Player Of the Month September: Edin Dzeko #654

The first full month of the Italian football season has come to a close. We enter October with an opportunity to pick up as many points as possible to ingratiate Roma into the race for Champions League football. This season is a new generation of Roma no Francesco Totti no Daniele de Rossi a new manager and a lot of new players. Former Shakhtar Donetsk manager Paulo Fonseca took over Roma in the summer as he brings attacking football to the Stadio Olimpico. Meanwhile with Daniele de Rossi gone to Boca Juniors Alessandro Florenzi finally takes the armband Roma has added several players across the board and made some late signings at the end of the transfer window. Considering Roma has a relatively new team they have done quite well to start the season. Roma at the moment finds themselves in fifth place with 11 points having three wins two drawers and a loss. Start of the Season at home at the Stadio Olimpico against Genoa in what was a vastly competitive game where Roma’s attacking abilities were highlighted. However defensive deficiencies didn’t go unnoticed in what was the game that Roma surely should have won. Having taken the lead at three different times. It wasn’t necessarily a good point but Genoa had made incredible improvements since last season. That match was followed by the Derby Della Capitale against arch-rivals Lazio. A very tough match in what was a very fortunate 1-1 draw following Lazio hitting the crossbar four times throughout the match. The next week they hosted sassuolo in what was an attacking masterpiece by Roma having scored four goals in 33 minutes. In addition to that, it was a 3 assist first half from Lorenzo Pellegrini who possibly put together his greatest ever performance in the Roma shirt. Roma then opened their Europa League Group Play with a 4-0 victory at home against Istanbul FC. Then It was a very tough match away at bologna who had won eight consecutive matches before meeting Roma. It was a tough battle throughout the entire match but in stoppage-time, Edin Dzeko scored the winner in what was a 1-0 victory. Following that result, Roma suffered their first loss of the season in a disappointing display against Atalanta in what was a 2-0 victory as Roma yet again failed to beat Atlanta at the Stadio Olimpico. Then this last weekend it was another tough battle a 1-0 victory another winner by Edin Dzeko as that result ended the month. A very productive campaign so far maybe not the amount of points Roma would have liked to have at this stage but you can look at some positive output from it. Especially in the attacking part of their game. It’s time to award Roma’s player-of-the-month. Edin Dzeko Justin kluivert and Lorenzo Pellegrini as nominees.


Nominee: Lorenzo Pellegrini

Coming in third would be Lorenzo Pellegrini. He is a player that right now is currently injured and is a devastating loss as he will be sidelined for 2 months however his productivity so far has been nothing short of impressive. He has been incredibly crucial to this Roma team especially in the Midfield. You can see his value and efficiency the way he plays the game he has started every game this season. He has been given more opportunities than he has over the past two seasons. The potential was very noticeable at the end of his first season at Roma. He only continues to portray himself as one of the best midfielders in Italian football. During this month he’s been called to the national team and scored for Italy as well as putting together his greatest ever performance against Sassuolo as he delivered three assists in 33 minutes being responsible for 3 four goals for Roma. He is yet to score of the season but the way he impacts the game between the passing lanes and getting his teammates involved has been absolutely incredible. He has four assists for Roma this season which is highlighted the type of impact he can have on a match. Roma is able to attack with much more success when he is playing the efficiency he has with his teammates is unparallel. He is a versatile player who has played in the defensive Midfield and the attacking Midfield this season but it seems to me that when he is in a central Midfield he is the most effective he can sit there and give service to Roma’s talented wing players Nicolo zaniolo and Justin kluivert as well as Dzeko upfront. His passing and accuracy with the way he controls the ball is absolutely sensational. He may be injured now but when he comes back he will be incredibly important. He was incredibly productive during this last month easily one of them as best players but didn’t quite do enough to win the award.


Runner up: Justin Kluivert

The runner-up for the player of the month goes to Justin kluivert. I can’t say enough for how much impact and improvement he has made since last season. He is definitely Roma’s most improved player so far this season and he’s only going to continue to develop his skill. Roma is one of the most talented young teams in all of Italy this is a team that has a surplus of young talent. A lot of players under the age of 23. Justin kluivert Nicolo zaniolo are the poster boys of this young Roma team. They are the ones that drag us to the TV. We haven’t seen at that much of Cengiz Under the season who’s also in that bracket the three of them together are explosives Fast & Incredibly impactful in many aspects of the game. With all that being said Justin kluivert is probably the most talented. It is taking him a while to grasp the game and adapt to Italian football He struggled last season. He didn’t start very many games and came off the bench quite a lot. When he played last season he was electric and gave Roma another dimension. He still was incredibly raw and may have not been quite ready for regular first-team football in Italy. He scored two goals in all competitions last season scoring against Plzen in the Champions League and a crucial goal against Genoa in a come-from-behind Roma victory. However, he didn’t get that consistency and with a little lacking in confidence. That has completely changed this season he has made so much progress from last season it’s a night & day in comparison. Justin kluivert not only has he played he has started every single game except for one. He was one of the best players in each of the games. You see the potential you see the Promise and the way he plays the game he has a certain quality. He scored against sassuolo on a breakaway that he would have missed last year. Then again scoring in the death Europa league in what looked like a very difficult goal. The progression is absolutely phenomenal. He has developed a certain Poise and calmness when executing his attacks. If he improves his decision-making just a little bit he’s going to be an incredible player for this club. He has committed himself to this team and wants to be part of the project to see this club grow into a winner he will be crucially important in Roma achieving Glory under Fonseca. He fits that systems and he is a perfect player in that role. He is as explosive and fast as any player in Italian football. The way he moves with a ball is exceptional. He has just been a different type of player this season. It was a very impressive month from The Young Dutchman who also made an appearance on the Dutch national team after a strong start to the season. Only just missing out on player of the month as he has been a revelation in this system and he will only continue to grow as a player this season this will not be the last time he will be in this conversation he is just a special talent that Roma are now starting to see.

Winner: Edin Dzeko

Justin kluivert and Lorenzo Pellegrini were very impressive in the month of September but on this occasion, the player of the month goes to edin Dzeko. By no way or shape was it’s an easy decision but given the way, he has come through for Roma in difficult scenarios and important situations it had to go to edin Dzeko. The Bosnian Striker had an opportunity to leave Roma for Inter Milan it was something that was speculated for months. Meanwhile, edin Dzeko appeared to be unwilling to make the move despite multiple reports he signed a new contract extension with Roma. Anybody who has followed my work knows how much I like this guy he’s been one of my favorite players to ever wear the shirt. It was not a great season for edin Dzeko last season with only 14 goals in all competitions only 8 in the league. However, he’s got the confidence and the momentum back as he is proving once again that he is one of the best all-around Strikers in Italian football. He has fit extremely well under Paulo Fonseca who insisted that he stay in the capital city. There was a lack of confidence and momentum as well as a positive attitude in energy lacking that has been completely and utterly restored. It has been almost a year since edin Dzeko scored at the Stadio Olimpico. Only one of his goals coming in Rome. It was a struggle all season but edin Dzeko clearly is a different player now than he was last season. He has scored at the Olimpico multiple times and has scored four goals and six games as well as 5 goals in all competitions. He has made a huge impact as a leader and the primary goal scorer for Roma. However, unlike last season, Roma is getting goals from several different sources this season so he has a little more help. He has also been given better service than he did a year ago. He’s found a place in this offense to be more effective. He scored one of the most outrageous goals of the season in the opener against Genoa as Dzeko found a way to cut through three Defenders before putting it into the bottom corner. It was a goal of absolute magic especially considering that Edin Dzeko is not the fastest striker in this league. That’s not to mention he scored two most important goals this season. Away at bologna a place where they had won on eight consecutive occasions. Edin Dzeko scored a bullet of a header in the dying minutes of that game to propel Roma to three points. Then again this last weekend going on another header in what was a crucial goal against Lecce 1-0 victory for Roma. Justin kluivert and Lorenzo Pellegrini did really well this month but edin Dzeko but the player of the month he has come through with crucial goals and he is scoring on a more regular basis and he’s starting to see the player that we saw the last two seasons he’s only going to continue to find the back of the net he is only going to prove furthermore that he is one of the best strikers in the league and this month’s he certainly displayed to that.

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