Top three performers and the donkey of the week match day 36 #548


Torino Striker: Andrea Belotti (3)

5cd843de15826.imageAndrea Belotti return to the list for the third time this season after going through a disappointing season last year following his breakout season he has started to show that form again. He burst on the scene a few seasons ago as he was pegged as the next star in Italian football. The ultimately failed to live up to the expectations but it appears that he still could be the future of Italian football or at least part of It. Is Italy’s next star? He certainly can be one of them the names of coming to my mind first is Moise Kean and Nicolo zaniolo but he certainly in that conversation as he has recaptured that quality. He has really done a great job getting himself back in position to the way he was playing two years ago. Consistency’s something that he has struggled with since all the pressure was put on his shoulders after his break out year. However, he has been brilliant this season and another display in an important game against Sassuolo he scored twice and honestly could have had a hat-trick if he converted his early penalty. It was a result and a performance that Torino really needed. Torino finds themselves in a great position to gain some form of European football which would be huge for the Turin side. They have delivered and massively overachieved their expectations. Every game is important from now on with only two games left even though their chance at European football hangs in the balance Andrea Belotti has been a big part of their success this season without him I’m not sure they would be here. A two-strike performance as he takes his season total to 15 goals. He’s finally playing great football once again. He showed great determination after missing an early penalty and seeing Sassuolo take a 1-0 lead. He supplied a captain contribution put his team on his back and led from the front scoring twice in what was the eventual come-from-behind 3-2 Victory. He currently is at the top of my wishlist for this summer. He has shown the season he has the ability and conviction to be a top-class striker in this league. Even though Torino has done really well this season he deserves a bigger challenge. Without question the most improved player of the season I wasn’t sure if we were going to see this version of Andrea Belotti again its been such a sense of fresh air to see him start to tap into his untapped potential. It felt like the pressure was too high as they put too many ridiculous expectations on his shoulders but he’s finally filling it. Once again he proves he still is that guy with a tremendous display in a game they just could not lose.



Roma Striker: Edin Dzeko (3)

serie-a---as-roma-v-juventus-7Roma beat Juventus 2-0 on Sunday night to quite honestly keep their head in the Champions League race. They are now in great position to get that fourth spots. It’s really going to come down to if they receive help because they should win their final two games to at the very least obtain a Europa League position. The headlines belongs to Alexandro Florenzi for getting the last laugh between a squabble between himself and Cristiano Ronaldo and Antonio Mirante who put together a breathtaking performance. However Edin Dzeko perfected a near-perfect performance in his role in Rome showing his Brilliance and football intelligence late in the match helping Roma score twice in the final 10 minutes. Florenzi’s go ahead goal was absolutely sensational but it could not have been possible without Edin Dzeko. Even though Roma’s Captain showed that football intelligence making a brilliant run to get in position. Edin Dzeko’s pass allowed separation between the Defenders and Florenzi. He gave him a pass that led to a one-on-one between himself and the goalkeeper. A really intelligent display of vision and intelligence. As Edin Dzeko all game got himself or his teammates in position to win the game. Even though Edin Dzeko seems to be in the decline from his 24 goals last year and 39 the year before his only scored 14 with all that being said he still is one of the best all-around Strikers in Italian football he won’t be making my team of the season but his impact In some important games has been absolutely vital to Roma this season. In the closing moments of the game Cengiz Under gave Roma a breakaway and on the last kick of ball Edin Dzeko converted scoring a late goal in what was a 2-0 victory. A goal and assist performance against possibly the biggest challenge in Italian football as Roma beat Juventus for the first time since 2017 also ending their three-game goalless drought against them. It was a sensational performance in what has been an up-and-down season for Roma’s Striker. He made history on Sunday night as well as he moves to 7th on Roma’s all time scoring list. A great all-around performance from Edin Dzeko justifies recognition returning to the list for the first time in months. In a hugely important game for Roma’s season even though Edin Dzeko didn’t steal the headlines he was the difference in what was a complete performance for Roma’s number 9.




Udinesse Striker: Stefano Okaka

Stefano okaka makes a debut on this list for the first and probably the last time this season. But certainly deserves his recognition this weekend. Udin are in the danger of relegation at least they were at many points over the last few weeks. It is really unclear who will be the third team to get axed from Italian football. Every moment counts for these teams at the bottom or are team in danger of realgation. After a winlness streak that extended over 5 games Udin manage to finally win. Stefano okaka 2 goal performance helps his side create a little separation from their fellow relegation Battlers. It is still a two point spread but it was a game that they had to win. Empoli ended up winning as well meaning a loss would have cost them and dragged them down to Italy’s final relegation spot. Stefano okaka score twice in what was a 3-2 victory. He was instrumental in the victory as he made his impact known. He scored two before half-time as they opened up a 3-0 lead making a crucial impact. They say better late than never he has had a disastrous campaign scoring only four goals which may have contributed to their downfall this season. This is a team that was too talented to even be in this position and he might have had something to do with that. However none the less he arrived at the right moment delivering in a game they absolutely needed they must do everything in their power to get him going  again over the last two games. He has quickness athletic ability and knows how to score goals. It was a marvelous display this week it does not stop here as they need it to continue. None the less he deserves recognition after what has been a underperforming season he has finally showed his quality and delivered.





The donkey of the week this week goes to Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus. Both counterparts played a role in Juventus slumping over the last few weeks since they won the title. An argument can be made that’s Juventus missed important chances against Roma. In the first half of that game, Juventus more or less had control Roma didn’t really start to grow into the game until late in the first half. It is my belief that Juventus could have put the game away or at least take a lead in the opening 45 minutes. While Antonio Mirante was at his very best putting in an absolutely breathtaking performance Juventus still should have been able to do enough to pick up the three points. The League champions did not necessarily need to win the game as it didn’t hold that much importance and given the fact that they had already won the title. Nonetheless, it is my opinion that even if a title has been won an effort to not be a problem. You can say what you want about Juventus having already secured the title but their last few games were against Torino Inter Milan and Roma. These are not regular games these are all rivalries in some aspects. The Derby Della Mole against Torino, the Derby d’Italia against Inter Milan and always competitive match against Roma at the Stadio Olimpico. From the football point of view, respect should always be given to your opponents even if you don’t put out a full strength Juventus. The title is already over and they have played like it. That’s not to mention Cristiano Ronaldo’s tactics against Alessandro Florenzi which made him look foolish. After calling the right back a dwarf telling him he’s too short’s to talk. Roma’s Captain delivered scoring the winning goal. Not only did Juventus lose and seem to let things go after winning the title Cristiano Ronaldo intimidation tactics completely backfired as they earn the donkey of the week.

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