Roma vs Udinesse Talking Points #526


Roma was coming off a very dramatic yet important 1-0 win over Sampdoria prior to the match on Saturday. As we saw leadership contributions from Roma Captain Daniele de Rossi. In a hugely important game for Roma Champions League Chase, they hosted Udinese at the Stadio Olimpico in what was rainy night in Rome. Udinese beat Roma earlier this season. However, with that being said, they are a team fighting for survival in Italian football with almost identical form as Roma. With Inter Milan upcoming for the Roma, it was important that they put in a strong performance. It turned out to be a mentally and physically tough battle with a team fighting for their lives. As inconsistent as Roma has been they had a legitimate chance to take 4th Place depending on the matchup between AC Milan and Lazio. It was a somewhat balanced first half as no team really proved to be superior Udinese and Roma had a few chances each but nothing concrete as it was still anyone’s game. In the second half things changed as Claudio Ranieri brought in Lorenzo Pellegrini and Alexandra Florenzi. The momentum and game changed as everything swayed into Roma favor. The majority of the match was played in Udinese’s half. Stephan El Shaarawy was a wizard in the passing Lanes and led the execution of attacks. For much of the second half, it looked like Roma were going to get the goal they were looking for. It was a tough match but Roma eventually found it with some incredible passing by Stephan El Shaarawy as he put Edin Dzeko in position to score the winner. The Bosnian found the back of the net to give Roma the 1-0 lead scoring his first goal at the Stadio Olimpico since last April. Roma ultimately held on for an important three points but unfortunately, Daniele de Rossi picked up a somewhat serious injury as it now looks like he will miss the clash against Inter Milan this weekend. Roma captured 4th Place temporarily but Milan’s victory over Lazio saw Roma drop to 5th. Nonetheless, they move up in the table as they find themselves in AC Milan’s rearview mirror one point out of Champions League. Meanwhile, Roma saw their Rivals Lazio fall all the way down to 6th as Roma separate themselves a little bit between their neighbors. An important and vital victory as Edin Dzeko secure a very important three points for the Romans.


Edin Dzeko Finally Scores at Home 



Edin Dzeko scores At Last At The Stadio Olimpico. It has been nearly a year the last time he has found the back of the next at home in the league. There has been a lot of rumors and speculations about the future of edin Dzeko beyond this season. There have been rumors around suggesting that Roma will not extend his contract in the capital. This has put alert to West Ham as well as a few others. Edin Dzeko by all accounts it seems to be on the decline. He is still an effective player who can impact the game in many ways but he doesn’t seem to be the player he once was. Two years ago he scored 39 goals last year he scored 24 this year he just has 13. His time at the Stadio Olimpico may be coming to an end. However, he is still a club Legend and his goal on Saturday will give him confidence for the rest of the season. If Roma somehow managed to get Champions League football he could be a big part of that if he continues to play with the confidence that he showed on Saturday. It was so great to see him so ecstatic after scoring a very important goal as Roma pull off back-to-back wins for the first time in a while. Even though Stephan El Shaarawy orchestrated the chance Edin Dzeko put the ball into the back of the net which proved to be an important goal. Whether he is he going to be at this club next season is yet to be seen but Saturday nights was another example of why we should appreciate what edin Dzeko has done at this club. Even though he is on the decline he will be missed when he is gone. He is a top 10 scorer in Roma’s history. Due to the rumors surrounding his potential exit we don’t know how many more times we will see Edin Dzeko find the back of the net before his departure. That’s why I think we should appreciate what he has done. Last night was a huge goal for the club and Roma’s Ambitions for the Champions League we need edin Dzeko at his absolute best for the rest of the season even at his age on his day he can be unstoppable it was so satisfying to see him get out of his slump.




Udinesse could be in trouble


Udinesse I have stated is the most dangerous team that is still in the relegation battle. They didn’t perform poorly in fact even though a draw wouldn’t have been a fair result for the match they did some nice things early but just was over come by a stronger side. It wasn’t a bad performance but some misfortune came with the results. Prior to the match I thought they were pretty close to safe from relegation. However that no longer seems to be the case they are in some trouble. In what I would have referred to as dumb luck. SPAL beat Juventus to deny them as early celebrations. The reason that is important is they are also in a relegation battle but they push themselves so far up that now they seem out of it. Udinesse looks to be in some trouble. There are just four points separating them from the drop. Udin have seven games left which is 21 points available points to play for  now could be looking at relegation. I’m going to repeat this on record I do not think it happens but it is a cause for concern maybe not quite Panic time but this weekend’s results did not help their situation. Their schedule certainly doesn’t help it either relegation isn’t impossible given what the remaining fixtures are for the team. Their next four matches are against the Lazio Sassuolo Atalanta and Inter Milan. It is possible that they lose all of those games. Their final three matches they could easily be wins but if this rough patch does not go in their favor it could be trouble. Rodrigo de Paul probably is leaving for a bigger Club this summer but it’s not certain but if they lose their next four games and get relegated there is no way of keeping him. This team totally underachieved given the talent and skill that they have they should have done a lot better. None the less they do not deserve to be relegated but if things don’t start going their way quickly that might be there inevitable Doom.



Stephan El Shaarawy is the most underrated player in Serie A


Stephan El Shaarawy is the most underrated player in Italian football. He’s furthermore proved that in his breathtaking performance on Saturday night against Udin. He showed his unbelievable quality even if the majority of the football and world will never give him the respect he deserves. Make no mistake Stephan El Shaarawy is in the team of the season. He has dealt with many injuries this season had he been healthy the entire year he would have scored 15 or more goals that’s how good he has been when he has played. He has nine goals in the League this season and his passing ability was put on notice. Without question one of the top performers in Italian football this week. He showed leadership qualities he showed his ability to get into spaces creating opportunities for himself and his teammates. He gave everything he had using his pace and Agility he made himself very dangerous the defense could not control him his intelligence and pace gave them huge issues. It was an unbelievably important game and Stephan El Shaarawy gave Roma the performance they were looking for. He had multiple opportunities to stick the ball in the back of the net as he continued and continued to fight for every ball. His movement was in itself brilliant. I have said this so many different times Stephan El Shaarawy is movement without the balls is the best in football. He may not be considered world class because of his numbers or his lack of statistical value. However, there’s no question about it he is a world-class level player who will probably never get the respect he deserves. He is Roma’s best player and he’s going to be a big part of this club moving forward. From the second he arrived he started getting his career back another Sensational display like the one we saw last night just justifies him moving to the capital was the best thing for his career. As I mentioned he was a nightmare to control as there was very little that they could do to stop them. In the game’s most important moment his passing got Roma to the end. An unbelievably accurately placed through ball arrived at the feet of Edin Dzeko who put away a one-on-one to give Roma the lead and the eventual three points. Stephan El Shaarawy did absolutely everything that was asked of him and Beyond it. He performs to such a level after being out with injury having just recently come back he showed Roma exactly what they missed. Roma is on the front foot of the Champions League now they are only one point separating them from that spot all of a sudden with Stephan El Shaarawy’s imminent return to the starting lineup Roma look dangerous once again.




Rodrigo De Paul kept quiet


Udinese has one of the most underrated players in football to their disposal. Rodrigo de Paul is an absolute Brilliance footballer with a very high ceiling. His time with this club will probably be coming to an end at the end of the season to a bigger Club something that he surely deserves. This matchup at face value looks very difficult because of him. Relegation teams or teams and thread of it are very difficult to deal with especially when they have a star like Rodrigo de Paul is. I expected him to be a huge problem for Roma. However, that’s not exactly how things went. For the first time in ages, Roma defensively played strong. With Kostas Manolas being a big part of that. Roma’s defense didn’t allow Rodrigo de Paul to do much of anything. He had a relatively quiet afternoon. Made very little impact on the match and was unable to facilitate and create opportunities for himself or for anyone else. A strong first-half but in the second half but he struggled to get anything going. At times it was difficult to find him on the pitch the lack of impact was antagonizing for Udinese. It typically happens to stars from time to time but struggling against a big team like Roma was not a good look for his value in the transfer market. There are a lot of players who can perform well against the weaker opposition but struggle to get the job done against the top six. The performance on Saturday did not help his case that he deserves that big move. I believe he has done enough to earn a move to one of the bigger teams but his performance or lack of performance didn’t help his team or himself. Roma’s defense deserves a lot of credit for essentially neutralizing his impact.




Daniele De Rossi out for Season?

Daniele de Rossi getting injured could be a huge problem over the next few weeks. Roma is in their best form since Ranieri took over. After it looked like Champions League qualification was out of the question they found a way to get back into it. Last week against Sampdoria Daniele de Rossi proved to be crucial not only scoring the winning goal but his role as a leader on the pitch. When he is not healthy Roma do not function at the same level. Not from a talent or skill perspectives but from the standpoint of leadership. Roma does not have another leader in the side like him and even though he is not the player he once was he still is an important player to have on the pitch because of what he brings to the game and the way he sets an example for the young players on this squad. Someone is going to have to step up and be that vocal leader that Roma needs. Whether it is Lorenzo Pellegrini or Florenzi someone needs to take up that role. This could not have happened at a worse time right before what I believe to be the biggest match of the season. Against Inter Milan at the San Siro this Inter Milan team is not scary in fact I was more worried about Udinese then Inter Milan but nonetheless, Roma could only afford to drop a certain amount of games. Roma must try to get maximum points against them in a match like that with the importance it holds Roma would need Daniele de Rossi as much as ever. According to the doctors, he is likely to be out a month which may leave him out for the rest of the season. I suspect he will be back for one more season but this situation is certainly is not ideal.

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