Roma beat AC Milan to Florentina Midfielder Jordan Veretout Agreeing on 16 Million deal #591


It has been a very busy week in the transfer market as Roma philosophy another signing. New sporting director federici and manager Pablo Fonseca are putting together a very strong team that could do some serious damage in the Europa League and Italian football next season. The entire Squad is really starting to come together and are just a few pieces away from coming together collectively as a group. Aroma have started pre-season training already and looks rather impressive and their training match earlier this week. While Fonseca has handled the business on the pitch federici has handled the business off of it. Dense calorie she arrived in Rome earlier this month he has gone straight to work pulling off some really impressive signing. Leonardo spinazzola from Juventus, Adama Diawara from Napoli, Paul Lopez from Real Betis, and earlier this week Roma sign Gianluca Mancini from Atlanta. Romo has continued to add more Firepower and depth to their team. Roma make their second signing in a week. Roma have been targeting Florentine and midfielder Jordan veretout before even the transfer market opened. He has been one of Roma’s most desired Targets to boss the Roma midfielder next season. Roma always felt confident about getting the deal done but it was a long process before Roma finally pulled it off. The Romans had to battle with AC Milan for the signature of the French midfielder. According to all reports Roma were always in the lead but AC Milan came forward with some promising offers Swiss players in exchange included in the deal. However Florentina preferred at cash only in the deal which gave Roma and extra advantage. It really hadn’t been a two-team race and less than 72 hours ago the deal officially closed as a Jordan veretout became a Roma player this afternoon. The French midfielder took the train from Florence to Rome yesterday to officially complete a deal having his medical this morning. Jordan veretout agreed on a five-year deal running through 2024 earning 2 million per season. The club agreed on a Nestle one year loan with a fix fee album 1 million euros with an obligation to buy at 16 million. A relatively cheap deal given the quality of the player. He he was presented as a Roma player this afternoon officially signing for the club. She was not the only player to arrive in Rome. Adamu Diawara who signed from Napoli for 21 million a few weeks ago officially arrived at the club following his participation in the African Cup of Nations. He flew from Egypt arriving at Rome’s International Airport yesterday as he took his medical this morning officially completing the move . also was presented as a Roma player with Jordan veretout both players we’re taking on a tour around the facility before being presented by the media this afternoon. another example of Some solid business from the Romans. Both players are eager and excited to start this new challenge. even though Roma have established themselves very well with the summer they have had had a Ricci and Fonseca still have more work they want to do in the transfer market before the start of the season in 36 Days. Jordan veretout how is the second signing of the week following the arrival of Gianluca Mancini. There’s more work to be done as Roma continue to try to negotiate with you Ventus for Gonzalo Higuain on a potential loan deal. That deal is nearly completed but the approval of each player is still waiting. New coach Pablo Fonseca has contacted the Juventus Striker buy phone as the argentines time evaluates his decision. Despite the arrival of Mancini Roma are still trying to negotiate a deal for Tottenham Hotspur centre-back Toby. The Romans are also in negotiations trying to lure suso away from AC Milan as a potential replacement for Stephan El Shaarawy at the stadio olimpico. Negotiations are ongoing continue to build this team for the upcoming season. Another productive week in the transfer market as Roma get the midfielder that they’ve had their eyes on since the start of the summer Jordan Veretout & Diawara will get straight to work as they will join Nicolo zaniolo with cut his vacation short to continue some individual workout with the young star.



“I am very happy to play for this great club, with so many great players,” Veretout said.
“I am looking forward to sharing a great new phase of my career with some fantastic teammates.”

“I am really pleased to be able to bring Jordan to the club,” said Gianluca Petrachi, the club’s sporting director.

“From the very start of negotiations I recognized his eagerness to come here and wear the club’s colors. I am certain that his desire and technical qualities will prove a vital part of the side we are building.”
Jordan veretout started his football and career in his local town playing in Belligne used team very close to where he grew up. From a young age she had a talent that could be noticed from a far distance it didn’t take very long for the biggest Club in the region to take notice. After just four years playing for his hometown he join Nance as he was put into their you system and continued to developed his game. Going through the various parts of their Academy. Jordan veretout each year improved becoming a better player. Through 8 years in at the names Academy he was finally ready for the big jump. He made his debut in French football in 2011 he only made one appearance in his first season but over the next several years he would become a very instrumental part of the team. Quickly developing as one of the promising talents in French football during his first full season he was score six goals as Nance finished second in the French second tier even though they failed to gain promotion. His potential was abundantly clear after that first season it was a star in the making at least that’s what it what starting to look like. After feeling the disappointment of missing out on promotion the next season it would be a battle until the end but Nance secure promotion. The young star was going to get taste the top slice a French football. The following he continued to develop his skills on the biggest stage as he was selected for the under-20 World Cup in Turkey. It was a ridiculously stacked scene that featured the likes of Paul Pogba. In the round of 16 against the host turkey Jordan veretout scored a late goal in what was an eventual 41 win. He was one of the most important and crucial parts of the team. The France team went all the way to the final against Uruguay the match went into a penalty shootout and with poise and composure Jordan veretout bury the penalty as France lifted the Trophy winning the under-20 World Cup. A true display embrilliance as he was certainly in for a breakout season. In Nancy’s of first-year back in the top of French football it was a bit of a struggle at times but secured their safety with just six points from relegation. Jordan veretout scored his his first League goal in what was a very impressive campaign individually. Nance follow back campaign up with a very similar season finishing and 14th. However Jordan veretout continue to display his unbelievable quality scoring seven goals at season. inside Seasons with the club he made 146 appearances scoring 15 goals. The next season he had some interest come outside of France in England and Italy. He joined Aston Villa for 7 million joining the Premier League side that escaped by the skin of the teeth the previous season. despite their struggles Jordan wanted to make a good jump at the Premier League. It was trial by fire it was a bad season not only for Aston Villa look for Jordan individually. Some of his reputation took a hit and how poor of a season he had. Making 29 appearances not registering a goal or an assist while Aston Villa got relegated in what was one of the worst teams in premier league history. he went back to France on loan at Saint Etienne as he tried to gain his reputation back as as an elite midfielder in French football. It was an opportunity to right the wrongs from the previous season and that’s exactly what he did. He scored 4 goals in 35 appearances as the team finished in 8th. he got his first experience with European football as he played in the Europa League helping Saints win their group. he played very well against Manchester United in The Knockout rounds ultimately man united had too much Firepower as they lost to the eventual champions. after seeing some progression shown in his year on-loan Aston Villa sold him to Florentina as he got his first taste of Italian football. He had an incredible breakout season proving to be one of the most consistent midfielders in Serie A scoring 10 goals in 38 appearances which included a hat-trick against Roma’s arch-rivals Lazio. to use the platform in Italian football to regain is it European reputation Florentina was the perfect spot as he thrived in Florence developing into one of the best players being a very crucial part of a very strong Florentina Midfield. Florentina finished eighth during his debut season in Italian football and Then followed it up with a very disappointing campaign as a team but individually he continued to grow and develop into one of The most underrated players in Italian football. A very capable versatile midfielder as well as proving to be one of the best midfielders in Italian football scores 5 goals and it dished out five more assists. He created so many chances last season only pjanic Only created more chances From Misty of last year. After that horrible season at Aston Villa she was truly developed into one of the finest midfielders an Italian football still one of the most underrated players in the league his impact and his efficiency proves he is one of the best In the league. he only continues to get better each season now he joins a Roma team that he can play a huge part of this coming season. after everything he’s been through to where he is now is truly extraordinary Roma are getting some player This is a move he truly has deserved.


This new-look Roma team is really starting to come together. Jordan veretout might be the most important component because of his versatility. He had incredible development as a youngster and rebounded after a less-than-stellar display in the Premier League. However there’s no disputing the abilities and the potential he has especially coming into a young team like Roma. Roma has a surplus of midfielders with quality all over the place. What makes Jordan veretout a unique signing for Roma is his ability to play tragically in any position of the Mitchell. He can play in the attacking set going forward he can play as a playmaker box-to-box or even playing the security blanket for the defense in a defensive Midfield role. That is what makes this signing so important because of his versatility to play any type of Midfield role Pablo Fonseca will ask of him. You can operate in practically any formation with a maturity that can rub off on some of his Roman teammates. He went from a promising star in French football to his entire game being questioned by everyone. If there’s any player that knows redemptions it is Jordan veretout. Another thing is that when is Roma’s biggest issues last season was inconsistency. Jordan veretout is a very consistent player capable of putting in a high-quality performances on a regular basis. Florentina fell from the Sky last season from a team that we all thought could push Europe to a team that nearly got relegated last year. Federico chiesa was a superstar in the making and even late in the season he trailed off. Jordan for Tots was arguably the best and most important player on Florentina over the last two seasons. Over the last two years he has played with mediocre players around him no disrespect to Florentina but the quality that surrounded him just wasn’t good enough to take it to that next level. However Jordan veretout as an infectious personality he can get the best out of the pieces that are around him. What’s the departing daniele de Rossi who left Roma after 18 years that leaves a huge a gap in the defensive Midfield. Not only that but the leadership perspective I think Jordan potentially could be one of the leaders in that Roma mistele next year. He has experience in Italian football and has gone through some personal struggles this is what makes him really important to this team. Genghis under Justin kluivert Lorenzo Pellegrini Nicolo zaniolo Adama diarra are all under the age of 24 years old. Is an extremely young Misty Hills without a lot of experience. Even though Jordan veretout is only 26 years old he has played in France Italy and England. Not to mention he has 75 appearances in Italian football which is more of the majority of Roma’s young Midfield. He will be best utilized in the defensive Midfield possibly playing alongside either Bryan cristante or young star Adama diarra. He can act as a somewhat of a leader and a security blanket to the defense giving them another dimension as well as having the capability to create chances for teammates. he isn’t a Relentless score but nonetheless has goalscoring ability. Especially when he comes forward he can be really dangerous he is an extremely hard worker and a determined midfielder. not necessarily flashy or sexy but he is a hard-working player who can get the best out of his teammates around him. This Roma team just got significantly better because of his impact and what it will be on the younger players on this team. He has shown consistency over the last several seasons and should have walk into this team as a starter. His value in a much more talented Roma team can be really special his a chance creation and its ability to find teammates in crucial situations is excellent. He is one of the best midfielders in Italian football and they just got him for 16 million which is about half of what he is worth. Roma don’t need big names they need players who have experienced who know their responsibilities and take accountability for themselves and their teammates this is exactly who Jordan veretout is. this move is something he deserved after all of his hard work finally paying off. he is a player that will certainly Thrive under a Pablo fonseca’s attacking minded football he’s great in his movement as well as supplying a physical presence regarded as a very tough player. he can fit into any system in any formation his versatility is what is the most appealing about the way he can fit in to Fonseca Roma. Jordan veretout also has Immense vision and passing ability as well as a strong finisher. he also adds an attacking a dimension what’s all the strong attacking players that Roman tabs he will only add to that he has incredible finishing ability showing Poise and comfort in town or attacking situations. Last season Roma were the most inconsistent team in the league now Roma signed one of the most consistent players in Italian football. a perfect midfield for Roma a player that is are capable of leading this nucleus of youngsters into a successful campaign and bright future.


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