Cengiz Under Agrees on a extension as the Turkish Delight Commits to Roma #597


Yesterday Roma agreed to terms with the young Superstar Nicolo zaniolo on a new deal that brought great positivity to the club and the supporters. Less than 48 hours later by complete surprise, as it was not speculated or reported Roma tie-down Cengiz Under to a five-year extension through 2023. Less than a day apart from each other Roma secured commitments from their two most highly rated prospects as it appears the Capital Club has solidified their young core with two of the highest-rated prospects not just in Roma’s ranks but throughout Italy. over the last two seasons, there has been a breakout star in Italian football both have won the Roma colors. Obviously, last season Nicolo zaniolo was a little known young star that became greatly important to Roma. 2 years ago it was a similar situation as a young Turkish talent by the name of Cengiz Under solidified himself as a young star in European football. The Turkish star was the best player in the entire league for the second half of that season. This shows the importance of the project and the players commitment to what Roma can create together. Much like Nicolo Zaniolo Cengiz Under is one of the most explosive youngsters in Europe and was sparking interest from throughout Europe. Real Madrid Arsenal Tottenham Borussia Dortmund & Bayern Munich we’re all interested in the Turkish star but Cengiz Under signaled his intent with his belief in this project and what they can accomplish together in Rome. The 21-year old was Roma’s best player in the Champions League last season and when healthy may have been the most dangerous and explosive part of Roma’s attack. The signing of the new deal wasn’t something about was widely reported for the most part Roma and Gianluca Petrachi did this under wraps. There was some talk about a potential renewal of a contract a few months ago but it wasn’t very public. I just had a feeling he be staying but this justifies my claim from the very beginning. Cengiz Under will earn a slightly higher salary then Nicolo Zaniolo the Turkish star will earn at 2 point million per season in his new five-year. He was brought over from Turkey about 2 years ago as Roma paid 13.5 million for the young Rising Star. He has scored 14 goals and 65 appearances for the Roma he is arguably the most explosive player in all of Italian football. If he can sustain health throughout the entire season he will have a superstar level year for Roma especially under Paulo Fonseca and the type of football he plays. His system will fit Cengiz Under perfectly. Over the last two days, Roma has set themselves up for the future tying down two of their most important young players within the squad. Cengiz Under is arguably Roma’s best player they had to do everything necessary to hold on to him.


“I arrived in Rome two years ago and since then, day after day, I’ve felt more in love with this city, this club and these fans,” Cengiz said.
“This is a very happy moment for me. I want to thank the club for allowing me to realise my wish to continue playing for Roma.”

“We really wanted to complete this renewal, because we all see the talent Cengiz has,” club sporting director Gianluca Petrachi said.
“We are certain that over the coming years he will make a huge contribution to the quality of the team, realising his great potential here in Rome – the perfect place for him to continue to improve.”



Cengiz Under arrived in Rome 2 years ago as a little-known Turkish Talent as he showed his promise and potential in the Superliga and the Europa League. Roma signed him from Turkish Giants İstanbul Başakşehir for Super Liga record 13.5 million. Former sporting director Monchi didn’t get many things right and caused a lot of problems but one of the things he did right was signing Genghis under. I don’t think anyone expected him to reach the heights he ultimately did. He was somewhat unknown to most of Europe at the time he was really starting to show his potential and felt that Roma was the right step. During his first season at the club as many youngsters before him have dealt with it he had a bit of a rocky start. He played games and had opportunities to score goals but it just didn’t click right away it took him a little while not only to get the game under his feet but to learn the language and culture of Italy. Italian football can take a while to get used to if you’re unfamiliar with it. Eventually, he had his moments and executed on it. He did not register a goal in the first half of his debut season. He was being harshly criticized by the media and not giving him the opportunity to grow. After winter break he came back a different player and hit the ground running. Roma opened the second half of the Season against Hellas Verona Roma had a 7 game winless streak that was about to end thanks to a Turkish star in the making. In the opening minute of that game, he struck from outside the box as Roma held on it to a 1-0 when ending the skid. The next week against Benevento he scored twice showing his explosiveness and dangerous left foot. He just kept going he ended up scoring eight goals that season. He played a huge role in the Champions League as well scoring on his debut against Shakhtar Donetsk and current manager Paulo Fonseca. He also supplied the assist of the Kostas Manolas goal in the comeback against Barcelona showing his unbelievable ability. during the second half of the season, he wasn’t just the best young player he was the best player in Serie A over that stretch. He certainly had arrived despite a rocky start he got fired up during that second half of the season and morphed into a star. Last season when he was healthy he was as good as anyone on Roma. He had an injury that kept him out for a good chunk of time which derailed some of his production. Despite that, he scored 6 goals in all competitions and had nine assists as well. Three strikes in the Champions League shows that he’s a big-time player. An important strike against Inter Milan may be the single best goals scored in Serie A last season the power and velocity from Deep showed his unbelievable explosiveness and Power. The numbers may not have been incredible but his impact and Effectiveness showed there was no deterioration as he got better in many areas. He has been incredible during the preseason and I think we can see a massive year for the Turkish star. H will only grow and thrive under the attacking football Roma will play this season. He is one of the highest-rated young prospects in world football and Roma just extended his stay in the capital. This was perfect timing he has all the potential and the motivation to develop into one of the best players in the entire league 14 goals in 65 games is a pretty productive start I’m interested and curious to see what he can become with this team over the next several years.


Cengiz Under will end up being one of the most important players for Roma during this upcoming season. The era of attacking football has arrived with the appointment, Paulo Fonseca. Cengiz Under fits what he wants to do perfectly and maybe the prototypical player in this style of an attacking football. Cengiz Under has all the traits and abilities that Fonseca admires and he will be put into the system immediately. There is no question he will be the starting right winger this season. He has pace a high level of intelligence and explosive playmaking ability. This season I believe Cengiz Under will take a huge step in the right direction. In counter-attacking football situations, he will be as dangerous as anyone in this Roma team for the upcoming season he’s deadly given his pace and how fast he is with the ball at his feet. He will develop into one of the best-attacking players in all of Italian football. He has the potential the ability and the mentality to be one of the very best in Italy. He has made great progression through each season. Had he stays healthy the entire year last year he would have Justified how well he actually played last year. He fits into the system like a glove the attacking football Roma will play this season will favor his abilities and strengths. He will be crucial in every game his potential could not be at a higher cliff. In the Europa League Cengiz Under if he is at his very best Roma will have a legitimate chance to win the competition. Roma has not won a trophy in a very long time Under signing this contract shows his beliefs in the project that Roma have and his determination to win with Roma. Contending for the lead title may be out of reach at this point but this club has a selection of young talent and Cengiz Under just may be the poster boy of this young nucleolus. He has been incredibly consistent ever since his debut season he’s only going to grow and develops into a much more refined player he is a dangerous as anyone when going forward. He has excellent agility and athleticism which makes him an invaluable asset to this team especially given what he can do with the ball and without it in the way he times his runs and let’s not forget his Thunderbolt on his left foot. It is as lethal as any he has an exceptional range and is very versatile can dictate the pace of the game. He is almost unstoppable when he’s moving with the ball he’s very agile and can go get into tight spaces. He will be truly impactful and a lot of areas with the ability to facilitate teammates into goal scoring opportunities as well as scoring himself There is very little that Cengiz Under cannot do. He will be a monster in the attacking football Paulo Fonseca side will play this season. On counter-attacks, He will not be able to be stopped. Cengiz Under will have a huge year he has the potential score over 20 goals this season as well as adding double digits and assist. He largely benefits from everything that surrounds him as well. He makes his teammates better which makes him so incredibly valuable to the squad. He is incredibly dangerous especially when he’s on form he truly has the potential to become one of the best players in the world and I think we are going to start to see that it season his commitment to the squad gives Roma an opportunity to win titles maybe not now but with Lorenzo Pellegrini Nicolo Zaniolo alongside him the possibilities are truly endless. Extending his contract was a no-brainer he is the player that can take this team to unimaginable heights He desires to win not anywhere but here in Rome he wants to be a part of something special that can be built here in Rome wearing these colors.


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