Serie A Season Preview Part 3: Mid-Table 13-11 #600

13. Cagliari



Cagliari will improve on what they did last season. Last year they finished in 15th I think they move up two spots. As this is the perfect position for this team whether or not people want to believe it this team got better. Very important pieces are back and they added Radja Nainggolan on-loan from Inter Milan as he returned to the club and made him a star. He is a level above Cagliari this is a really important deal that could push them significantly this season. Cagliari lost their young star Nicolo Barella is a fantastic Talent that has his moments of brilliance. However, they are better without him Radja Nainggolan is an upgrade the move will solidify their Midfield and make it much more effective. Nicolo Barella is the most overrated over-hyped superstar in Italian football. he is young and exciting and has the potential to be a great player but the problem is we have been saying this for the last four years he hasn’t made that jump and even at Inter Milan I don’t believe he will. The impact he has on the game isn’t enough and has never been enough for this team to reach their potential they have upgraded the Midfield as I mentioned but this is already a pretty well put together team. This team is not going to be threatening Europe but they wont to be a relegation team either. I don’t think there are any concerns in terms of them having to maintain their place in Serie A. They have pieces that are put together quite nicely. They have all the ingredients required for a team that wants to maintain their place in this league. One of the most underrated Strikers in all of Italy is Leonardo Pavoletti. He was one of the top scorers in the entire leg despite Cagliari finishing in 15th Place he scored 16 goals in the league I see that only improve in and he tries to build on last season. We are looking at another season in which he scores at least 15 goals they will score enough to safe of that drop zone. They have a relatively put together Midfield a strong attack and possibly the best young goalkeeper in Italian football in Alessio Cragno. They certainly do not have enough quality to push themselves into European football but given the resources and the pieces they have around them, they shouldn’t be threatened by relegation at all. They’re too good to go down but just not good enough for a European football. However, we should see slight Improvement so last season this team got better.



Even though Sampdoria finished in the top 10 last year there’s been some changes within the club that will prevent them from doing it again. Their manager Gianpaolo has left AC Milan and their most component of the Midfield Dennis Preat went to Leicester City. They still have quality within their squad but despite that things are going to be more difficult this season. They brought in former Roma manager Eusebio Di Francesco he should do a good job with this Sampdoria side but none the less I think it’s going to be a little bit more difficult than last season. Fabio quagliarella had the most goals in the league last season even though a good majority of them came from the penalty spot it was unprecedented in Italian football for a player as his age to achieve the heights that he did last year. Despite his age he can still be productive at the top level I think it would be almost improbable to repeat the year he had last year but none the less he can still produce regularly for this team. Even though he is turning 37 this year he knows how to find the back of the net and it is still my belief that he can do it regularly. They still have a well-put-together squad who is capable of being a dark horse this season however despite that I think it’s unlikely to happen this year. They brought in Jakub jankto as he made his loan deal permanent even though he had an underwhelming season last year given the absence that was left in the Midfield he could be in for a breakout year. They have a decent Squad with quality but I question how consistent they can be on a regular basis. Along with Fabio Quagliarella, they have Manuelo Gabbiadini who is capable of finding the back of the net which will be incredibly important given the fact that the club lost their second-leading scorer last season. They still have some important pieces in the Midfield with the likes of Gaston Ramirez Ronaldo Vieira and Alex Ferrari they should do well enough to give them themselves a chance to push for Europe but I think ultimately they come up short too many changes have transpired this summer for them to repeat the same level of consistency they drop back a little bit this season but still hover near mid-table.

11. Parma

Another team that has gotten slightly better is Parma. This section of the table could really go many different ways but there’s no question that we should see some improvements from this team. Last year their offense was largely impacted around the attack of Gervinho and Roberto Inglese. We should see improvement from the strike partnership this season. Parma was promoted last year after being in the lower divisions for the last several years after their liquidations and bankruptcy. They made a lot of strong strides and hovered around the midsection of the table for the majority of the Season. There was never really a chance at relegation or Europe. I don’t see that changing this year they did get a little bit better but not significantly enough where they could entertain a European Chase. Parma is a team in Italian football that we have missed for a long time it is so good they are back and now they have a team capable of developing something special. If they come together and perform well it is possible they could entertain a top-10 finish. They are still missing some components but I really liked what they have within their team and some of the pieces they added. Obviously, the strike force of Gervinho and Roberto Inglese is important they also added some attacking pieces in the Midfield that can be incredibly effective this season. They did lose Inter Milan forward Andrea Pinamonti that is now on Genoa they added Yann Karamoh who was formerly an Inter Milan youngster they let go after spending last year on Loan in France. A big upgrade to the attacking Midfield and he could turn into a really good player at Parma. That’s not to mention they have quality within their Midfield already He will only fuel to that fire. They won’t necessarily be one of the best defenses in the league but they can have a very productive season defensively. Bruno Alves is absolute quality I don’t care that he’s 37 years old he is a leader and the orchestrator of the Parma defense. My guess is they will continue to add to what they have or at least attempt to before the end of the season. They are pretty good in goal as well with Luigi Sepe having made his loan move permanent to Parma. They don’t have huge glare and weaknesses I think given the rest of the teams in the league they don’t have the quality to push Europe but they are far too good to even entertain relegation. There is not a scenario in which they even find themselves in a battle for safety. They have quality in every component of their team it may not be enough to massively overachieve but they will see improvements from this team in what will be another productive campaign.











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