White Bear Lake vs Forrest Lake Preview #627


Last time I saw the White Bear Lake girls on the pitch it was in the closing moments of a heartbreaking controversial loss at home to Maple Grove the way the game officiated contributed in what was an eventual 1-0 loss. Having a game to several days later the girls had to put those thoughts in the back of their mind and forget about the loss and that’s exactly what they did last Tuesday. It was a performance of unbelievable quality a perfect response to a disappointing result. It ended up being a 7-0 victory for White Bear Lake. After a goalless first half, they dropped seven on Cottage Park Grove. Kayla struck twice taking her season total to 9 goals. Jasmine Blair, Ann Racine, Bella Heckmann, Charlee Adam, and Abby Fettinger all scored along with an assist from Lauren Eckerley. An incredible second-half display giving them the momentum they seemingly had lost. White Bear Lake was expected to play Roseville on Thursday nights but the game was canceled as they were given extra rest for preparation for Tuesday night’s Clash at home against Forest Lake. White Bear has won their last eight games against Forrest lake and barely any of them have been close. In the last two seasons, Kayla Anderson has scored a combined 11 goals against them following a six-goal display in her junior year and a five-goal performance in her sophomore year. They are the bottom of the barrel Forest lake has already dropped all four conference games that have played and hasn’t had a winning season for several years. Nonetheless, the girls need to stay focused and get the job done. A match that despite the difference in quality could be a statement game White Bear Lake needs to run them out or it could be somewhat of a cause for concern. We surely should expect a goal-scoring Clinic will we get one? We will find out all that and more on Tuesday night when I will be in attendance for a conference battle between White Bear Lake and Forest Lake.


White Bear Lake



It has been a tremendously productive campaign for the White Bear Lake Bears this season. Getting back to winning ways this last week in such a one-sided Affair shows the great response from their loss against Maple Grove. Their biggest issue against Maple Grove was finishing off the chances they did a great job of play anticipation and building the attack but couldn’t finish. They responded with a banger a performance that they did everything well together finishing practically every chance they had in the rout against Cottage Park. Not only that but their superstar Kayla Anderson got back on the scoresheet scoring twice. A performance like that not just individually but as a team gives White Bear Lake all the momentum going into this game. What they have done historically against Forest Lake may not matter all that much but White Bear Lake has to like this matchup. Kayla Anderson certainly should be licking her lips for this opportunity against a team that simply put can not handle her. When you score 11 goals in two games against one team that is a perfect representation of the inability to control or stop you. It will be important not to underestimate them but given what she has done against this team consider this a done deal at least that’s how once sided it appears. it is very likely she will score Multiple goals in this game given what she has done against them in the past. A game like this will be a good opportunity for the club together to work on things they struggle with. Even with the unbalanced playing field they still have the opportunity to improve and get better as a team. The schedule is only going to get tougher as the season progresses. There are some significant challenges that they will have to endure in the coming weeks the conference has some strong teams. White Bear Lake has won four of their last seven a game like this will be a good opportunity to build on that. This club has been able to prove to be able to handle their business against some strong teams such as cretin-Derham Hall who they beat in their conference opener. As well as teams like Cottage Park Grove who they crushed just a few days ago. It’s important collectively that they stay focused and don’t underestimate Forest Lake they surely should get the job done and cruised through them like they are supposed to.


Forest Lake


Even though Forrest Lake they shouldn’t be underestimated that is just a rule in soccer. However, Forest Lakes is historically bad without any winning tradition. White Bear Lake has beaten them 8 years in a row maybe, even more, the information stopped after an eight-year span. It potentially could be even worse than that. This is a team and Club that have not been able to figure it out and what seems like decades. This is an equivalent of a relegation team I’m not sure if this the infrastructure of the club or lack of talent or bad coaching but this team has it been the dumpster fire of this conference for a long time. It almost seems unfair to force them to play in this conference year after year after year the talent difference is Massive at least it looks that way from the outside. They can’t get it together and it seems like this will only continue to be a problem. Against White Bear Lake they are as bad as you can possibly imagine. In the last eight years in the last eight losses against them, it’s barely been competitive. White Bear Lake has a superstar on their team in Kayla Anderson Forest Lake can only do so much to eliminate what surely could be inevitable. It’s incredibly important not to underestimate them but at the same time winning this game seems completely out of the question. A narrow loss could be viewed as a victory. They have a terrible record over the last 8 years 25 wins 85 losses and three draws. White Bear Lake and other teams in that conference have double that. They have only won 21% of their games over that time span. History may not be important but it’s not ancient history last year they lost 9-1 to White Bear Lake the year before that it was the 8-1 loss they have a 2-4 record this season it isn’t horrible. However, Both teams that have beaten have a 500 or less record. They will take any points that they can get but even subconsciously the club probably knows what will not happen on Tuesday.



I’m going to say this again the Bears have an 8-0 record against Forest Lake in the last eight years. In that time frame, White Bear Lake has scored 38 goals and has only conceded six. Forest Lake last winning season was in 2011 when they went 8-7 and before then they’ve been near the bottom of the division and there’s no reason to believe that will change anytime soon. White Bear Lake has the opportunity to kill off the entire game in the opening 20 minutes. If you look at the history and what they’ve done the last two years against them they beat them up and leave them to die. On top of that, you have an in-form Kayla Anderson who when she’s at her best is one of the best players in the state maybe not according to numbers but an overall impact and the weight she carries she is a serious problem a problem that Forest Lake isn’t equipped to deal with. I am almost positive that she will score at least twice in this game. I realize that is a tall order but given the types of success she’s had against them there’s no reason to believe that she’s not capable of doing it. We have seen this White Bear Lake team scored two goals in the first 10 minutes against a strong a cretin Derham Hall team away in Saint Paul. I can only imagine what they could do against a forest lake team that has been historically bad for ages. After getting a comfortable lead in this game White Bear Lake should use a game like this to work on the things they struggle with. There is very little chance that White Bear Lake doesn’t win this game they can’t underestimate them but even so a game like this is a springboard to work on those type of things. To get out the gate as quickly as possible they have to start fast and quick once they develop dominance in the game they should work on finishing. It is a something they have struggled with the majority of the game against Maple Grove. They do a tremendous job cutting through the Midfield putting themselves into attacking scenarios a game like this they could work on their finishing in front of the net. This is another game in which Jasmine Blair can show her unbelievable Talent. Every time I have seen her so far this season she has impressed me in the manner in which she plays quite possibly could be the future of this program after Kayla graduates. Working on ball movement and finishing out counter-attacks could be incredibly important. I am expecting and clean sheets given the difference in quality anything less than that would be disappointing. White Bear Lake has a special goalkeeper in Ella Janicki and A strong center back Sam Burket that will not allow them to lose. Forest Lake defensively the main concern is to minimize a deficit and hold off the avalanche. In the end, White Bear Lake will roll them Kayla Anderson has 11 goals in her last two games against them she will add to that. There is only so much that Forrest Lake can do. White Bear Lake won’t underestimate I truly don’t think Forrest Lake stand a chance.

Kayla’s Pre-Match Comments

It’s been nice to rest and everyone is fresh and ready to go. The goal is never how many goals can I score, but how can I help the team the best I can, whether that is scoring, assisting, or being a vocal leader. If we grow as a team and keep getting better while taking the W I would look at the game as a success. We will just come out hard and play our game


Pictures: Karen McCullough


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