Claudio Ranieri Returns to Guide Roma #497



It has been an absolutely hectic 48 hours at Roma since their elimination from the Champions League in Portugal on Wednesday night. Thursday morning Roma manager Eusebio di Francesco was let go from his position after Roma’s elimination. The Italian manager has been in a battle all season and after losing the derby and then losing to Porto he ran his course in the Italian capital. On top of that Roma sporting director, Monchi has quit his post as a club and a Roma President James Pallotta have mutually agreed to part ways after this season. However, with DiFrancesco sacking the Spaniard has decided to call it quits early. This will only fuel the rumors that he is joining Arsenal to reunite with his old friend una Emery in London. However with everything that has happened since Roma’s elimination they wasted no time finding a temporary replacement for Eusebio Di Francesco. Roma welcome back Claudio Ranieri after his sacking from a Premier League club Fulham just 8 days ago. Ranieri was in charge of Roma from 2009 to 2011 he is from the city and he is a man of Rome a true Roman he described the offer as something impossible to refuse. Ongoing talks of negotiations ignited Thursday getting this deal done almost immediately. He flew to Italy’s capital on Thursday afternoon for the deal to the completed on Friday. The deal has now been agreed as he will act as the caretaker manager for the rest of the season. It has been unclear whether he will have the possibility to continue if things go well for the remainder of the season. With 12 games to go Roma are in 5th Place three points from Inter Milan for 4th meanwhile having Lazio and Atalanta on their tail. Claudio Ranieri was in charge of his first training session Friday afternoon and will be on the bench on Monday night when the Roma host 18th Place Empoli at the Stadio Olimpico. Claudio Ranieri has a big job on his hands trying to get Roma into the Champions League if he is successful he may earn a more permanent role but it has been heavily speculated that Maurizio Sarri will take over at the end of the season but those are just rumors. The 67-year-old has coached many teams all across Europe including several teams in Italy over his career. He is most notably known for Orchestrating the most improbable champion of all time. When he led Leicester City to the Premier League title at 5001 odds. The 67-year-old has a big job on his hands Roma are in need of points and fast if they are going to keep Pace with Inter Milan and AC Milan for Champions League. Roma issued a statement upon Claudio Ranieri returning home

“We are delighted to welcome Claudio Ranieri back to the club,” “We have one objective remaining this season and that is to finish in the highest possible league position and secure qualification for the Champions League.
“At this stage of the campaign, it was important to bring in a coach who knows the club, understands the environment, can speak the language and is able to motivate the players. Claudio ticks all of those boxes and he’s very excited to take on this challenge.” “What we need now is a safe pair of hands to guide us back into the top four and ensure that we are playing Champions League football again next season. We have 12 games left and we need to win as many of them as possible.”


-AS Roma President James Pallotta 




Claudio Ranieri has had a moderately successful managerial career having a been in charge over 15 clubs all across Europe. Very infrequently was he considered one of the world’s best managers but despite that has a growing and affectionate reputation in football world for his personality and his success. Trophies have been very limited for the Italian but with that being said he is part of the most historic improbable champion in sports history. Out of everything he has done in his career he is famous for and most recognized for his time in England in charge of Leicester City. He led the Midlands Club to the promised land unbelievably low odds. In the 2015-2016 season, he led a Leicester City team of nobody’s to the Premier League title at 500-1 odds. It is considered by many the greatest achievement in sports history. It was such an unlikely nobody even thought they would finish in the top six and someway somehow he orchestrated the miracle. With Jamie Vardy RiyadMahrez n’golo Kante he made a Leicester City Premier League champions for the first time in 127 years. He ended up fizzling out shortly after but no one will ever forget what he achieved at Leicester City. It was his most significant trophy he has one at his manager. He also won the Copa Italia with Florentina, the Copa del Rey and the super cup with Valencia, and the French league title with Monaco. Not a bad CV but not the greatest. He’s considered a very good coach but never really crossed the borders into one of the world’s best not counting the Leicester city season. Affectionately known as the tinkerman in terms of his styles to make adjustments. He returns home to Italy and to Rome where he was born a place in which he grew up A Roma fan a he is a true or romanista. He returned to the club after a year-and-a-half stint during the 2009 to 2011 season. He has coached in Italy before with Juventus Florentina Inter Milan Napoli as well as others. Previously had time with Roma statistically his second most successful stint as manager. Not counting Monaco he won a higher percentage of his games than any of his other jobs. He won 55% of his games winning 50 of his 90 games in charge. let’s take a trip back so I can refresh your memory on how Ranieri did in Roma the first time around. Raneri took over for Luciano Spalletti in 2009. After his intimate departure to Russia. Roma had a recently finished 6th. Luciano Spalletti had a tremendously successful spell in his time with Rome after two Champions League quarter-finals 2 Coppa Italia titles in three finals and a super cup. Not to mention finishing Second Twice nearly missing out on the title. however, during that final season, he failed to deliver that consistency. Ranieri had a big job on his hands as Roma are a very demanding Club. Raneri had a nearly Flawless first season he took Roma from a sixth-place the season before to a second-place finish two points from the title and led them to the Coppa Italia final even though they lost Inter Milan it was a very quick turnaround for Roma. However, it did not last after a successful first season things start to break down during his second season Roma struggled with consistency in the league and we’re out of title race. Claudio Ranieri was let-go midseason in what was a sixth-place finish for Roma. despite how things ended he is still adored at the club because of how much this means to him. We fast forward to the current times and he has another opportunity to manage his favorite Club let’s see how it turns out with 12 games to go it is very simple his job is to get Roma into the Champions League which is not going to be an easy task.



It will be interesting to see how Claudio Ranieri does in Rome this time around it is a prospect I’m really excited about although there is some uncertainty on what kind of football he will play for the remainder of the season. Eusebio di Francesco played a very particular way a lot of the time relying on the 4-3-3 and the 4-2-3-1 formations we could see a bit of a change of Direction with this appointment. Claudio Ranieri when he was at Leicester City Fulham and Nance he had a somewhat limitations in terms of talents and skilled players. That is what made him so special is ability to get best out of players who aren’t considered among the top quality of footballers. This is going to be an interesting challenge there’s going to be a lot of pressure behind this but no doubt he’s capable of it. This moment team is the most talented and skilled team he has coached since his time at Monaco many years ago. A lot of pressure will come with that but as far as creating intuitive ideas the concepts of the way he wants to play will be able to be retrieved and duplicated a lot more easier with the team he has now. There’s a lot of question marks as far as how he’s going to handle the situation because this is a very pressuring situation Roma are in desperate hope of getting a Champions League spot in trying to develop some consistency during these final 12 matches of the season. One thing in particular I think he will Thrive with is the youngaters that this Roma team is filled with. Borderline Superstars Lorenzo Pellegrini and Nicolo Zaniolo I think will really adapt under his tutelage. As well as Anton Coric and Justin Kluivert who have had a limited game time this season. He has on his hands strong experienced player like Stephan El Shaarawy Edin Dzeko Diego Perotti and Kostas Manolas as well as many others. It will all come down to How He commands his team Roma needs to buy in and stay Collective If this is going to work. On paper this is the best team he’s had in a long time because of this I feel like he can be extremely effective we have seen how he can perform with teams who lack in those areas. There are superstars and potential superstars in this team this is one of the best teams in Europe but they just haven’t been playing like they are. Claudio Ranieri is the perfect guy to inject that energy in them. Their point total does not reflected how good this team actually is. There have been games that I have been just blown away of the performance it just has not happened on a consistent basis that is what Ranieri is going to try to change. He has 12 games to get this team inter Champions League he has the capability to do that it is going to be a tough road but given the fact that Claudio Ranieri is a Romanastia he will be able to relate to the players and dictate his message in an encouraging way. It is a little bit unclear who are going to be some of Ranieri favorites and which players in particular he is going to rely on more than others. It is going to be very interesting to see how this team evolves over the rest of the season. if he gets this team to the Champions League it is possible Roma could be potentially interested to give him a more permanent role. However I think even Claudio Raneri realizes this is a short-term appointment. He could do some really great things but at the end of the day as I have predicted a few weeks ago. I have a strong belief that Claudio Ranieri will finish off the season and then Maurizio Sarri will take over to start next season. As of not right now it’s all speculation the mission is to get to the Champions League or at least challenge it in a very aggressive way. The one word or phrase I think I like this decision is short-term fix. I think this is a perfect short-term situation. We will see what unveils over the final 12 games but I think Ranieri is team will have an energy that will close out the season the league race is the only thing left for Roma champions league is a must. I think Claudio Ranieri can led them there it’s going to be an extremely tough battle given how close it has been AC Milan Inter Milan Lazio and Atalanta all can mathematically make the Champions League Roma need wins almost on a consistent basis all the way through. Maximum points must be achieved over the last 12 games for them to have a chance with Ranieri in charge I think they have a real possibility but once again his job is simple get Roma to the Champions League. Welcome home Claudio Ranieri let’s get to work.


“It’s my romanita. I was born in San Saba and I went to school in Testaccio. Roma is in my DNA, my whole life is linked with Rome.”

“We must build a new spirit. We need to bring our fans with us, we need to show them something. Alone we can’t do anything – with them we can do everything.”

New boss Claudio Ranieri speaks… 

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