Roma’s Summer Recap & Season Preview Transfers Part 2 #593



Transfer Recap


Leonardo Spinazzola: Juventus 29.5 Million Swap with Luca Pellagrini

Grade: B+


Roma’s very first signing was Leonardo Spinazzola. The Juventus left-back was a part of a swap deal that involved Roma youngster Luca Pellegrini in addition to cash. The total value of the transfer was valued at 29 million. It may have been a lot of money collectively to invest but in the end, I believe it will be worth it. Alex Kolarov will be turning 34 years old this year Roma was always going to need another option in that position. Kolarov at times has been absolutely spectacular especially in his first season in Roma which very well might have been the best in his career. However, despite some unbelievable Brilliance, we have seen from him in the attacking point of view he has been at times a liability defensively. Roma defense was atrocious last season that’s not the fault of Kolarov as I mentioned he was pretty special at times last season scoring seven goals and had multiple assists in a very productive campaign. However, this move made perfect sense it gives Roma a viable option that they can put in a lot of different situations. Leonardo Spinazzola is a versatile left back that can also play in a central position at wide and even as an attacking winger. He has excellent speed stamina and athleticism he may not be the best just defensive-minded player much like Kolarov but he is capable of playing the role. He broke into Juventus last season and was one of their best players over the last 6 weeks. He gave Juventus a dimension that they did not previously have. Meanwhile, you’re ditching a young Prospect who is incredibly raw and in my opinion, has not progressed nearly quickly enough. I think a lot of us thought Luca Pellegrini was going to be a first-team Roma player maybe last season I just personally did not see the progression this particular swap I think is a bit lopsided. The fact that Leonardo Spinazzola can play multiple positions can make him an incredibly effective player this season. That’s not to mention he made drastic improvements under Gasparini while on loan at Atlanta. This move adds depth and gives the Romans alternative options. I can see him being an impactful player almost immediately.



Gianluca Mancini Atlanta: 21 Million

Grade: A


One of the highest-rated young defenders in Italian football made his way to Rome this summer. Gianluca Mancini helped guide Atalanta to a top-three finish and a Champions League place last season they were the underdog story last year term and he was a big part of that. He is a Defender that was at the top of Roma target list since last January. As the season went on it seemed more and more unlikely that this deal is going to happen especially given the fact that Roma missed out on Champions League football. After the sale of Kostas Manolas to Napoli, there was a void left in the middle of Roma Central defense. Roma desperately needed a replacement or similar problems would repeat itself this season. Gianluca Mancini was a perfect young athletic physical incredibly intelligent and has the uncanny ability to affect the game in the attacking and defensive sense. This is one of the steals of the transfer window Roma pulled off two of the best bargains this summer this certainly is one of them. The deal is a 2 million loan with an obligation to buy for 13 million + 8 million in bonuses. Essentially Roma has secured the heart of the Roman defense for only 2 million. Eventually Roma is going to have to pay in full but for the time being, is a two-million-dollar cost. I’m not entirely sure when the deal activates fully but nonetheless, at the start of the season, Gianluca Mancini will be starting for Roma having only paid 2 million for a player of his caliber. Kostas Manolas was the heart and soul of this defense this was probably the most important positional need this summer the Italian International scored 6 goals playing center-back last season this makes Roma’s defense significantly dangerous because of that aspect. There’s no doubt in my mind he will develop into one of the best defenders and Italian football next season.



Pau Lopez: Real Betis 23.5 Million

Grade: A-


This summer Roma were desperate for getting a proper goalkeeper at the Stadio Olimpico. They smashed their goalkeeping transfer record forking out 23.5 million for Real Betis goalkeeper Pau Lopez. The Robin Olsen experience was trial by fire it was a disaster almost from the very beginning. The Swedish star was unable to adapt to his surroundings and only had four clean sheets in 29 starts. It was also his inability or just interest in learning how to speak Italian making communication with his backline incredibly frustrating and difficult it seemed they were never on the same page. He is a player that Rome is actively trying to get rid of. Roma certainly has learned from their mistakes this time around getting a solid goalkeeper who has proven to be one of the best young Keepers in La Liga and in Europe. Not only does he have quick rapid reactions an ability to move position in a matter of seconds. From the beginning to the end of the season Lopez proved to be one of the best goalkeepers in Spain last season. He came up really big and some important moments against the best Spain has to offer. This was definitely worth the price of admission the price will be justified. The going rate of goalkeepers in the transfer market is insane to get a player of his quality at just 23 million is an absolute steal. He will develop into one of the best goalkeepers in Italian football he is already actively learning Italian as it as great importance to be able to communicate with his backline. The most important aspect of all of this has is Pablo Fonseca like to start counter-attacks from the back going forward. That is exactly the way that Lopez plays he has incredibly accurate passing from the box and has the intelligence to get things moving quickly this will be incredibly important this season as we should see counter-attacking football from Roma. Lopez is a key to how Roma will play this season. He may not have been the best signing Roma have made this summer but arguably the most important one. He fits with Pablo Fonseca like a glove.




Adamou Diawara: Napoli 21 Million 

Grade: B-


Napoli and Roma negotiated on two separate deal this summer. Kostas Manolas being sold to Napoli for 38 million after for highly productive years in the capital. It took weeks of negotiations to get the deal across the line what helped smooth the process was Adamou Diawara going the other direction. Roma agreed on a 21 million transfer for the young midfielder. Whenever you get a young player for such a low price almost by definition it makes it a bargain. It gives Roma a defensive Midfield option possibly playing as a partner to Bryan Cristante. However, even though there’s a lot of positive things to look at this deal despite it only costing 21 million I feel it was a bit high in value. This probably was Roma’s only questionable signing this summer. Don’t get me wrong this is a really great deal if it works out and I believe it will work out but I think Roma shouldn’t have had to take more than 18 million. He has not started a lot of games for Napoli and struggled to get into the squad because of that his price should have gone down but I believe this season he will reinvent himself and become the player that we fell in love at bologna a few years ago. He will be a very valuable option as a defensive midfielder in Roma’s Midfield next season whether or not he will see a starter or not still has yet to be determined but nonetheless I believe it will be worth the price he is incredibly talented and Fonseca certainly will get the best out of him.

Jordan Veretout: Florentina 18 Million

Grade: A


I am leaving the best for last Roma agreed on a deal for Florentine midfielder Jordan Veretout I may be in the minority here but I believe he was the best signing of Roma’s transfer window so far. If they add other pieces maybe my opinion will change but I think he is significantly the best deal that Roma pulled off. It was such a bargain of a deal they got him on loan for 1 million until 2020 with an obligation to buy at 18 million. Until January Roma will have only paid 1 million for his Services. Even if you add all this together he’s worth twice as much. Based on what I’ve seen and what I’ve evaluated from him during his time in Florentina he is a player worth about 35 to 40 million I believe that is the actual value Roma signed him for half of that. This signing is actually really important for one very particular reason. Daniele de Rossi played his last game for Roma last year that figure of leadership seemingly left Roma. He was the heart and soul of this team and the leader of this team with him gone that void has opened up. Jordan Veretout is certainly capable of being that leader. He has gone through some really hard challenges to get back to this point. Given his experiences and the things he has had to endure in his career I think it makes him an incredibly insistent leader and will lead the Midfield by example. It is uncertain whether it will replicate the leadership we have had before with Totti and de Rossi but he certainly capable of leading the way in a Midfield that is filled with a surplus of young Stars. That’s not even to mention the unbelievable quality that he has shown on a consistent basis since he has arrived in Italian football. He is one of the most underrated midfielders in the league and has the ability to make incredible strides with this Midfield his impact in the game’s not be denied he has been as productive as anyone at Florentina over the last two seasons. He has basically had to carry the load is to some extent the move to Roma will really put him in a great position to have a breakout season the pieces around him are much better and the impact he can have on this young team will only help Roma grow. without question, the best signing Roma has made this season not only because of the price but what he can bring to this team.




Roma Content Creator Markus Conte’s Point of View On the Summer Signings and speculations!\


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