Roma vs Sassuolo 5 Talking Points #427


After a harsh defeat away at Juventus Roma return home to the stadio olimpico as they put in one of their best performances of the season. Eusebio di Francesco welcomed his sons and a former employer to the stadio olimpico. As Roma met sassuolo on a Wednesday night clash in Rome. Roma won the season series a year ago but it is a different seasons and this match always has an emotional aspect given what DeFrancesco achieved with swallow. Going into this match there was a one-point difference between the two sides as the swallow had a surprisingly hot start to the season. However Roma showed their rare consistency and what was a truly one-sided performance at the olimpico. Roma took the early lead when Roma were given a penalty after Patrik Schick was fouled in the box after the VAR review the penalty was ultimately given. Diego perotti steps up fooling the keeper giving Roma the 1-0 lead. Patrik Schick would double it this a little later to give Roma The 2-0 lead through the first 25 minutes. It was a game Roma dominated and weren’t other and complete control throughout. In the second half Roma only added more fuel to the fire as 19 year old sensation Nicolo zaniolo in a huge moment scored his first brace in Italian football scoring one of the best goals of the season a run and goal that appeared Leo Messi light as Roma’s young Talent introduced himself to the world. To give Roma the 3-0 lead. ROM only continued they’re unbelievable performance. In stoppage-time swallow got a goal back through battle car even though it was completely irrelevant as of results was already secured. Roma went on to secure a 3 to 1 win in what was a truly Flawless performance from the Romans all of a sudden and maintain some consistency as Roma continue to get healthier this team could be incredibly dangerous as Roma continues to improve.. and Incredibly impressive showing from The Lads from the Eternal City.

Nicolo Zaniolo’s First Roma goal


It was a very special night and moment Roma youngster Nicolo zaniolo. The nineteen-year-old arrived this summer in the deal that sent radja nainggolan to Inter Milan in a swap deal. The young Prospect side very minimal games at the start of the season over the last month he has sustained himself as an important part of this Roma team. Since the injury to Lorenzo Pellegrini she has come in and drastically outperform the expectations. He has proven to be the real deal in Italian football as of one of the the brightest young Stars in the landscape of the Italian national team. She is a superstar in the making that Roma stole from Inter Milan. He is going to be a key player in this Roma team for many years to come an absolutely spectacular player finally get his first goal in Italian football. She has proven to be the real deal listen to me and has been one of Roma’s best players this season with all the injuries that have occurred this year he has stepped up and delivered or his team. Not only was it his first goal in Italian football but one of the best goals we had seen this season and unbelievably dominating performance for the 19 year old sensation. A goal that reminded you of Leo Messi. Such a disrespectful goal that leaves the entire opposition embarrassed. After receiving a through pass some under he drove the ball with Defenders on his heels all the way into the box he made a cut move that caused the defender to fall over and the goalkeeper to land on his back. Seagull Caper sing about land in the back of the nest to kill off the game once it’s strong. Roma true when you have something special with me and yellow he ran towards the Roma supporters and embrace them with his first brace in Italian football. We will see more to come from this unbelievably talented kid who will just out into the next Superstar to where the Roma colors. Roma icon second chance to talk to anyone my heir isn’t here but one day he will arrive. Nicolo zaniolo just might be that place that can lead this team for word for the next 10 years. Unbelievable performance from a nineteen-year-old sensation to wilt it out into a superstar Italian football Roma are blast to have him wearing their colors Italian football’s next big thing as he specially arrived as he opens up his Serie A account.


Lack Of Offensive input from Sassuolo



Sassuolo never really found themselves in this game. Coming into the game they were above Roma in the table. Even though it was only by a points throughout the season thus far they have been one of the dark horses for European football. This was a high-profile match for both of these teams and in these type of moment there has to be some fight something they did not have. There was never speculation of who was going to win this game from the opening kickoff they were always going to lose this match. Before they knew it they were already down by multiple goals. Even so they didn’t retaliate with an instant offencive attack in fact it did not exist throughout the 90 minutes. They basically allow the Roma to dominate them and maintain complete control. Sassool had a very limited amount of attempts and only very few seems threatening. The late goal I really didn’t prove to have any involvement in the attack as they failed to even get it going. They were on energized unmotivated and once Roma took the lead it looks like they had accepted their fate. They have some really good players who could have carved open Roma on a few occasions they weren’t in a lack of resources maybe it’s a manager issue but regardless in a big game like this at the stadio olimpico their attack never blossomed.

Diego Perotti’s Return

Diego perotti had not started a match since September. This was only his third match of the Season having picked up an injury back in September and a draw with chievo Verona. Roma have been in a serious lack of debts with all the injuries they have suffered over the last few months it’s has perhaps played a role in Roma’s inconsistency this season. After getting a run out against Juventus last weekend in a midweek fixture at the stadio olimpico Diego perotti was given his first start since his injury. He was such an important player for Roma last season’s especially during the Champions League it was a huge deal to have him completely healthy. By all accounts he was himself as a Roma’s penalty taker in his return had an opportunity from the spots early in the match to give Roma the lead. Diego perotti did what he does from the spot bearing the penalty as he gave the Romans momentum and their big win on Wednesday night. It was his first goal for Roma since the first leg of the Champions League semi-final against Liverpool. He kept his composure and delivered completely spooling the goalkeeper however the midfielder admitted he was nervous. In his post-game interview he said that this town C was more nerve-wracking then the one he took in the Roman Derby last season which is the most tennis game of Roma season in any year. Roma finally have the Argentina midfielder back and after a wonderful performance Diego perotti will have more and more opportunities to startgames as the season progresses. Even coming off the bench he could be a valuable asset it gives a Roma a different dimension in their point of attack. Diego perotti had such an outstanding year last season now that he’s injury-free Roma have just gotten a little bit more dangerous.

Sassuolo Just One win in the last 5 Matches


Sassuolo have really started to see some deterioration. This team is stilled with some outstanding players. A team that is more than capable enough I’ll maintaining their positions in the top 10 of Italian football. After an incredibly hot start to the season with arrivals Kevin-Prince Boateng and the emergence of Alfred Duncan they looks like a team that could possibly Chase Champions League or Europa League football. It was a brief moment at the top as they soon evaporated. On paper this is a team more than good enough to secure a top 10 finish maybe even top 8. I’m not sure what happened whether it’s injuries whether it’s management whether it’s psychological. But they have nosedived the pavement they have continuously declined over the last months this is a tightly-contested League Juventus are running away with it the outside of that there are not too many points separating mid-table and pushing Europe. If there ever was a time police at mid-level teams to pick up steam it was now. Over the last 5 games they have only won once. This is going to continue to be a huge problem if they can’t get it sorted out. Seems like AC Milan and roma have the luxury of having inconsistent weeks because their players are at a so much higher level then some of the Lesser teams. European football was a very much in play for this team if they don’t get this thing sorted out soon they’re going to lose the very thin out grasp they have on their ambitions of European football.


Best Performance of the Season


In a losing effort to Juventus Roma performed brilliantly in what was a hard-fought battle despite being unable to pick up points. Roma’s excellent second half against the league leaders provided some encouragement. It was a performance that carried over as Roma put in one of their most efficient performances of the season. It was the only game this season I can remember steps of results was cut and dry from the very first kick of the ball. It was clear that Roma were going to win the game this season typically Roman need a multiple goal lead to secure three points. However on Wednesday night the confidence level was at an all-time high as they gathered momentum they were completely in control of the game and dominated all the way through to the end. From a tactical perspective Roma played the right formations found a lot of efficiency through the 4-2-3-1 and collectively performed to their absolute best. After just 20 minutes Roma will already up by multiple goals we even saw a brace from Patrik Schick a player who has been hit-and-miss for the Romans over the last year-and-a-half. Attack with fluid credibly efficient in front of goal had the clinical efficiency necessary to put in a superb performance. Defensively Roma were mistakes free and despite conceding a late goal it was a nearly Flawless performance. To every game Roma are getting a little better and improving through each match. Roma are even starting to get healthier once we hit winter break it is possible that the entire Squad could it be fully sets and if that happens I believe the consistency issues this club has had to deal with will no longer be a problem. Roma will have a strong lineup and depths I’m not suggesting Roma do not need any help at the January deadline but at the the moment you see them picking up some steam. Defrancesco set up his team perfectly and the team delivered Roma have now won two out of their last three matches Roma have really started to heat up at the right time they are only just a few points out of the Champions League places I believe a Roma concern we keep this thing going. I unbelievably dominating performance leaves the Romans in good spirits

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