Roma vs Bologna Talking Points #636


Prior to yesterday’s match, Roma was coming off back-to-back victories against sassuolo last weekend in Serie A and Istanbul in the Europa League. In a Sunday night clash, Roma took on bologna away from home in what was the first away match of their season. Against a strong team that has had a very productive start to the season Roma looked to solidify themselves as a true contender in Italian football this season. Bologna at home is one of the most difficult places to play as they have had tremendous success over the last 10 games. At home they have won eight consecutive matches it was always going to be a tough battle. However, the match gave Roma more problems than expected. This is one of the best-attacking teams in Europe. We’ve seen that with their display against Sassuolo and Istanbul in which they scored eight goals their last two games. On Sunday things did not come easy and Roma struggled for a good portion of the first half. Roma had a few chances in the very beginning of the match but outside of that, it was a very ugly game in which both teams struggled to create much of anything. Roma didn’t look the same the way they attacked and they approached the game was just different they were not having the same type of success that we have seen them. It was a battle in what was an ugly and challenging 45 minutes. In the second half, the game got a little life. Early in the second half, Lorenzo Pellegrini was taken down in a dangerous position just outside the box. Certainly in range of free-kick specialist Alex Kolarov. The Serbian left-back is one of the most dangerous free-kick takers in all of Europe. ALEKS Kolarov struck a Well hit ball into the top corner to give Roma a 1-0 lead. Since he has joined Roma he has the second most free kicks in Europe behind only Lionel Messi. It was an important goal in a crucial part of the game however it didn’t last very long. Bologna was given a penalty Soriano converted from 12 yards out to equalize. Roma had a little more life in the second half as we saw some chances from Lorenzo Pellegrini and edin Dzeko they did a tremendous job of getting Roma into those positions. However, it still Remained level in what was turning into a very ugly game. Bologna wasn’t short of chances either as they had a momentous opportunity that was denied by Pau Lopez in what was the best saves of the week. the game continued to drag on as it appeared that we were heading for A draw. Then late drama struck in the very end of the match with just five minutes ago Gianluca Mancini was booked for a second time as he was sent off. However, only ignited the Roma attack coming close on several occasions. Then at the stroke of death the moment they were looking for occurred. Coming off a late free-kick that Roma took quickly Jordan Veretout drove the ball forward on a late Roma Counterattack finding Lorenzo Pellegrini on the Wing who sent a cross into the box finding edin Dzeko who put his head through the ball into the back of the net to giving Roma a late winner at the brink of death on the last kick of the game. Roma who hand bologna their first loss at home in their last eight games as Roma conquer bologna propelling themselves into the top four after their third consecutive win.

A Win At last Away from Home


Roma is a team that over the last few seasons has found the major difficulty winning games away from the Stadio Olimpico. It had been 5 consecutive draws away from home and has been quite some time since their last Road win in Serie A. Roma finally get that monkey off their back and may not have too much meaning but Roma need to win games consistently away from home to realistically have a chance at Champions League football or contending for the league. Yesterday even though it was an ugly victory a victory that they stole at the end it will still important for the Ambitions of the season. This is one of their biggest issues last year and why they finished as low as they did. A 6th place finish isn’t low but for a team like Roma, that’s well below their Ambitions for the club. If Roma takes more points away from home last season they may not have ended up in the position that they’re in. This was the first away match for Paulo Fonseca since the start of the season they have played all their matches at the Stadio Olimpico. It wasn’t an overly impressive victory they had some serious struggles in the game and the last certain components but they got a win. It was an ugly win but an important one. Their ability to win games on the road could be a key component in the Champions League Chase. Roma has struggled away from home it’s no secret it’s been a big problem over the last few seasons If Roma can find consistency away from home this could be a really great team getting that first one away from the Stadio Olimpico despite the fact that it was a late winner will be truly important for momentum and confidence as the season progresses.

An Ugly Match


his was an incredibly ugly match. As I mentioned they lacked a lot of things and did not play particularly well. It wasn’t incredibly exciting or dynamic it was a struggle for both teams to get things going and even when they did two of the three goals scored in this match was off set pieces. To be honest it felt like it was more of an opportunity than quality. While it is incredibly important to take advantage of those opportunities and both teams Deserve credit but it was a struggle for the entire match. In the first half of this match, it just came out flat neither team creating anything and it was a serious problem. Even when the game opened up a little bit and we started getting goals were opportunistic opportunities. A penalty and a free-kick were two of the three goals. A penalty is 50% success rate a free-kick is a free shot at goal. It is complicated because of the wall but none the less they did not create a lot of work organically. There’s no other way to put it it was an ugly match that was a struggle for the majority of it. However even so a result like this could be hugely important. Ugly matches will happen from time to time from the fan perspective we hope we don’t see too many matches like the one we saw on Sunday but you must be winning these types of matches. They don’t occur all that often but when they do the team needs to find a way to win.

Lack of Creativity


Regardless of the results, this was not a memorable performance. Not only for Roma but for bologna as well. Both teams were coming off games in which they scored a high number of goals. Games in which they attacked the field of play and looked very explosive coming forward. None of these things seem to exist in the match on Sunday. They lacked a lot of components of what has made these team successful so far this season. They were just missing that something that makes them special. There was a little to no creativity in the side. It was night and day in comparison. Roma is one of the best-attacking teams in Europe that is their identity as a club. They only registered three shots in the first half. last week they scored 4 goals in 45 minutes. It was a vast difference in terms of what we expect from this team. Both of these teams have more than enough weapons to create more opportunities. We should have seen more from both sides yesterday. When these teams play some of the bigger teams in Italy they cannot do this. They need to be playing at the highest peak possible especially in the attacking sense. It was an incredibly slow start to the match there just wasn’t a lot there. Even in the second half where we saw three goals it still wasn’t a performance I think either team was overly impressed by. Obviously, Roma will take the three points and we’ll be happy with the Victory and bologna will be disappointed in their inability to get a point but overall in collectively, neither team should be very satisfied by the way they played.

Edin Dzeko is a Different Player this Season


Edin Dzeko significantly struggled last season for goals, especially in the league. Following two campaigns in which he scored 39 goals than 24 goals, Roma was hoping they would see a similar type of production from the Bosnian Striker. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as well scoring just 14 goals in all competitions last season given his historical goal scoring record for Roma it was a huge letdown. It might have been the system that DiFrancesco had at Roma or the players around him or something else but something truly changed this season. You can see it in the very early parts of the season. Edin Dzeko was linked to Inter Milan seemed almost inevitable that he would make that move. However, simply put he did not want to leave Roma and instead of leaving he signed a contract extension with the club. It’s night and day in comparison from the way he performed last year and how he started this year. He has already scored three goals in the league this season which is almost half of what he did in 38 games last year. You can see the impact and the difference in the matter he plays under Pablo Fonseca. He fits this system perfectly and the striker the Portuguese manager wanted all along. He has had nothing but nice things to say since his arrival and he has been incredibly important to the progression of the Bosnian. Last year it took him months and months in between goals he has scored at the Stadio Olimpico so far this year he has scored three. The Progression under him this season has been tremendous. Yesterday he was one of the top performers that we saw in Italian football. He was incredible he did a lot of work to get himself in position and his teammates to score goals as I said it was an ugly game in Bologna yesterday and there weren’t that many chances to be spared. Despite that, he did his part to get himself in position to score those goals. The reason he deserves recognition is his ability to come through when his team needed him the most. Roma, we’re about 30 seconds away from some dropping points not to mention they were down to 10 men. it wasn’t all Edin Dzeko but he got himself in perfect position and executed his header that won the game for Roma at the end. The way he came through yesterday displayed his importance that he instills into this Roma team as a leader and as a player he in for incredibly special season. That was on full display yesterday coming through when his team needed him the most it just highlights why he was one of the best in Italy this season We should only see continued growth as the season progresses.

Bologna’s Streak Ends


Bologna suffered their first loss in over eight games at home. But they had won eight consecutive before they’re lost at the death to Roma on Sunday. However, it would be remiss not if I didn’t give the props and credit to Bologna. To win and how many consecutive games in its own right it’s very difficult. What they have done over this stretch is absolutely astounding. This is bologna they are a mid-table sometimes relegation-threatened team. For them to have won eight consecutive at home is truly remarkable. This isn’t Juventus or Napoli or even Inter Milan they do not have the budget or the players that some of these top teams have. Juventus being unbeaten at home in 20 games is less than impressive because of the team that they have for bologna to do this for is something special. They deserve a lot of credit for it. They weren’t just beating Bottom teams they beat some top teams in it has quietly been one of the most difficult places to play. If this game was at the Olimpico the score would have been more lopsided. It is a tough environment and no match played in that stadium is easy. Bologna made things difficult on Roma they eventually lost a game but they deserve a lot of credit for the Run of form at home. After this week I speculate it will only continue as they will pick up more momentum at home. The streak is over but this still isn’t an easy place to play in last night’s game was further proof of that. One of the most attacking-minded teams in all of Italy struggled that’s all you need to know about the difficulty of this stadium and atmosphere.

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