Controversy at White Bear as Maple Grove Strike Late In a Battle in the Rain #621

White Bear lake 0 Maple Grove 1FT


White Bear Lake was coming off a really strong performance against cretin-derham Hall in what was a 2-1 Victory. It was a great Collective performance largely headlined by a sensational performance from Kayla Anderson who got a goal and an assist on the night and Ella Janicki who put in an incredible goalkeeping display. They got the better of cretin-derham hall for the third consecutive year and completely neutralizing the Raiders big star. Going into the game on Saturday afternoon against Maple Grove they were unbeaten in four of their last five. Maple Grove and White Bear Lake had an identical record in addition to that their only loss came against the same team with both failing to deal with Centennial. White Bear Lake returned after having played their last two games away from home. It turned out to be an incredibly tough match. This team has faced it’s tough battles so far this season but Maple Grove was viewed as an equal in terms of quality. The rain picked up Midway through the first half. On top of that, the refereeing decisions and the way she played the game was quite troubling and White Bear Lake certainly did not benefit from it. There was no team that really in control during the first half but both teams had their fair share of chances. Kayla Anderson came close on several chances. Kayla looked like she had scored however instead she was given a yellow card for delay all game. In the second White Bear Lake continue to show some quality I thought they did a tremendous job in the Midfield coming forward but they left something to be desired. In the end, controversially Maple Grove scored late as A visibly frustrated Kayla Anderson deal with defeat as Maple Grove steal one in White Bear with a 1-0 victory.


It was a cold day on a Saturday afternoon ahead of a big match between two evenly matched teams as White Bear Lake played host to Maple Grove in a non-conference affair. The match kicked off and we got underway on a rainy Saturday afternoon after such a promising performance against cretin across the board White Bear Lake came into the game with some momentum. We saw some spurts of that early with some great attacking soccer. However, Maple Grove also showed some quality it was incredibly difficult to separate them. Usually, in matches like this, you sorta see a certain level of control. It was incredibly difficult to tell they were so evenly matched in almost every respect. My evaluation from the match from the early part of the game is this seemed like it was going to be a one-goal game in whatever way you slice it. Both keepers were playing at a very high level. In fact, they both were sort of prototypical examples of each other. Showing an extreme level of intelligence and Leadership. Against cretin-derham Hall it was a highlight show as Ella made every big save. In yesterday’s match it was a little more than of that she was commanding her team from the back is a very vocal leader. The same could be said from Maple Grove keeper these two girls are the main reason this match was so close. The performance from the keepers especially in the first half was special. We saw a lot of attacking soccer from both sides of this game. White Bear Lake Superstar Kayla Anderson had several opportunities to break the game open throughout the first half. The wetness of the pitch maybe had attributed to some of the chances. She had a great one-on-one after making a great run but failed to have the finishing touch despite being a strong shot. She had several opportunities at one point in time it did look like White Bear Lake had broken free. Following another great run, she drove the ball into the box before putting it into the bottom corner. At least that’s what we thought for some reason that I still don’t totally get why she was given a yellow card. When I saw it from the stands it was incredibly confusing I didn’t see the flag go for offside and all I saw was a great player cut inside and score. After the game, Kayla said the referee gave her a card for delay of game. Still to this moment I don’t understand it. The referee was incredibly frustrating throughout the game. To a certain extent, she didn’t allow the girls to play and was blowing the whistle every time she had a chance. My biggest frustration with her was her inability to play advantage. If there’s nothing brewing that’s one thing but if there’s a counter-attack let them play out the situation. This is why I believe there should be VAR in High School varsity soccer NOT the one we see in the Champions League but have one person with a computer to help make a controversial decision. Near the end of the half White Bear Lake was starting to gather a little momentum but in the same breath, Kayla had a few chances she could have put away it appeared from her body language that she felt a certain level of frustration. After a back-and-forth battle, the first half ended in a 0-0 draw


I thought it was a relatively strong half from both teams. White Bear Lake & Maple Grove had good chances. In this game, it seemed like there was no superior team which is why games like this are incredibly difficult. White Bear Lake needed to finish chances as it was their biggest problem in the opening 40 minutes. The improvisation of the attack was brilliant they were going to get a lot of chances because of the way they communicated from the goalkeeper all the way to the front a very attacking brand of soccer. They did a really good job especially using their passing attack to their advantage. It was great communication between from the midfielder to the forwards. On the wing, in particular, they executed various amounts of short passes to open the game up. The passing & attack wasn’t the problem it was the finishing. When they got into the box that created chances and for whatever reason they found it putting the chances away. Maple Grove got on the attack occasionally and created great chances it was a very tightly contested the game but in the second half White Bear Lake seemed to grasp control. They had a slight advantage in possession and the majority of the second half was played in Maple Grove’s danger area. It was just one of those games where you thought it was coming. The majority of the team looks like they believe they were going to score. The amount of pressure that they supplied on the defense showed they were regaining control of the match however a lot of credit must go to the Maple Grove keeper who made some really good saves in wet conditions against a team who was on the break. The refereeing decisions in second-half didn’t get any better she continued to not play advantage and ignored some blatant handballs. Including a handball that could have completely changed the momentum of the game White Bear Lake was denied a penalty. Maple Grove had a handball that is obvious to anyone who has eyes. The handball rule states if your arm is in motion and you are touched by the ball It is a penalty no ands or buts about it. It made me so Furious and I wasn’t even on the pitch a very frustrating for White Bear Lake. They had to move on and continue to try to look for the winner. Multiple opportunities to score especially using the wing to supply service they found it very difficult to crack it they had too many chances not to win the game. Everything was smooth until they got in front of goal they panicked & overthought a lot of situations. One of the more troubling things that made finishing so difficult was a mismatch. The LB vs. Jasmin Blair the Freshman forward was one of the more impressive players throughout the match she played a really strong game but when she got on the wing and tried to chase down passes from the Midfield she lost a foot race every time. The pace of Maple Grove’s right back seemed like a daunting task for her to handle she was very effective but it was a mismatch. If she had the pace to get through a little quicker the game would have opened up a little bit more I’m not criticizing her at all I thought she did wonderfully well but Maple Grove just did a great job in that matchup. In the game, White Bear Lake was handed Some harsh and controversial luck. White Bear Lake fouled Maple Grove on the counter-attack. The referee decided to play advantage Maple Grove then scored and won the game. The reason I have an issue with this if you have to call the game the same way for both teams. If you’re not going to call Advantage for White Bear Lake you can’t do it, Maple Grove, it is an unethical way to officiate the game. It has to be an unbiased decision. You either call Advantage don’t you can’t decide in certain moments to give it to Maple Grove and not White Bear Lake who several times how to counter-attack blown up because of a foul. Maple Grove played a strong game and they did a really good job I’m not suggesting they didn’t deserve to win the game they were a tough team but White Bear Lake definitely got some raw luck. It is a tough loss one they can certainly learn a great deal from to improve over there next few weeks.


I interviewed Kayla after the game for the first time I spoke to her about the game performance and their season so far. She relayed the frustrations of not being able to put the chances away. She referenced the Lakeville South match even though it ended in a draw she thought they did a better job of executing in the final third. She also expressed important in creation as the girls put themselves in position to score despite not having the finishing touch at the end. This is something that she believes they will work on and address before the next match. When she reflected saying that she feels a certain level of pressure especially late in games to give her team that moment. Kayla has scored all but two of her team’s goals this season she is the most reliable and consistent option in the attack. She has a good team around her but that help at times it seems like a heavy workload to carry. Whether or not White Bear Lake wins or losses to a certain extent it’s on her back because of what she brings to the table she is the best player and the captain it’s on her back. She feels the pressure it is a lot of weight to carry especially when your team is relying on you to score every single game. Even though I felt she did a lot for her team and got them in position to win the game. She felt a bit frustrated with her own performance as she felt she could have scored throughout the game. Whether it was miss timing her runs for failing to secure a good look on goal she’s taking the responsibilities to do a better job of getting herself in teammates into a more viable position to score goals. With all that pressure she still doesn’t worry about her goal total and just wants to win games another example of her leadership characteristics. It is concerning slightly as maybe the high pressing attack allow space late in that game for Maple Grove to execute. The center back was too far forward and it’s something that she has said they will work on over the next few days to improve as a team. It was the first time I had ever interviewed someone my questions may have not been the best but she gave me good excellent answers especially after a tough loss. Displaying she’s confident that her team will rebound and get back on the track both individually and as a team.




Next Game: 7-0 Win vs Cottage Grove 


Against Cottage Grove White Bear Lake gave quite a response in a 7-0 win! Kayla Anderson led the Bears starting fires in a tremendous 2️⃣ Goal second-half performance taking her season total to 9 goals this season! It was a goal feast in the second half with goals from Bella Heckmann, Ann Racine, Abby Fettinger, Charlee Adam & a first career goal for freshman sensation Jasmine Blair who I have identified as the future of this team! A huge second half splitting the difference of an important victory for White Bear Lake! It was exactly the response Kayla and the girls were looking for!!









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