The Future: Lorenzo Pellagrini Following the Pathway of Totti & De Rossi #390

GettyImages-1044727858-696x453In modern football staying at one Club for the majority of your career is a rare occurrence. Especially in a new age of football with more money more TV ratings more opportunities elsewhere. With that being said there are some rare cases what is loyalty means more than winning for certain players. Roma is a club that over the last several years have sold a lot of their key players. In some ways it jeopardizes where they are in Italian football right now and where they could be. Without a trophy in almost a decade which is a crazy concept for the capital of the world to be without sustainable success. However Roma have had a number of loyal players over their history who have stuck with their Club from the very beginning. In fact only 5 players in a Roma’s history have stuck it out all the way through as a Roman. Giacomo Losi, Francesco Roca,Bruno Conti Roma’s greatest-ever player Francesco Totti as well as Roma current Captain Daniele De Rossi. Staying at the club for an entire career it’s such a unusual thing to happen in modern football. Francesco Totti is the one everyone gravitates to when you’re speaking about this club. While all five players were exceptional but no one had to be quality of Rome’s number 10. A player that is considered by many as the best players of all time. He had an opportunity to win trophies at Real Madrid but turned it down and had an opportunity to sign for Chelsea on a transfer of 140 million Euros which would have been highest transfer in history at the time. He said no again a player that spent his entire career playing for his people as a Roman boy. Francesco Totti and Daniele De Rossi are Rome born players who went through the youth sector to become Club Legends it is the pathway to follow for young Roman children. It is who they aspire to be their true heroes. Most players that goes to the academy will not spend their entire career in the Eternal City. However two Roman players have the opportunity and potential to follow the path left to them by daniele de Rossi and Francesco Totti. Roma’s next Superstar and the future Captain this club.


Lorenzo Pellegrini has seemingly emerged as Roma’s next Superstar. He is a Roman born player who went through the academy and was able to fulfill some of his childhood dreams . Lorenzo Pellegrini joined Roma in 2007 as an 9 year old he has been associated with the club for over a decade most of which he spent in the Youth Academy but he’s been a part of this club for such a long time. Lorenzo Pellegrini eventually went on to make his debut against Cessna at the age of 18. He only made it the one appearance during that season and evidently was shipped off to Southwest Italy in the region of Modena. As he joined sassuolo on a one and a half million deal that included a Buy-Back Clause meaning Roma had an opportunity to repurchase Pellegrini in the future. He played two seasons at the sassuolo under current Roma manager Eusebio Di Francesco. He was a part of sassuolo’s historic season as DiFrancesco led the relatively unknown side to a 6th Place finish finishing above both AC and Inter Milan. That season Sassuolo made history by making the Europa League their first ever European competition. The young Pellegrini added three goals in that season.
Frosinone Calcio v US Sassuolo Calcio - Serie A


The following year they was finished in a respectable 12th in the table making it to the Europa League group stages as a Pellegrini added eight goals. He slowly but surely was becoming one of the most promising prospects in Italian football. Roma activated his Buy-Back option last season beating out other suitors who would have put money down for the midfielder. Roma brought him back for 10 million a fraction of what his cost would have been otherwise as he signed on a five-year deal. Lorenzo Pellegrini could not have been happier to return to his Boyhood Club but this time as a first team player with DiFrancesco joining him at Roma as he was hired for the departing Luciano Spalletti.. His debut season in the Eternal City had its ups and downs as a Pellegrini scored 3 goals last season. Roma secured a third-place finish as well as historic Champions League run all the way to the semi-final as they came back from the dead to beat Barcelona on their Journey. Lorenzo Pellegrini was a big part of that in the late in that season he really came on as one of the better players. His potential spoke volumes during the last 6 weeks of the Season where he truly was showing his unraveled ability and potential. He was especially dominant in the second to last game of the season against eventual Champions Juventus. He was just special in that game showing there’s a superstar quality that we have seen this season. During the summer there are opportunities to leave as Arsenal Manchester City and Manchester United we’re on full alert of the talented Serie A Star. Lorenzo Pellegrini does have a release clause in his contract worth 30 million. A price in which all three clubs can afford to pay. However despite the attention from outside Rome his intent never changed since he arrived as a 9 year old back in 2007. He constantly reiterated his loyalty to the club saying “just because I have a release clause doesn’t mean I have to leave”. Despite reinforcements that were brought in Lorenzo Pellegrini opted to stay at his Boyhood club to fight for a place a decision that now looks like the right pathway.


He wasn’t being the featured all that regularly to start the season but that eventually changed as Lorenzo Pellegrini evolved into a superstar in 45 minutes. In aroma the biggest game of the season the Derby Della Capitale against the enemy local rivals Lazio. Roma needed a results as they have not performed to the expectation often being referred to as consistently inconsistent but on the day of the derby he was the factor. Lorenzo Pellegrini probably dreamed his entire life about scoring in the derby against Lazio and that’s exactly what he did on his debut. He did not feature in either Derby game last year this was his first crack at Lazio. He wasn’t listed in the starting lineup in this match buts an injury to Javier Pastore allowed him to make a statement. Within minutes of coming on he gave Roma the 1-0 lead with a backheel goal as he was able to fulfill a childhood dream. However that was only the beginning of his day he won a free kick that Kolarov put in the back of the next and at the death he set up a perfect cross up another off another free kick as Fazio gave Roma the 3-1 win. It was without a doubt be coming out party of the Lorenzo Pellegrini. Since that game DiFrancesco put him in more of an attacking role which has complimented his set of skills quite well. He followed up that performance was another job dropping assist in his next game and in a Champions League match against Plzen he added another assist that included eight key passes which was the highest of any player in the Champions League that week. Roma have not done a great this season but Lorenzo Pellegrini has been a breath of fresh air in this Roma side. He has become one of the best midfielders in Italian football and a consistent member of the Italian national one of the best midfielders in Italian football and a consistent member of the Italian national team. He has popped the abilities that he has and the way he is performing in his new role have been absolutely exceptional he have all the tools and tangibles and abilities to follow the pathway of Roma legends that have come before him. He is one of the best players in Italian football this season and he’s getting an opportunity play with the Club of his dreams.

We have seen Superstars develop in Rome and then leave for greener pastures but for Lorenzo Pellegrini it just is different. Mohamed Salah asked to leave after two seasons the year of the retirement of Francesco Totti which to this day still bothers me. Unbelievable goalkeeper Alisson Becker left at his first opportunity even though I believe his feelings and emotions towards Roma are in a very positive in a emotional manner but he still left. We have seen Pjanic give this club 5 incredible seasons and then leave to one of Roma’s biggest rivals. Roma have developed these types of players all the time but not all of them are from Rome. In football Realm Roma born players have loyalty to the club Francesco Totti Daniele de Rossi Bruno Conti they all could have left at any point but stayed because of the love for the club. This is Love and emotion is something that Lorenzo Pellegrini shares with the Roma Legends. The better he performs this season the more attention he’s going to get in the transfer market but he’s the one player I don’t believe will leave Roma. Arsenal Manchester City Chelsea Manchester United Bayern Munich Dortmund even possibly Real Madrid or Barcelona in a few seasons they’re all be interested in this kid because he is phenomenal and he’s only 22 years old an unbelievable player with world-class potential. However I don’t think it really matters how many of these huge teams come knocking Lorenzo Pellegrini has always showed loyalty to his Boyhood Club and even though it is unparallel in World football I believe he will stay and develop as the future of this club. Not everyone is going to do this as a much as I love Roma’s Turkish Superstar Cengiz Under eventually he’s going to head for the exit door it is just the reality of the situation. Lorenzo Pellegrini it’s just a different type he loves this club so much this is his dream. When he dreamed as a kid he wasn’t wearing and Manchester United Jersey he wasn’t wearing the Arsenal jersey he was wearing a Roma Jersey. It has been an inconsistent season and it is incredibly frustrating to be a part of as a fans and as I imagined it to be tough as a player. However Lorenzo Pellegrini has the opportunity to be viewed in the city the same way Daniele de Rossi and Francesco Totti are. He came through the academy as a nine year old I think in his heart and in his mind he wants to leave this game and this club the way Francesco Totti did and Daniele De Rossi will. Growing up Daniele De Rossi was Lorenzo Pellegrini hero his role model in some ways he modeled his career after De Rossi he made his debut as a Roman and with Azzurri. Lorenzo Pellegrini is living his dream and has a potential and aspirations to achieve some of the greatness Daniele De Rossi has achieved in his career and what he means the city that sentiment alone with the fans and the people of Rome means more to these young Romans than anything in the than anything in the world. I don’t think he can achieve what Francesco Totti did in this city because that is unparalleled in any sport he is a once-in-a-generation player Roma may not have it player at that level for a long time. However Lorenzo Pellegrini has the potential to become a Roma Legend and as much as the offers he will receive loyalty for Roma lives in the veins of the Lorenzo Pellegrini. He can become a club Legend like the Romans that has come before him one day much like Roman children have admired and looked up to Francesco Totti and Daniele De Rossi one day they will look at Lorenzo Pellegrini in the same light.


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