Roma vs Genoa Preview #417



Roma coming off of two losses in back-to-back games something the club needs to desperately change. This Roma team has lacked confidence and momentum over the last month and have an opportunity this week to try to turn their fortunes back in the right direction. Roma return home after a horrid road trip as they host Genoa at the Stadio Olimpico on Sunday night. Last season Roma won the season series with a win at home and a draw on the road. Much like Roma Genoa has also struggled this season at least over the last five games. Genoa has lost three of their last five and have certainly cooled off since the start of the Season. Both these teams had larger ambitions then what reflects in the league table. Each day Roma get further and further from Champions League football Sunday night it is extremely important not only for the obvious reasons trying to get some momentum and confidence under their belts but it’s very well could be a determining Factor in the job security of Eusebio DiFrancesco. He is a one of the top three coaches in Italian football but the results speak for themselves if he can’t find a way to turn this thing around ultimately Roma will not have a choice in the matter and will have to let him go. There is no ands or buts about this Roma must win this game or he will in all likelihood he lose his job. The last time Roma were in this situation they had and emphatic response Will Roma deliver or will Genoa find a way to ultimately signify the end of the Eusebio DiFrancesco era in Rome.



A.S Roma 


Roma remained injury-plagued with several injuries across the board. Edin Dzeko Lorenzo Pellegrini and Stephan El Shaarawy all remain out as Roma continue to be without their three best players. Not to mention Daniele de Rossi Roma’s Captain will also miss this match as well. The last two games has had nothing to do with the lineups it has had to do with psychological and mental breakdown. Roma must put out their strongest team possible even though they don’t have their strongest one available. I think we learned that in be lost in the Czech Republic this last week DiFrancesco decided to play Mirante instead of Roma’s starting goalkeeper Robin Olsen. I think it’s very likely we will see Roma’s strongest defense possible. Which at the moment is a little bit unclear given how a bad Roma have been defensively this season. But I think it’s very likely Roma’s back line will consist of Alex Kolarov Federico Fazio Kostas Manolas and Alexandro Florenzi. Roma’s defensive Midfield has stayed identical as it has practically the same for the last month. As Bryan Cristante playing alongside birthday boy Steven Nzonzi. In the attacking Midfield Roma should go with youth again with Nicolo Zaniolo continuing to fill in for the injured Lorenzo Pellegrini and on the wings having the electrifying Justin Kluivert and Roma’s Turkish star Cengiz Under. Roma’s striker position they have no choice but to start Patrik Schick again in that position with Edin Dzeko having not recovered from his injury yet. Schick time at the club could be coming to an end soon. I believe Roma’s key player that match will be Justin Kluivert he has continuously put in a good performances since he has started in place of Stephan El Shaarawy. Statistically hasn’t done much but his impact of the game has not gone unnoticed. If Roma can get forward in the attack Justin Kluivert will be a huge problem.






Genoa is not in good form right now they have lost three of their last five games and their alleged superstar has cooled off. Krzysztof Piątek lit the league on fire in the opening 9 games smashing some historical records after only costing Genoa for million. Since then he has done a pretty much nothing. Since the downfall Genoa has suffered from it as they were heavily relying on their polish star to deliver it has been unable to happen. He is basically just scored penalties since his hot start. At this point I’m not sure how much of a threat he actually is. The team have other key players as well play collectively but over the last five weeks they have not done well. I’m not saying they can’t beat Roma because as we know side from the internal city has struggled with inconsistency this season and it only seems to have continued. Genoa have an opportunity here to get a results as tough as it may look on paper a result against a big team could kick start their season they find themselves closer to the relegation Zone then to the European places. They need to find a way to get some consistency and start winning games. I still find it difficult to believe that Krzysztof Piątek will be the defining Factor in the match. Genoa have a good shot you can’t not say that because of the way Roma are playing I think the key player in this match actually will be Christian Kouamé he is a guy that Roma are chasing he has three goals and three assists this season he may not be a world-class talent but make no mistake he will be a huge factor in this game it will be the difference between three points and none. Away from home a chance of result is minimized But it’s not impossible if they play to their potential. He will be a huge part of that.



Bottom line 



This game is simply one that Roma cannot lose or DiFrancesco may not be here in a week. It could be very challenge if the players are playing for themselves or for DeFrancesco. Roma have the ability to play with character and spirit they have shown this few times this season. DiFrancesco’s job is on the line the Roma players have the ability to deliver a very valuable three points to Roma that would secure a little more security for their manager. If he is lost the room then we won’t see an inspiring Roma but I don’t think that’s true I think Roma come out determined to Salvage the manager job position. From a tactical perspective Roma slight favorites on paper they are far more than that but given the way Roma has played so far this season and the fact that they are on a losing streak it only give them a slight advantage. This is not a team that is confident or has much momentum under them a great performance here could get them that. At home Roma have only lost one game given the fact that Roma had been so poor this season you would have figured it would have been a lot worse but at home they lost just once. At the Stadio Olimpico this week it should give them a little bit of hope in front of their home fans with the possibility of picking up a huge three points with Juventus game coming up next week Roma cannot drop any points in this match because of how difficult that one will be. If Roma could recreate the first half they played against Cagliari but do it for a 90 minute match Roma should have no problem picking up the three points. I say this every week which is speed and athleticism of Under Kluivert and the intelligence of Zaniolo coming forward Roma should be exceptionally dangerous. The big thing for the Romans is clinical finishing in front of goal because Roma is one of the best creator of chances putting them away has been a problem for them if they can improve on that and be mistake-free defensively. However I do realize but that is easier said than done because of how the season has gone they have dropped points to inferior opponents all due respect to Genoa but they would be considered an inferior opponent Roma cannot allow them to get anything from this game especially given the fact that they are in such bad form. from Genoa’s perspective what they had to do is very simple try to limit the amount of chances that Roma run through their Midfield and defend exceptionally well. Getting forward is not a huge importance for Genoa still have their chances but when they come they must take advantage of them. Christian Kouamé could be important he  played well lately. Roma have everything necessary to secure the three points from top to bottom they are the better side with more dangerous players even though they’re short-handed they have advantages all over the place. A win is a must they do not have a choice they must win this game or their entire season could implode if they fail to do so. Roma are the better team on paper and should have no issue winning this game especially at home at the Stadio Olimpico but as we know games aren’t won on paper.


Roma’s Projected starting XI 4-2-3-1
GK: Robin Olsen
DEF: Alex Kolarov, Federico Fazio, Kostas Manolas, Alessandro Florenzi
DEF MID: Bryan Cristante, Steven Nzonzi
ATT MID: Cengiz Under, Nicolo Zaniolo, Justin Kluivert
Striker: Patrik Schick

Roma Manager: Eusebio DiFrancesco

Genoa’s Projected starting XI 3-1-4-2
GK Radu
DEF: Biraschi,Romero,Gunter, MID: Sandro
ATT MID: Lazovic,Veloso,Hjemark,Pereira
ATT MID: Kouame,Piatek

Manager: Cesare Prandelli




Players To Keep You Eyes On

Justin Kluivert 




Christian Kouamé


Date: Sunday December 16th, 2018
Venue: Stadio Olimpico, Rome 
Kickoff: 1:30PM (USA) 7:30PM (ENG), 8:30PM (ITA)
TV Broadcast: Sky Italia, ESPN+


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