Serie A Preview Part 6: Contenders 3-1 #603


3. Inter Milan 

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Inter Milan nearly lost their Champions League Football last season after having a huge lead that many believed would be more than enough to secure it months in advance. For the second consecutive season, it took until the last day of the season to confirm their spot in Europe. Not only that they nearly sabotaged it on the last game of the season. Despite returning to the Champions League last season was a disaster from the Mauro Icardi and Wanda controversy Luciano’s Spalletti and others it was just a season to forget. The problem I have is they still haven’t dealt with Mauro Icardi he is going to be unsettled unless you move him and they are losing the opportunity to do that. Antonio Conte has returned to Italy as Inter Milan appoint him as manager. Mauro Icardi and Radja Nainggolan we’re not in his plan and his idea was to bring in Romelu Lukaku and Edin Dzeko. Which is just incredibly confusing given the fact that Mauro Icardi has scored 111 League goals which are more than the entire inter-squad combined. Antonio Conte wasn’t interested and even giving it a shot with Mauro Icardi. At his best Antonio Conte was truly sensational but that’s just not the case anymore I think he is past his Prime and he may have lost it given some of the decisions he made this summer. They brought in some quality but spend 90 million on their midfield bringing in the single most overrated player in all of Italian football and Nicolo Barella and bring in Sensi from Sassuolo for an outrageous price. This team is not ready to win the league and I am almost 100% certain that they won’t Napoli is closer to taking the title then Inter Milan is those are just the facts of the situation. However, this team is still an incredibly strong team in almost all capacities arguably the best goalkeeper in the league and in Handanović a backline that features DeVry Milan Skinnier and Diego Godin. It is an overpriced midfield but includes Lautaro Martinez could be a big part of this team because of how talented he is. They were able to get Romelu Lukaku & potentially adding Alexis Sanchez on loan. Next, to each other, they could be completely dangerous but we’ve seen this before so it’s not a done deal that it will work. They have all the components to challenge the league title there’s no doubt in my mind that they will contend despite not being a manager who used to be in tactical situations he can get the best out of his team. this is an incredibly strong Squad. This is a three-team race in this particular race they will come in third but make no mistake they are capable of anything with this team. However, I do not see a situation in which they win the league because of the qualities that exist in Napoli and Juventus but even though I don’t see it the squad is good enough to win the title I just don’t think they’re ready yet. Antonio Conte isn’t exactly getting what he wants as Edin Dzeko decided to extend his contract at Roma instead of joining him at inter but there is a way that Inter Milan could become title favorites. Start a Mauro Icardi and Romelu Lukaku together. However, Antonio Conte doesn’t have the ego to make that move they will fight for the title but this season they will come up a little short.




Juventus has won at the league title in each of the last eight seasons. It’s never been easy most seasons they’re pushed to the very limits but the DNA of Champions always overcome the adversity that is put away. This season there is a real chance that they will not win the league. This season especially it could be under serious threat. For multiple reasons are Juventus willing to sacrifice the league title for Champions League? At some certain point, they need to make a decision I’m not sure they can win both. They have to prioritize their Focus for one of them. Juventus cant get it done in the champions league for a long time it’s not gone well the last few years they got crushed in two different finals and got eliminated by inferior opposition last season. Max Allegri left as Juventus manager Mauricio Sarri came in. A manager that has only won one trophy his entire career despite taking Napoli to the brink many times he’s been unable to do it. There is uncertainty and question marks are surrounding his appointment and what he plans to do with the squad. Will Pablo Dybala fit into what he wants to do. They are still the best team but it won’t be as easy this time last year they walked the league mostly because the teams around them failed miserably to live up to their expectations this will be one of the toughest battles for the scudetto in a long time Inter Milan and Napoli are real challengers for the title. We might even see a surprise team like Roma or AC Milan put themselves into the conversation. Everybody got better which will make this year, in particular, more difficult to retain the league title. However, they certainly have enough to maintain it one last time before the streak ends. They added quality to an already strong Squad. The Midfield is very strong but needed some upgrades so what do Juventus do they sign Aaron Ramsey and Adrian Rabiot on free transfers this will be the significant in the battle for the league title. They are major upgrades from Emory Can and Sami Khedira. There hasn’t been much change in the Juventus attack they lost Moise Kean and hopefully somehow and someway Pablo Dybala is integrated into the attack with Cristiano Ronaldo believe it or not that is the one part of the team I’m slightly concerned about. Only a fool would deny that Cristiano Ronaldo is not the same player he once was he is slightly deteriorating he is still consistent and a top 5 player in the world but none the surrounding pieces in that position aren’t strong enough. If Cristiano Ronaldo has a slow start to the season or shows signs of slowing down who is going to pick up the slack. Moise Kean would have done that I thought he was going to be incredibly important this season. That will prove to be a catastrophic mistake. Mario Mandzukic isn’t the same player he’s was he’s getting a lot older the young talent in the squad in that position is limited. Pablo Dybala can play that role the question is will they put him in that role if you play them together or near each the attack they could be incredibly dangerous but I have a feeling they won’t do that. Defensively they got a huge upgrade they got the biggest prize in the transfer market Matthias Deligt If he can adapt to the league Juventus will be incredibly hard to beat. They are the strongest team in Italy and have a lot of quality throughout the squad. This team knows how to win and even though I think they will find it more difficult this upcoming season the moves made in the summer could push them to another league title one more season. However, it is a Dawn of a new day this is still Juventus throne and Napoli are going to steal it the dynasty ends at eight in a row in what will be a battle to the end.





Last year Napoli finished in second for the second consecutive season however this time around they beat Juventus to the title and finally take the throne. It was the first year under Carlo Ancelotti one of the very best managers in football history. Napoli had a very productive season and was significantly the second best team in the league the distance between Napoli and the rest of the league wasn’t even close the problem was the distance between themselves and Juventus was about the same they went on a run in the Europa League after failing to get out of the group of death. The problem was they didn’t show up until it was too late. There were stretches where Napoli was incredibly consistent but they came at the wrong time when the race was already over. Napoli and Juventus aren’t that far away now that they’ve address some of their needs and they are just one signing away from potentially dethroning the champions. That signing would have been James Rodriguez from Real Madrid he would have been perfect but there has some complication I’m getting the deal done. So you would think im going to say that they still aren’t there yet but I think they win the league anyway. All it was going to take significant deal to put them as these favorites to win the title. They lost out on Nicolas Pepe to Arsenal but none the less they did strengthen their squad massively especially in the defensive area. For the longest time we have been waiting and hoping that Napoli could get a worthy centre-back partner for Koulibaly one of the best defenders in the world. The problem has been over the last 2 years he was at times by himself. This time Napoli answered the Bell with Kostas Manolas. After 5 years in Rome the Greek international made the move to Naples to give Koulibaly a worthy partner. Defensively they’re going to be the best team in the league but the question is if they have enough totality to win the league title. The answer is yes yes they do. Napoli will go on to win the title this year. It’s going to be very difficult even though the distance between them and Juventus at this point isn’t as big as it has been in the past. Their infrastructure and their team collectively is definitely talented enough. With an attack that features Lorenzo Insigne, Milik and Dries Mertens who would have been player-of-the-season had Napoli done better that’s how good he was. The Belgium Winger created and scored on a regular basis. That’s not to mention Milik scored at a high rate last season they’re going to need that again. They have almost no weaknesses Their midfield is really strong but still needs slight improvement. They have a strong defense midfield a potent attack and an excellent young goalkeeper in Alex Meret. The midfield could use a little but still they have superstars in that midfield like Allen, Piotr Zieliński and Fabian Ruiz who are really key components and top-class players they have enough to take the title from Juventus. They got a lot stronger with some of the reinforcements and Chucky Lozano the Mexican superstar has also arrived in Naples ready to embrace the challenge. If Chucky Lozano has a huge year it is possible they could have a real chance at winning the league. If Napoli manage to land James Rodriguez before the start on the season its a Napoli title even if they don’t they will reclaim the scudetto that has been lost since 1986 they have a really well-constructed Squad with an incredible manager it still feels like it is Juventus is the superpower in Italy but Napoli will test them to their very limits & in the end Juve will fall as a new King will take the throne.


Player of the Season: Fabian Ruiez (Napoli)


Young Player Of the Year: Mathias Deligt (Juve)


Golden Boot: Kristoff Piatek (AC Milan) 


Golden Glove: Samir Handanović (Inter) 


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    1. I don’t see Inter has close as Napoli it will take them at least a year to get it right. Picking between Napoli and Juventus was so difficult it took my hours to decide

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