Roma vs Caglalri Talking Points #657

Roma came into this game yesterday off a draw in the Europa League that was somewhat viewed as a disappointment and they won away last weekend. As Roma was trying to recapture some form as Caglalri took a trip to the Olimpico to take on Roma. During last season Roma ended up winning the season series. This Roma team is in somewhat of a crisis with the injured problems after seeing Lorenzo Pellegrini and Hendrik mikatarian add to the injury concerns. None the less Roma had a team good enough to take down a strong Caglalri side who was found some encouragement in the early part of the season it was the last match before the International break which could hugely impact momentum going forward. This also was a reunion as former Roma players Nainggolan Luca Pellegrini and Robin Olsen we’re on the other side. It turned out to be a game of absolute Madness. The game opened up very early when Roma conceded a penalty after a Mancini handball in the Box. Lucas Castro converted to give Caglalri the 1-0 lead. Roma had a tragic moment shortly after. New signing Adamu Diawara had to come off after an apparent knee injury he was taken off by the stretcher and rushed to Roma’s Hospital. He was diagnosed with a torn meniscus and thankfully avoided an ACL tear which would have kept him out for the entire season. After the injury, Roma equalized as Justin kluivert set up edin Dzeko in the box but unfortunately, the Caglalri Defender put the ball in the back of the net to equalize. Roma dominated & had control for the majority of the match. They created a lot of chances but again struggled to convert in front of goal in the second half the game opened up even more aggressively as time and time again Roma came forward but Robin Olsen was on his day Making some saves in crucial moments. Roma’s lack of ability to finish is on a goal was the glaring issue as Roma got into position on an almost regular basis. It looked like we were heading for a draw but for a moment it appeared Roma was going to steal one. It was an unencouraging performance by Roma but they did what they needed to pull in front as Kalinc came off the bench and scored what everyone thought would have been the winning goal. It was erased by the VAR which angered Paulo Fonseca. He was seemingly thrown out of the game. the Portuguese manager was absolutely furious after the referee had told the Caligari players that there was no foul and then changed his mind a minute later. It was a daylight robbery in Rome Nikola kalinic scored the goal the argument was made that he pushed his Defender but it was a completely legal goal as they just happened to bump into each other in the box he didn’t initiate the contact which by all accounts means the goal should have stood. A very disappointing performance however with that being said VAR takes the three points that Roma deserved in a controversial draw.

Injury Issues Worsen

One of the biggest takeaways from this game was injuries and injuries. These sort of things happen it’s just part of the game but rotten luck Roma have been handed over the last few weeks in regards to the health of their players has been absolutely astounding. Roma lost their most explosive player Cengiz Under and one of their most experienced players Diego Perotti early in the season. Then last week Roma lose their best player Lorenzo Pellegrini for 2 months who has a certain value in the Roma Midfield that cannot be created without him this team is not displaying the ability to be able to function at a high level when he is not there. Then on top of that Roma is losing some of their depth as well with Zappacosta being diagnosed with a torn ACL leaving him out for the season. Roma in regards to their depth is already really thin as it is but it just got worse. Diawara who was expected to be one of the players to replace Lorenzo Pellegrini in that Midfield has started to grab some momentum over the last few games as he looked really good in the early part of the game. He was taken off with a stretcher and rushed to the Roma hospital as he has been diagnosed with a torn meniscus. It is somewhat hopeful as he avoided a rupture in his ACL which would have surely ended his season. The African midfielder will still be out around 1 to 2 months he will find a way back into this team once he recovers which his breath of fresh air. However, the timing of this has not been particularly kind to Roma. A good portion of the team is injured which has really affected the squad itself. This isn’t as big of a loss as Lorenzo Pellegrini but given the fact that he was going to take on that role, this isn’t particularly helpful in this situation. Roma’s Midfield is a little bit out of order right now and there’s nothing they can do about it. Miro Antonucci is likely to get significant game time in light of these events. Roma’s inexperienced but talented teenager looked good when he came on yesterday and show the promise that he has displayed for several seasons. However, he is still very raw and isn’t what Roma needs right now but he’s going to have to play up to his standards because with this team Roma doesn’t have a choice. The injuries because of the depth that this team has been very limited.

Robin Olson

Robin Olsen quite simply did not work with Roma. He was signed last season to replace one of the best goalkeepers in the world in Alisson Becker. Roma’s defense and goalkeeping last season was horrendous he was a big part of that. However, He showed some promise of being a capable goalkeeper but he was eventually replaced by aging goalkeeper Antonio Mirante during the end of the season. During that time Roma accumulated more clean sheets and was better defensively. Robin Olsen is a very capable goalkeeper but my belief is the pressure of Roma was just too much for him to take. A place like Caglalri is the perfect situation. The pressure is not too high and he can handle himself in this situation. Last night Robin Olsen was their best player and made some really good saves in big moments during that game. He has been a perfect replacement for Alessio Cragno he has been sidelined the entire season in due to injury. Olson joined Cagliari on a loan deal it was a really big decision one that has certainly paid off. He was absolutely Sensational against Napoli and has shown that he’s capable of being a top goalkeeper in Italian football. He’s not a better goalkeeper than his replacement Pau Lopez but for that situation he’s in he showed at the, he still has those qualities. They were on full display last night as he has found the situation that is perfect as he continues to perform to a high-level this season.

Lack of Killer Instinct

This seems to be a talking point every single week at least it feels that way. Roma’s inability to finish in front of goal has been a problem not only this season but historically speaking of the last few seasons. Roma has the team in place and a much stronger team than the one Roma had last season despite having injury issues. This is still a strong team capable of scoring a lot of goals the main concern is a defense and I still want to reiterate that that is Roma’s biggest issue however Roma is creating more chances then practically anyone in Italian football they have the players in the Midfield on the way and in the striker position they have all the Firepower in the world to be scoring more goals. The beginning of the season Roma was having a goal festivity over the last several weeks it seems like Roma has gotten away from that with low numbers in goals. Against bologna leche Atalanta & Wolfsberger there has been some significant struggle in that area. It seems to me that Roma is starting the games too slow and are taking too long to get themselves initiated into the game. Roma is creating a lot of opportunities they’re just not executed in the final third & front of goal has not been good enough and that’s a simple reality of the situation. Justin Kluivert has been one of the best players this season he has created opportunities for almost everyone at some point this season. The service is there the delivery is there the finishing ability happens to be the problem. I think this is fixable everyone just needs to get on the same page. Roma could have scored multiple goals in their last three games but they were unable to do so because of their ability to finish. Creating chances of something that Roma is really good at but they hadn’t really had that Killer Instinct in front of goal. Even though edin Dzeko has been pretty solid in that area collectively as a unit the team that struggled with that. We are talking about this again showing that there’s a problem Improvement is definitely needed.

VAR Controversy

Obviously, the biggest most severe issue of last night’s game is the way they handled the ending. VAR took genuine points from Roma with their decision. Paulo Fonseca being thrown out of the game. The issue itself isn’t with the system works whether in works for you or works against you it is incredibly important that we have this in Italian football and in Europe for that matter. It can make the difference between so many different things it is an absolute necessity in this sport however it has to be managed in a professional way. The referees were handling the situation must be conclusive when they make a decision this decision must stand. They cannot make a decision and then change it a minute later. The referee wiped away a perfectly legal goal. The referee even told Caglalri players that there was no foul on the play. If you watch closely the alleged push was not initiated by the striker it was due to how crowded it was in the Box they sort of just bumped into each other but given the fact that he did not initiate the contact you cannot call off the goal. This is hugely important especially in a situation like this one in this league when every point is valuable. Roma didn’t play all that well but given the situation, they deserved the goal to stand and the three points. The VAR denies Roma of a victory that they deserved. The issue isn’t with a VAR itself This is a good thing to have it is how it’s managed that is where the issue comes. I have always been a proponent of VAR and what it does however with all that being said it needs to be conclusive and managed in a respectful and professional manner. I understand the anger of Paulo Fonseca the referee was too indecisive he made a claim that there was no foul and then changed his mind you cannot act like that in these moments in these games . Once your decision is made you don’t have the right to change it. If the referee is indecisive can change the ruling of the actual play however if you make it clear that you are decisive on the call you can’t change it but that’s my issue with the situation for the most part this is handled well in this league there are always exceptions to the rule this was an egregious decision that took a win away from a team that did enough to win the game.

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