Diawara leaves on stretcher Paulo Fonseca sent off and VAR rob Roma’s Controversial Draw #655

A.S Roma 1 Cagliari 1FT


Roma coming into this match was following three points last weekend against Lecce thanks to an Edin Dzeko goal as well as a 1-1 draw in midweek in the Europa League against wolfsberger in Austria. Roma returned home this week to face Cagliari in Rome at the stadio olimpico. Last season Roma won the season series with an easy 3-0 victory at home and a hugely disappointing 2-2 draw in Cagliari. Roma would see a couple of former Roma players with Robin Olsen Luca Pellegrini and fan-favorite radja nainggolan who spent five years in Rome playing at the Olimpico. This was an important match as this was the final match before the international break. With both teams, only a couple points apart so the game had its importance. It was crazy dramatic and controversial throughout the 90 minutes. Cagliari took a 1-0 lead early in the first-half as Castro converted to penalty. A few short minutes later Roma equalized as Cagliari put the ball into the back of their own net. Roma controlled the second half and were the better team throughout the match the problem was they just couldn’t finish. An unfortunate event that happened in the first half Adamou Diawara had to be taken off the field by the stretcher after an apparent knee injury. Roma tried to put themselves in front in the second half. It was not a great performance by Roma but they had that moment at least that is what we all thought. Substitute Nikola kalinic scored the game-winning goal. However, VAR came into play and deny them of the victory. This angered Pablo Fonseca as the goal was called off in the final minutes of a game Paulo Fonseca was shown the red card in what felt like a daylight robbery in Rome. The match ends in controversy as Roma earn a point heading into the international breaks as the VAR takes a victory from Roma.


Paulo Fonseca would stick with his 4-2-3-1 formation but make several adjustments from their Europa League match on Thursday. Returning and goal would be Pau Lopez. At left-back returning to the starting lineup would be Alex Kolarov. Beside him would be the center-back partnership of Chris Smalling and Gianluca Mancini then on the opposite side at right-back would be a Leonardo spinazzola. There will be a slight adjustment in the defensive Midfield considering the injuries. We would see the duo of Bryan cristante and Adamu Diawara. In the attacking Midfield in the center position, we would see Jordan veretout. On the left-wing would be Justin kluivert then on the opposite side on the right-wing would be Nicolo zaniolo. Upfront as Roma’s main Striker as always would be the Bosnian Edin Dzeko. Roma would be a little thin with their bench considering the injuries but certainly had enough to get the job done.


Following predictions and preparations, the match was just about to get underway on a Sunday afternoon in Rome at the Stadio Olimpico. Just one more week of football before International break begins both teams were ready and raring to go as a match kicked off. Roma had superiority in the early part of the game they controlled the possession battle and had some significant momentum in the early part of the game. Nicolo zaniolo tried to pull one past Robin Olsen in the opening 10 minutes but the midfielder was denied from close range striking from inside the Box. Just a minute later Roma came forward yet again as Diawara struck a well-hit ball from distance as a Robin Olsen and made the save again. Roma had control of the game as they were creating opportunities more regularly. However, they had to deal with some Misfortune in the 26th minute. Cagliari was giving a penalty after Gianluca Mancini was called for a handball Inside the Box. Lucas Castro stepped up and buried it giving Calgary a shock 1-0 lead. More misfortune would follow for Roma in a tear-jerking moment Roma’s young midfielder Adamou Diawara had to be rushed to the hospital in what was an apparent injury. He was taken off by a stretcher. Everyone feared the worst fortunately but it was a torn meniscus instead of an ACL tear despite that this is bone-crushing for Roma as another injury just added to the list. Young Roma midfielder Antonucci came in to replace him. However, despite the circumstances, Roma got themselves back in the game the 31st minute Justin kluivert orchestrated a chance into edin Dzeko Cagliari’s Defender put the ball in the back of his own net equalized making a 1-1. Despite the situation had that not happened edin Dzeko would have scored a very easy goal. Bryan cristante tried to double the lead off a free-kick but a shot from distance misfired. Shortly later Edin Dzeko came close but Robin Olsen denied the Bosnians strike from the side of the box to keep things level in the closing moments of the first half Pedro saw his header off a set-piece miss as it was a 1-1 draw after 45 minutes thanks to an own goal and a penalty.


It was a very precarious first half as Roma lose another player in their Midfield and a penalty and an own goal supply the difference in a first half that Roma controlled. Roma proved their superiority. They went after Cagliari in the second half. Nicolo zaniolo was denied once again. Following that Justin, kluivert tried to facilitate an opportunity for Edin Dzeko but his header went wide. Creating a chance into something that was never the problem was converting in front of goal and now that Roma’s team is becoming a lot thinner this is something that needs to be addressed. Roma only continued their superiority in the second half. They completely dominated the run a play from and were easily the better team in this game. Nicolo zaniolo struck again but just couldn’t find the touch. Justin kluivert was setting up everyone but they just couldn’t finish the job. Justin kluivert once again as he set up Antonucci who was close but missed wide. They tried to retaliate with opportunities from radja nainggolan and Nandez as they both missed wide leaving Roma’s a Spanish goalkeeper unchallenged. The match only continues as it was getting late in the contest. Chris Smalling nearly set up Nicolo zaniolo for the winning goal from a headed pass but the young Italian was denied by Robin Olson. Edin Dzeko misfired a minute later as the attack discontinued. Roma went to the bench Nikola kalinic came in. It was coming and near the end of the match as Roma continue to try to look for a winner. Bryan cristante came really close on a free kick just barely missing. That was followed by Zaniolo being denied by Robin Olsen and a pair of edin Dzeko chances that came very close it looked like we were headed for a draw than in the 90th minute it looked like we found a winner. Nikola kalinic found the back of the net on a scramble Inside the Box. Roma was given the 2-1 lead but VAR erased the game-winning goal in what was an appalling decision. The argument was that Nikola kalinic pushed the defender that was in front of them. It was a horrible decision the Croatian Striker and the Cagliari Defender bumped into each other but the striker did not initiate the contact meaning the goal should have stood. Paulo Fonseca was absolutely Furious as the referee told Cagliari players there was no foul but still took the goal off the board. evidently, the Portuguese manager was thrown out of the game. As the match ended in controversy. the decision was nothing short of an abomination the goal should have stood whether or not Roma played to their standards is up for debate but nonetheless, three points were taking away from Roma when they did nothing wrong. We see a genuine robbery in Rome as the referee takes away a victory that they deserved.


It was a match of drama and controversy as Roma have robbed up three points at the Olimpico. Roma did not play particularly well in fact it was a rather unencouraging performance as their inability to convert in front of goal continued to be a problem. However, that does not dispute the fact it was daylight robbery this afternoon. It was a match that was full of drama and some late controversy. A match that included an own goal a penalty an injury a late goal being wiped off after a VAR decision and a manager being sent off. The match had just a little too much craziness that ended up with Roma being robbed of what they deserved. It does not matter if they did not play well or if it wasn’t an inspiring performance VAR stole this game from Roma. It was a match that was devastating for a multitude of reasons. This was the last match before the international break that leaves Roma with a bitter taste in their mouths. Nikola kalinic came off the bench and scored what would have been the game-winning goal in the 91st minute. The entire Stadium exploded as a less-than-stellar performance was going to be justified with three points. Despite the referee telling Caglalri players that there was no foul, he changed his mind just like that. One of the most absurd decisions I’ve ever seen it was quite obviously a goal. The referee prevented Roma from winning this week I have no idea what the motivations were or are but as I said he told the opposition that there was no foul so with that being said why to change it a minute later. Completely sabotaging three points by taking away a goal that was clear as day. An absolutely atrocious decision that cost of Roma three points. VAR is a good thing in Italian football I’m glad we have it but nonetheless, it has to be said that the problem is when you abuse that power or you don’t handle it accordingly. Paulo Fonseca was absolutely livid given the circumstances Paulo Fonseca was ultimately given a red card and sent off. This was absolutely utterly ridiculous it does not matter if Roma we’re the better team or if they deserved to win you cannot take away three points in the manner in which he did. This entire team should take that decision personally they should use it as motivation for the next time they play Caglalri because undoubtedly Roma should have won this game and deserve the three points. On top of that Diawara only adds to the injury problems as he was carted off on a stretcher taken directly to the hospital. The midfielder has suffered a torn meniscus but unfortunately, it wasn’t an ACL tear. He will not be shut down for the season but he will miss a significant amount of time they are projecting 1 to 2 months to recover. This certainly does not help their situation as they lose yet another player to injury. This was such a dramatic game that was incredibly controversial they definitely deserved all three points but nonetheless, they make a point and they do not lose their table positioning. Napoli drew and Lazio drew so they still are very much in the champions league race. That is about the only positive that can be taken from this match. Justin kluivert was my man of the match I thought he did tremendously well getting a space in trying to create opportunities for his evening even though ultimately they struggled in front of goal. An outrageous game was an outcome that was unjustified as they head into International break.


MAN OF THE MATCH: Justin Kluivert (2)




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