Former FC Nantes Star Emiliano Sala Dies in English Chanel In Footballing Tragedy #475



Earlier this month the entire football community has been taken down an emotional a heartbreaking Journey uncovering the story a former Nantes Striker Emiliano Sala. A situation that hurts your heart even to speak about. A story we have followed for weeks now praying and hoping for good news that ultimately didn’t come. The sport of football lost a truly great player leader and human being. I have been reluctant to write about this because of how emotional it has made me in uncovering the story over the last few weeks. At first, I really didn’t want to do this story but it wouldn’t do him any justice. No one should ever have to go on a plane and not know if you’re going to survive. This is a tragic story If you love the sport of football or not this is one that hurts your heart and makes you appreciate the people that you have around you. Emiliano Sala story has captivated the football in the world and has driven us to devastation. It has quite honestly broken my heart to hear about the story I didn’t know him all that well but this is one of the saddest stories in football this year. Emiliano Sala one of the best strikers in French football this season got a chance and opportunity to test themselves at the highest levels securing a winter transfer to Premier League strugglers Cardiff City. In hopes of helping them in the relegation fight for survival. It was a challenge the young Argentine Striker was excited and encouraged for. He had earned the respect around the league and overseas for his great technical ability and Leadership something Cardiff City were searching for as they desire to do everything they can to maintain their place in the Premier League ultimately hoping Sala would help them avoid relegation. Salah potentially could have changed the fortunes this season but he never arrived his plane disappeared ultimately crashing. We received news recently that he had died in the English Channel he was just 28 years old as he related a frightening message what I can only assume was hours before his death. The footballing World’s End Community it’s not the same as it was a month ago we have been following this story from its very beginning and this has affected the entire community as our biggest fear have to come to realize has he never makes it to Cardiff he dies before he has the chance to wear the shirt.




For many years Emiliano Sala has been one of the most underrated players in French football. A player that has displayed an unbelievable level of consistency. He was never considered a world-class player but looked at as a player that you’d like to have. A physical Striker who is a capable goal scorer. Incredibly dangerous with his head and was viewed as a great leader a very good player that had been a vital part of Nantes football club for the last several years. In fact, he has been an excellent servant in French football displaying performances that we will always remember. He was always respected and looked at as a quality player who on his day can show some tremendous ability a great human with an infectious personality. He is certainly a player that could have gone on to have a really great career only 28 years old at the time of his death he has potential to be a truly great player with his entire career in front of him. In French football, he will be looked at as an icon not because of what he did but because of who he was. He was one best players in the league outside of the big four Lyon PSG Marseille and Monaco are the big four teams in France. He was one of the best players in the league that played for a mid-level club. Nantes is a very good club and he performed exceptionally well especially over the last three or four seasons but he’s always been a player that has been capable of scoring goals and coming through in big moments. The prime of his career was with Nantes but he went through somewhat of a journey going through several teams before finally finding a home. He spent his youth career playing for the Bordeaux setup. When he graduated from the Bordeaux Academy he wasn’t quite ready for what lied ahead. Given the situation he found himself in he was sent on loan a few times before finding a team that he really resonated with. In 2012-2013 he played with Orleans who at the time was in the 3rd division in French football. That didn’t bother him though he found his feet with the team and became a vital part of their season. He was second in the league in scoring with 19 goals. Despite the great season, Bordeaux still not convinced he was ready for first-team football. They sent him on loan again this time to Niort a team that was in France’s second division. He had an even better season than the year before. He finished fourth in scoring with 18 goals but totaled 20 goals in all competitions. In his two seasons on loan, he totaled 39 goals. Bordeaux finally gave him an opportunity but they didn’t give him very much time he only played 12 games for Bordeaux scoring only just once. In the January transfer window in the 2014-15 season, he was loaned out again this time to Caen. Another team in France’s first division he played 13 games for them. Over that stretch, he scored 5 goals making twice the amount of impact that he did at Bordeaux. It appeared he had no future at Bordeaux after the experiment seemed to fail. However, he attracted interest from Nantes. A team from the Atlantic coast of France located in the sixth largest city in the country. In 2015-2016 he completed the moves on a one that million transfer as he agreed on a five-year deal. In the first season, he scored 6 goals in 35 appearances. The team has finished in 14th Place as improvements were necessary for the following year. The Following season Nantes drastically improved finishing all the way in 7th. It was a breakout year for him as he finished the season with 15 goals. Last season he scored 14 goals as he continued his consistency into his third season with the club. Nantes finished in 9th but had a very respectable season. This season was his best yet. He scored 13 goals in 21 appearances Showing his unbelievable quality. In January he joined Premier League Cardiff City On a three-and-a-half-year deal. Playing the best football of his life convinced Cardiff City to break their transfer record as they paid 15 million for the big powerful Striker. He finished his career in Nantes with 48 goals in 133 games. At the time of leaving he was on a level with Killian Mbappe as the highest scorers in the French league. As we know he took an unexpected turn as he would never get an opportunity to play for the club.


Emiliano Sala had his entire life in front of them. He put in a lot of work in France proving himself as a quality Striker. He’s finally earned his opportunity to test himself on the biggest stage at the forefront of English football. A move to the Premier League a league with the reputation as the very best in the world. He was having a career year and Cardiff City just made him their most expensive signing ever. It was an opportunity to prove themselves on at the biggest level an opportunity, unfortunately, he was not able to live out. Emiliano Sala temporarily flew to Cardiff City to complete his medical and officially signed for the club. After getting situated he returned to France as his agent arranged a flight back home. The intention was for him to return to his new club in a week’s time to participate in his first training session with his new team. He was invited by his new manager Neil Warnock to attend Cardiff City’s match against Newcastle United. He graciously declined as he returned to France to say goodbye to his Nantes teammates while getting his Affairs in order as he prepared for his new life. He wanted to thank the fans and supporters of the club that had given him Support over the previous Four Seasons. On January 21st the Piper Malibu aircraft was going to fly him to his new home in Cardiff City as he left France getting ready to return to Wales. That is when a truly This Disaster and the tragic story began to take its course. It was on the same plane and have the same Pilots as his previous flight. It had been reported that the plane he was on disappeared Somewhere Alderney. The police searched for three days across the English Channel accumulating 1700 square miles. After 80 hours of searching using three planes five helicopters and two lifeboats. The search was evidently called off. Channel Islands search reported there was no hope of signing any survivors in the water. A few days later an audio message resurfaced in the media as he delivered a statement that brought the entire football world’s to tears the message conveyed this



“Hello, my brothers, how are you? Boy, I’m tired. I was here in Nantes taking care of things, things, things, things, things, things, and it never stops, it never stops, it never stops. Anyway guys, I’m up in this plane that feels like it’s falling to pieces, and I’m going to Cardiff. [It’s] crazy, we start tomorrow. Training in the afternoon, guys, in my new team… Let’s see what happens. So, how’s it going with you guys, all good? If in an hour and a half you have no news from me, I don’t know if they are going to send someone to look for me because they cannot find me, but you will know… Man, I’m scared!” 



The decision to call off the search inspiring many footballers from his home country of Argentina including Leo Messi Gonzalo Higuain Sergio Aguero Diego Maradona and Argentina president Mauricio Marci requested the British and French governments to continue the search. A petition attracted over 65000 signatures and Sala’s family also conducted a private search. Over $280,000 was raised for the search on a GoFundMe page operated by the sports agency that represented Sala. The search would resume with a launch of 2 boat lead by a marine scientist. An underwater search was that began in hopes of trying to recover his body even if he was no longer alive. The following week Cardiff City included his name on the team-sheet against Arsenal with a flower next to his name. Shortly after the match took place two seat cushions were discovered on a French Beach it was speculated that they were from the missing aircraft. The underwater search lasted 3 days and would go through 28 miles. Another search began again at the depth of 63 m investigators were trying desperately to find the body. There was one of the body visible inside the wreckage at sea. Later the body was identified as Sala’s by fingerprint evidence. As the entire football in the world showed and moments of emotion and pure sadness over the loss of a fallen hero. His former Club retired his number 9 Jersey out of respect. In their next game, the match stops in the ninth minutes as they gave a moment of silence. After I report was completely thoroughly completed it was confirmed that he had died of head and trunk injuries without care. This was truly one of the saddest stories of the year. In football, we all have our differences but in moments like this football’s Hearts Beat As One. The entire globe was affected by this heartbreaking story of a young man who has been robbed of life.



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