Champions League Players of the Week Match day 4 #384

Red Star Belgrade Striker: Milan Pavkov


In Red Star Belgrade’s biggest match of the Champions League season they hosted red hot high-flying damaging Liverpool. In a group of heavyweights such as Liverpool PSG and Napoli red star has already mathematically been eliminated from the competition. However it didn’t stop Serbian Striker Milan Pavkov from doing the impossible against Liverpool. In one of the most hostile devastating grounds in Europe Red Star Belgrade already had the psychological advantage. However no one expected them to turn over Liverpool. Pavkov lead an absolute assault on Liverpool scoring two outrageous goals to give Red Star Belgrade a unbelievable 2-0 win against premier league title contenders Liverpool. This is a team with world-class players in every position. On that night over those 90 minutes none of them could handle Pavkov he was absolutely unplayable and gave Liverpool problems on a consistent basis. It was a truly embarrassing performance from Liverpool but Red Star Belgrade deserved this match from the start to finish. Red star didn’t get even a little consideration for the possibility of an upset. Pavkov lead his team to a historic victory. They will not be advancing through in the Champions League but nonetheless they will cherish this match for a long time Milan Pavkov was absolutely unbelievable and was able to fulfill his dream scoring in the champions league on the biggest stage against one of the best teams in the world. For those 90 minutes he was absolutely incredible there was nothing they could have done to stop him he was just having one of those days. Not to mention on the second goal he had a world-class strike that not a goalie in the world would have saved. He beat one of the best goalkeepers in the world twice he delivered for his country and his team as a red star shocks Liverpool behind the Brilliance of Milan Pavlov.



Valencia Striker: Santi Mina


In a relatively wide open Group not counting Juventus Valencia had a Monumental opportunity to create some ground and their hopes to qualify for the Champions League Round of 16. Valencia has been absolutely atrocious in La Liga they used to this platform on champions league Wednesday to unleash one of the biggest young talents in Spanish football. Santi Mina delivered for Valencia on the big stage showing some unbelievable quality that he has. This is a very tight group and winning last night was almost important not only for momentum and confidence but for the status of the group. He scored two goals including the opener as well as a second to break the deadlock in what was an eventual 3-1 win for Valencia over young boys. He looked incredibly strong on the ball very comfortable and was dangerous causing a disaster pretty much anytime he had the ball in a dangerous areas. He became incredibly hard to stop especially when young boys made no preparations for Santi Nina who is a absolutely Sensational player. Michy Batshuayi by many is considered Valencia’s number one threat Wednesday night Valencia’s number 2  option rose to the challenge in an important Champions League game and absolutely delivered it was a nearly complete performance for Santi Mina. It wasn’t just the fact that he scored two goals it was impact he had on the match throughout the match it always seems like the Valencia had the upper hand because of the impact he was providing to his team. This is a player who scored 15 goals last season and has yet to find his footing this year he certainly took a great night to make his introduction to this season. Valencia ended up winning 3-1 but he scored the crucial goals that got them in position to win. Santi Mina double has closed the gap between then and Manchester United there is now only two points between them. It is not impossible the Valencia find the way to beat the Red Devils and grab second in this group but it will be a challenge. With Juventus and Manchester United in their final two matches but if they find a way to get through it’s going to heavily rely on the 22 year old Spaniard who showed last night His ability. Now that he has arrived I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a few more performances like this from him.

Schalke striker Guido Burgstaller



Schalke battled Galatasaray on Tuesday night in an absolutely crucially important Champions League match. It was a very tough game between two teams who were chasing first place in the group. Schalke prevailed thanks to an outstanding performance from Burgstaller. The Schalke forward was responsible for both goals in their 2-0 win over the Turkish Giants. He had an all-around great performance with a goal and an assist without his impact Schalke would not have won the game that’s how much impact he had on the match. A big physical specimen that was completely antagonizing for Galatasaray to dictate. Despite not having the size he is a very physical player with Incredible speed he uses his intelligence and great vision to get his teammates into spaces as well as creating his own shot. This was a hugely important game and the 30 year old delivered when his team needed him the most. Certainly one of the better performances this week in the Champions League. After their victory Burgstaller has Schalke in perfect position not only to qualify but to potentially win the group. Schalke are two points behind first-place  with just two games remaining it will come down to one match in particular. They go to FC Porto next time if they find a way to win that game they will win the group and get into the last 16 a place in which Schalke have been out of for far too long. Burgstaller got them into this position had he not performed to that level they may not be in this position at all and he will be hugely important over the final two games of the Champions League . Burgstaller is a hard-working player who probably doesn’t get the respect he deserves because of style but make no mistake he is very capable of repeating performances we saw this week. An unbelievably important performance from Schalke’s most important player the German side looking ahead with positivity after an unreal display from Guido Burgstaller

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