football match. Lazio had a lot of opportunities and had a great game plan for the Romans but were unable to make Roma pay. Robin Olson had another great game where he was face-to-face with Ciro Immobile constantly and managed to get the better of him despite the one goal. Lazio are truly lucky to have a player like him because he is the heart of this Lazio. Going into this game Lazio were on fire having won their previous four games. Lorenzo Pellegrini and company cooled them off. Di Francesco’s decision to stick with the formation he used on Wednesday worked right into their hands as they were able to take advantage of opportunities when they came. The man of the match was without of a doubt Lorenzo Pellegrini having to come on and perform off the bench he proved he has a quality he has displayed on a numerous occasions he scored the opener and assisted on another and overall played an incredible game in the Roma in Midfield. he was an unlikely hero but he showed unreal quality as his outperforming gives it Roma manager Difrancesco a little more job security as it seems Roma have that momentum they need to kick on the rest of the season. Having lost to every big team they have played Lazio may have some big question marks on who they really are. A different season but the same results as Roma prove that this is still indeed their City regardless of records or points they are undoubtedly the kings of Rome. After this impressive performance this gives Roma exactly the momentum needed as they prepare for a big Champions League match on Tuesday this was exactly the response this Roma team was looking for and they got it at the expense of their bitter Rivals.

Man of the match: Lorenzo Pellagrini (1)

Next Match: Vs Viktoria Plzen, Tuesday October 2nd,2018
A.S Roma
Shots: 17
On Target: 7
Possession: 44%
Passes: 340
Pass Accuracy: 81%
Shots: 16
On Target: 4
Possession: 56%
Passes: 431
Pass Accuracy: 81%

Top of the table
1.Juventus 7-0-0 21pts
2.Napoli 5-0-2 15pts
3.Sassuolo 4-1-1 13pts
4.Inter Milan 4-1-2 13pts
5.S.S Lazio 4-0-3 12pts
6.A.S Roma 3-2-2 11pts

Bottom of the table
16.Caglarli 1-3-3 6pts
17.Empoli 1-1-3 4pts
18.Bologna 1-1-3 4pt
19.Frosinone 0-1-3 1pt
20.Chievo 0-2-2 -1pt

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