Roma Season Review #564



It’s that time of the year the Serie A season has come and gone as we prepare so what should be a very busy summer for Italian football. Let’s look back on how this season unveiled for Roma. Last season Roma was coming off a third-place finish 77 points and a Champions League semi-final don’t get me wrong last season had its issues but the majority felt optimistic going into the new season. Roma this season has been nothing short of a disaster. Roma is a club with expectations of European football every season. Anything less than Champions League qualification is unacceptable. The opportunities were there for Roma this season it was a dysfunctional year with a lot of drama controversy and changes. It wasn’t all bad there were some moments of positivity even though at times they were hard to find. Decisions made in the summer before the season started largely could have contributed to Roma’s downfall. Rome finished in 6th Place with 66 points. They were the most underperforming team in all of Italian given the expectations that were put on their shoulders. It does not help that another key player was sold seeing Alisson Becker headed to Liverpool for 75 million, radja nainggolan to Inter Milan for 24.5 million and Kevin strootman to Marseille for 20 million. Selling key players every season is not good for team morale. You could see a little bit of deterioration from the first match of the season. A stoppage-time winner from edin Dzeko helped Roma Escape in a 1-0 victory over Torino on The Opening matchday of the Season. You could see Roma’s struggles relatively early. Roma fell out of the title race before it began. Even though we saw a major progression through some we saw a decline in Edin Dzeko who was Roma’s primary goal scorer for the last two seasons. Seeing him unable to get it going with a huge problem. This Roma team has squandered leads multiple times this season and dropped points against inferior opposition. It was a battle of inconsistency this year. Roma would pick up a huge win against a worthy opponent and then drop points the next weekend against a relegation team. This year was filled with chaos controversial moments and to a certain extent there were times it had looked like Roma might miss out on European football altogether. Roma did well in the Champions League finishing second in their group it looked like they were going to make the quarter-finals ones again but after winning the first leg 2-1 in a match that introduced Roma youngster Nicolo zaniolo to the world. He had individually a breakout season in Italian football but it didn’t matter because they lost a grip in quarterfinals against Porto in a match they should have won. A missed call at the end of that match does not help but Roma did to themselves as Roma went out 4-3 over two legs. This season included a 7-1 loss Florentina. Even losing the Derby to Lazio after winning the first one. Not trying to make it seem like it’s all negative Roma this Season at the Stadio Olimpico was strong and picked up a few big wins in important moments of the Season. Roma stretch to end the year was the reason they finished in the top six. Without their late run of form, they would not have made Europe in any aspect. However on the other side of that coin inconsistent performances to end the year is the reason they missed out on Champions League football. DiFrancesco only lasted half the season following champions league elimination a harsh decision but it turned out to be the right one. In addition to that Roma sporting director, Monchi resigned. Claudio Ranieri took over the club the last 12 games of the Season even though there were some bad moments he guided the sinking ship to Europe. Then at the end of the season, Daniele de Rossi played his last game for Roma after 18 years due to his contract not being renewed. This season was one of the worst years Roma has had in a long time. It was painful infuriating and frustrating. This summer they’re going to be a lot of changes as we hope we can rewrite this ship back to the Roma that won trophies many years ago. It wasn’t all negative but this isn’t a season Roma would NOT be proud of.







Stadio Olimpico 



In a season like this sometimes it was hard to find any positives at all. But there were a few things that Roma can look at in a positive manner. The way the team performed at home was an improvement to a season ago. Throughout the entire season, Roma only lost two matches at home. The majority of the time the Stadio Olimpico was a fortress something that it has not been in a long time. Last season it was the polar opposite the team really struggle at home while finding it quite easy away. Nonetheless, it is something that Roma can feel proud of. Teams went to the Stadio Olimpico not necessarily having the fear understanding that Roma is a different team at home than away this season. The only losses were against Napoli which was one of the worst performances of the season, and a shocking upset to SPAL. Outside of that, they were pretty flawless at home. They even beat Juventus for the first time in three years at the Stadio Olimpico in a crucial part of the season. Neutralizing Ronaldo for much of that match. I don’t know what it is but the energy and the mentality were just different when they were playing at the Stadio Olimpico. Roma’s home form actually turned out to be pretty important to Roma’s ability to get into Europe this season. They struggled away may have messed it all together. This wasn’t a great season but the performance at the Stadio Olimpico is certainly something to build on. If they can maintain this over the next few years the studio Olimpico could be a dangerous place to play once again. They did struggle in some games but for the most part, they handled the business at home the problem was when they weren’t at home.



Roma’s Young Talent 


The young talent that Roma has shown this season has been a sign of some positivity in the years to come. Don’t get me wrong it was a horrible season but the young Talent we have within the squad gives Roma some sense of hope going forward. Roma has something they can build here with the young core of talent. There are four players within Squad under the age of 25 that have the potential to take this team forward in the future. The Turkish star Genghis under had to deal with some injury concerns this season but if you take away the time he has missed he has been pretty sensational. He scored 6 goals this season as well as 11 assists in all competitions. He has been special when he has played his goal against Inter was insane. It is really important for Roma to try to keep hold of him because he is very highly rated and there will be without question teams that will be interested in his services. Lorenzo Pellegrini is another one we’ve seen a great improvement from the youngster this season. After being used fairly often last season but not in a very demanding role. This season that completely changed he pushed higher up the pitch in more of an attacking role and has been a leader for this young Roma team. He is a Roman born player & the future of this team. He has really shown his quality seeing it Justified on a regular basis. He had some dominating performances season the one that stands out to me the most is his performance against Lazio he started that game on the bench in the derby and because of an injury he was brought in and change the entire complexion of that game we also can’t forget his game-winner in the champions league in Russia. He’s not a guy who’s going to blow you away with stats but his impact on the game could not be more clear he is without question the future of this team going forward and it is quite possible he is the most valuable player on this team he’s not the best but in terms of value but he’s only going to improve and develop even more he’s already one of the highest rated midfielders in Europe with a few more years under his belt he could it be, the best midfielder in Italy. Justin kluivert is incredibly Raw and only started a few games this season but we have seen signs of promise from the 19-year-old. He is someone who I think next year is going to play a crucial role. He struggled this season a little bit but he had some jaw-dropping performances. He is one of the most talented players in Italian football in an argument could be made that he is the fastest player in the league. He has incredible Pace intelligence an explosive First step and the ability to find teammates coming from the wing. He had six assists this season despite only scoring two goals be to show that he belongs in Serie A. He can be a very important piece of this team going forward. This team is incredibly talented but the player with the most promise is Nicolo Zaniolo he quite honestly could be the future of Italian football. He is the player that Roma has been longing for since Totti’s retirement. He said after he retired ” one day my heir will arrive” Nicolo Zaniolo is that player. He burst on the scene making his professional debut against Real Madrid he was the crowning Jewel of the deal that sent Nainggolan to Inter Milan he has been that superstar that Roma have been longing for. He is incredibly young and still has a lot to improve but he has everything required to be that player for Roma. Holding on to him is going to be a must. He was the breakout player in Italian football this season showing a certain level of maturity at a young age having that speed that physicality and that mentality to be in the next star in Italian football. Roma had a whole bunch of talent this season but they have seen a great progression from all of them is it only going to continue growing going forward. If there was a silver lining on this season it is the young talent that Roma have this season. If this court continues to improve and they stay together they could develop into something special for this Roma team. It was a bad season but the young talent in the squad gives them a sense of hope for the future.








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