Horror at Taylor Falls inspires West Side Ducks to go for a win on the Last game of the season #371



Local football team the  West Side Ducks head into their last game of the season as they look to secure a championship. Although the championship would be great these boys have something else in mind a title would be nice the Ducks are fighting for something more than just Glory. A tragic accident at Taylor Falls as the entire team at a standstill. 8 year old Ducks quarterback Jacari was enjoying a day out at Taylor Falls when a horrific moment occurred. The eight-year-old Ducks quarterback fell off a cliff leaving him hospitalized and in rough condition. Although the 5-1 ducks want to win this trophy as much as anyone the reasons are different. Losing a teammates in the way they did can be incredibly tough to take especially as kids. The ducks have rallied and United with each other to not just win for themselves but when for their friend who’s is in critical condition. Winning is great but these boys they aren’t  winning for themselves they want to win for Jacari. The eight year old is in a medically-induced coma at Regions Hospital after what could have been an enjoyable day turned into a parent’s worst nightmare. The young kid has a broken jaw facial fractures around his eye socket and pelvis injuries. According to reports they will be handing out bracelets at their next football game to honor their friend that can use all the help he can get.



These horrific events has opened up a dialogue of further issues in regards to the park safety. On a TV interview the boys mother stressed the Park need to make changes. She implied possibly putting railings or a fence or some sort of blockers that prevents issues like this to happen in the future. There isn’t anything protecting the safety of these kids they should have some sort of safety mechanism close to the edge so kids like Jacari won’t have to deal with the Horrors the 8-Year old faces. The park has had a significant amount of injuries and has only become a more and more of an issue with an increase in injuries at the State Park. In 2018 there were six injuries that’s double the amount of 2 years ago. Hopefully some sort of changes can be made so we avoid situations like this in the future. A GoFundMe page has been set up for his recovery. According to the news interview he is starting slight movement in his arms and legs which brings a sense of positivity to his team who will try to win a title in his absence.


Someone who I’ve mentioned in a previous article Josiah; the young talented running back for the Westside boys ducks. The incredibly gifted running back has performed to an exceptional level in his absence. This included is 50 yard touchdown run last week. He has led his troops in the absence of his friend and will continue to do so. A championship isn’t given but these boys have that something extra because they’re fighting for something that’s deeper than football………

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