Champions League Players of the Week Match day 6 #416

Liverpool Goalkeeper Alisson Becker


Liverpool were in a situation this past week where it wasn’t a done deal that they would be advancing to the Champions League round of 16. It would have been such a slap in the face and so disappointing had they failed to come through. Despite being in the group of death the pressure that was on Liverpool to finish the job against Carlo angelotti’s Napoli was intense. Napoli made them work for everything Liverpool  controlled the game and it looks like the better team in their Fortress at anfield. However it wasn’t Mohamed Salah who made the difference even though he scored the winning goal he was not the impact player. It was the 75 million keeper Alisson Becker. It was a narrow 1-0 victory for Liverpool but there were times in this game in which Napoli could have scored but Alisson put a stop to any chance of  points from the side from Naples. He is someone I dearly miss from his time at Roma. The type of performance he displayed against high-flying Napoli was world-class he was the big difference especially on a double save that kept his clean-sheet intact. Napoli didn’t have that many shots on goal but every time the Naples came forward Alisson and made the important play but crucial saves down the stretch propelled Liverpool to the Knockout stage of the Champions League. Liverpool came second in the group but Liverpool have to do much better after suffering three losses in the Champions League group stage. As long as Alisson continues to perform like he has this team will always have a chance to go on a Deep Run. The importance of alisson could not be any clearer he is the most valuable player on Liverpool the 75 million Liverpool paid doesn’t look so bad now because he will drastically outperform the price tag. As we see Another display of pure quality from the Brazilian.




Dortmund Midfielder Raphael Guerreiro


Borussia Dortmund and Atletico Madrid we’re fighting to reach the top of the group. Both teams going into the Champions league this week’s were even on points With Borussia Dortmund having the head-to-head advantage. All the Borussia Dortmund needed to do is win the match. Dortmund had a breakthrough performance from the unlikely of sources. Not Marco Reus not Mario Götze not Christian Pulisic and not Jason Sancho but Raphael Guerreiro was the big hero for Borussia Dortmund. They didn’t have the greatest competition in front of them as they faced off against a Monaco team that currently finds themselves in danger of relegation in the league and we’re at the very bottom of their Champions League group. However there’s really not an easy match in the Champions League it does not exist. Rafael Guerreiro took advantage of his opportunities as he took Dortmund to the top of the group with a 2-0 victory over French Giants Monaco. He gave the Bundesliga leaders and early Advantage with a goal in the opening 15 minutes a lead they held onto for the majority in the match. Then again late in the second half he came through again to really put the icing on the cake with an 88th minute goal that took Dortmund’s to top of the group as they beat on Atletico to win the group. Raphael Guerreiro 2 goal performance shows how dangerous this Dortmund team is. They have so many weapons in their starting 11 and off the Bench this Dortmund team is a major Dark Horse that could be a huge problem this coming May Raphael Guerreiro display only more justifies how good this team can be there is no ceiling on what this team can achieve in Europe this season this team has all the tools and Necessities to win the Champions League whether they do it is another an unlikely star display shows how deep Dortmund really are.





PSG Attackers Killian Mbappe and Neymar


The combination of  Kylian Mbappe and Neymar has been absolutely unreal this season it was a complete highlight reel in PSG’s 4-1 victory over red star. Quite easily two of the most impressive players during the Champions League this week. Red stars are not a terrible team they beat Liverpool that shows that they are a quality team there is no easy out in Champions League football. The combination of these two superstars are on a whole nother level. There’s always been constant rumors of the two of them potentially leaving Paris. That shouldn’t even consider their mind they have a team assembled that can win the Champions League with those two players alone they are a super team that’s not even mentioning all the other weapons they have. They were responsible for all four goals that Paris scored. I believe this team is the favorite to win the Champions League and they were along with Juventus my favorites before the season and I stand by it. Kylian Mbappe scored two goals while dishing out one assist. Meanwhile Neymar in his own right scored a goal also found a teammate for an assist. The two of them together is the best 1-2 punch in football there is not a better Duo in the sport at the moment. They’re young quick flashy but when it’s time to dominates they take over when it’s winning time they make their impact on the match. When Neymar and mbappe are on the same page there is no defense or goalkeeper in the world that can stop them that’s not to mention all the other pieces  they have to their disposal. As PSG win the group of death that’s featured an incredibly strong Napoli side and a high-flying Liverpool. They won the most important game of the groups beating Liverpool at home 2-1. That was a group defining match this is the most loaded team from top to bottom Neymar mbappe showed and displayed against Red Star Belgrade that this PSG team is the real deal if this team plays with solidity togetherness and mbappe and Neymar are on the same page throughout the tournament there’s not much that will stand in the way of the throne. The two of them showed it truly this week how dangerous they really are.

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