Top Three Performers and Donkey of the week Match Day 31 #521

Juventus Striker Moise Keane (3)



The Sensational rise of Moise Kean only continued this week. Practically ever since he burst onto the scene about a month ago he has been one of the most dominant players in Italian football. He has the quality the conviction and ability to be one of the best in the entire league. I said this on numerous occasions Moise Kean and Nicolo Zaniolo are playing at levels that are beyond their years they are the future of this league. Moise Kean did it again in a huge match with the Scudetto trophy within grasp. He came off the bench in a massive match against AC Milan put the ball in the back of the net to secure three vital points for Juventus. They are now just one results away from confirming the title. Moise Kean is as talented as any player in football right now he simply cannot stop scoring he has made a huge impact on this team even without Cristiano Ronaldo I am not certain Moise Kean couldn’t lead Juventus past Ajax without Cristiano Ronaldo. That’s how incredible he has truly been since his start. Moise Kean has six goals in 10 games this season that is an incredible ratio for the youngster. He has scored in four of his last five games just highlighting his unbelievable Talent. He has scored two game-winning goals this season as he continues to display his clutch credentials. After all the racism that was directed at him last week, it has only lit a fire Underneath Him. Until about a month ago he hadn’t even appeared on this list once this is already his third time in the last four matches that I have recognized him for his unbelievable performance. He is just getting warmed up once again was Sensational against AC Milan in a huge game he delivers the scary part is he’s only 19. Just an unbelievable display of Brilliance from the future of Juventus.


Lazio Striker Ciro Immobile (3)

US Sassuolo v SS Lazio - Serie A

Ciro Immobile saved Lazio from huge disappointment. Lazio did let themselves down dropping points in a match they should have taken care of business. With AC Milan’s loss to Juventus, it was an opportunity to gain some momentum in the Champions League race in Italy. That did not happen but Lazio’s Star Striker took advantage of his opportunities. He made sure Lazio wasn’t going to lose. It has been a rather underwhelming campaign for Immobile. However, he has had his moments of brilliance he scored his 14th League goal of the season and what was a back-and-forth draw with Sassuolo. He scored a brace and supplied the game-tying assist at the death of the match in stoppage-time. You can’t say this was a good result but Immobile’s play proves his value and came through when his team needed it the most. That is the mark of a true champion. Still has proven to be an impact player he has 18 goals in all competitions which are significantly less than his 41 from last year but he’s had to carry a larger load. This Lazio team is not the same as the one we saw a year ago. He’s had more responsibilities and has had to carry a large amount of weight. Despite that he is still had an incredibly impressive campaign he continues to deliver year in and year out regardless of what pieces are around him. It was a game that Lazio could not afford to lose. He wasn’t going to allow that to happen a loss would have been seriously damaging to a chance at Champions League this season. I recognized him for the third time this year statistically speaking he may not be at the same level but he still is one of the best strikers in Italian football when he has his day. This weekend’s he was at his best, unfortunately, the rest of his teammates operating on that level below him which is why we saw the results we did. However, from a personal perspective, he did what was necessary to get his team the point.




Udinesse Midfielder Rodrigo De Paul (2)


Rodrigo de Paul returns to the list for only the second time this season. He is one of the most underrated midfielders in Italian football. He is quietly having a marvelous season and is likely to secure a move to a big Club this summer. He guided his relegation-threatened Udinese to a crucial important a win that could largely impact their chance at safety. In what was a come-from-behind result as they held off relegation Battlers Empoli 3-2. The result a largely had to do with the Brilliance of Rodrigo de Paul. A two-goal performance from the midfielder only justifies his claim as one of the best midfielders in Italy. He has done remarkably well considering who he plays for and what pieces are around him. He could be a key piece for a scudetto challenge for Roma or Napoli. He may not steal the headlines we may not be talking about him every week but he is without question one of the most creative midfielders in Italian football. He does not have the grand stage that some of the other stars have because of who he plays for. He is a player capable enough of playing for a top-tier team and I imagine that will happen sooner rather than later. An unbelievably incredible performance his team is inside of relegation make no mistake about it they need all the points that can get. Especially against other teams for facing the same fate. Against Empoli, he came through and his biggest way possible. Two important goals that largely impacted the result he was without doubt one of the best performers this week as he finally deserves some more recognition for how impressive he has been this season. It was a truly dominating performance from the midfielder he delivered for his team when it was absolutely necessary. Whether he will be on the team next year or not is still up in the air but if this is his last season playing Udinese he wants to keep them in Italian football a performance like last night is one that’d mean a lot for their chance at survival.




The donkey of the week this week goes to Florentina after having so much quality within their squad they have basically no chance of Europe after a disastrous performance against Frosinone. The relegation side that finds themselves in 19th Place with little chance for survival has beaten Florentina in the season series. Beating them this weekend and taking a draw from them earlier this season. The worst part of all of this Florentina was at home they got beat at home by a team that’s probably not going to be in the Italian top-flight next year. This team is too talented to be in this position. They should be in the European race not falling out of it. They have Federico Chiesa Luis Muriel Giovanni Simeone there’s no excuse for them to be in this position. They have 39 points Roma who is in Italy’s last European spot has 51 points that are a huge gap. Going into the season I thought they would be a dark horse team and at times they have looked like it but they have to completely crumble late and now find themselves in a position in which European football is so far away. It could be mathematically possible but it’s so incredibly unlikely. This team might blow up because with the talent they have they should not be going backward they should be going forward. They have taken a step backward this season even after adding Luis Muriel who has been a sensation this season. Their breakdown earns them Donkey of the week.

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