Roma Season Review Part 2 #565






Rome has the biggest problem this season has been their inconsistency. It is something that has plagued them throughout the entire campaign. An argument can be made that this season was doomed from the very beginning because of the moves that James Pallotta made regarding the team. This team was not set up for sustainable success this season but nonetheless, consistency was the biggest issue this campaign. It was cruel the way Roma the season tricked us into thinking this was a team that was capable of challenging the Scudetto. I’m not sure where the inconsistent came from perhaps it was the lack of time players had spent playing with each other or maybe not having the right players in the system it is unclear what the motivations surrounding this team were. Roma has an incredibly strong team with quality players throughout it. In a certain sense, it doesn’t make sense how this could have possibly occurred. Roma would show up one week put together a performance of brilliance and then the next week see everything completely collapse. Nothing seemed to be a sustainable Roma had very few months of the season that didn’t display some sort of consistency. Losing to teams on the bottom half of the table or dropping points against teams they should have beaten easily. losses to SPAL& bologna dropping points to historically bad Chievo Verona meanwhile finding the bigger teams in Italy less difficult. They weren’t great in any aspect this season but a 3 6-4 record against the top isn’t terrible. For unknown reasons, they struggled against teams in the relegation Zone and in that area of the table. Even dropping points in crucial moments of the Season. Late in the year with their Champions League lives hanging in the balance Roma dropped points to Relegation-threatened Genoa and Sassuolo a game in which Roma had it too many opportunities not to win. I’m not sure if this was psychological lot of this it doesn’t make much sense. Like I mentioned Roma have a lot of quality in their team it’s really unclear to point on what the problem really was. However, it was a problem that Roma failed to correct throughout the season. Things went much more smoothly under Claudio Ranieri but nonetheless, it’s ultimately was their downfall this season.


Inability to Hold on to Leads 


Roma’s inability to hold onto leads largely impacted them missed out on Champions League football for the first time in several years. In fact, four results changed the entire season. Had Roma done their job in these four games Roma would have finished in the Champions League without any question. Of course, you cannot predict what would have happened had to Roma but Roma wins these four games they are a Champions League team next season. It is truly mind-boggling that somehow they were able to blow it so often in crucial moments. Against the worst Italian football side, we had seen in a decade Roma had a 2-0 lead at home against Chievo Verona a game that should have been over immediately after that first goal. They somehow allowed Chievo Verona a team that only won two games all season to come back earning a 2-2 draw. Against 17th Place Genoa at the very end of the year, El Shaarawy scored a goal to give Roma the 1-0 lead with 8 minutes left. Not only do they blow it they nearly lost it conceding a penalty in the last, fortunately, it was saved but a truly embarrassing display. One of the most infuriatingly embarrassing moments of Roma’s season was going 3-0 up on Atalanta and blowing it that match ended 3-3 that game should have been dead after it’s 45 minutes. The fact that they were unable to come back in that game shows their continuous issues. However, that is not even the worst part of the Season. Roma had a 2-1 lead against Cagliari in a match they at one point they led 2-0. Cagliari had 9 men all Roma needed to do is kick the ball out of bounds and pick up the three points they allowed Cagliari to take the ball from Midfield all the way down and score a late equalizer. I have just told you about four games in which Roma should have picked up three points. Had a Roma won all those games. Roma would have finished with 74 points which would have been third place in Serie A and five Points from 2nd Place. The inconsistency is a serious problem but their inability to hold onto leads lost themselves Champions League football. This needs to be corrected immediately you cannot leave that many points on the table.


Goalkeeping and Defensive Problems 

AS Roma v Bologna FC - Serie A1064882872.jpg.0

Inconsistencies and the inability to hold onto leads with a huge problem for Roma this season but nothing was more of a concern then Roma’s defense and goalkeeping situation. Last season Roma have the best goalkeeper in Europe as Alisson had an unbelievable campaign with the Romans. Defensively Roma was one of the best teams in the League last year. Alisson had so many memorable performances and was a truly special season for Roma last year. He was a big part of Roma success in their ability to build one of the best defenses in Italy. This year Alisson was sold to Liverpool for 75 million he went on to win the champions league and was the Golden Glove winner in the Premier League. Meanwhile, Roma deteriorated poor decisions and an inability to replace him caused Roma to have a historically bad defense this season. Roma fell out of the top five defensively this season in short order it was an utter disaster. 7 teams conceded fewer goals than Roma this season. Including Florentina who seemingly could not win a game for the final two months. These were mistakes made by the board and James Pallotta. After Alisson was sold you would have thought Roma would bring in a goalkeeper capable of replacing the Brazilian at the Stadio Olimpico. They were always going to be big shoes to fill. They did the exact opposite they spent smaller money of a goalkeeper. Rather than trying to get someone with Alisson’s quality. They spent 8.5 million on a Copenhagen goalkeeper Robin Olsen. A very cheap buy even though he was coming off a strong performance in the World Cup it was an utter disaster. They’re more moments with Robin Olsen in which he was spectacular but he was not good enough for Roma and that was clear midseason. I spent a large portion of the Season defending him because to me I thought the liability was in the defense. However, communication was off with his inability to speak Italian the back line in the goalkeeper we’re hardly ever on the same page. Robin Olson had 4 clean sheets in 35 games he was a disaster even though he had moments he was not good enough. He eventually lost his job to Antonio Mirante who did a really solid job to end the year. Roma conceded 28 goals last season this year they conceded 48. It was without question their biggest problems something Roma have to fix this summer. When you sell a goalkeeper of Allison quality you have to find a worthy replacement this could have been easily avoided.

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