Top Three Performers & Donkey of the week match day 7 #658

Juventus Midfidler Paulo Dybala vs Inter

Pablo Dybala when he is playing is one of the best players in the entire league. Over the last year and a half, he has somewhat been a castaway not given the proper opportunity. All of last season under Max Allegri a good portion of this season against Mauricio Sarri. There’s no question he’s one of the best players on this Juventus team you can say whatever you want about the last few seasons when you have the ability to get the best out of Pablo he is an absolute problem for Defenders. The manager needs to give him the confidence that he needed for him to be truly effective in this team. This is a large part of why he almost left over the summer to go to Manchester United and Spurs he declined on both situations. He wants to be at this club he just needs the opportunity and chance has to justify his place in the team. Every time he has been given an opportunity he has thrived under circumstances. With his performance last weekend in the derby d’Italia there’s no question that he has shown those qualities. 2 years ago Paulo Dybala was the best player in the league was an outstanding season in the early part of his Juventus career he was viewed as one of the key players it is a shame because Paulo Dybala is at his best he is such an antagonizing player to have to deal with he is borderline Unstoppable when he is playing at his peak. Against Inter Milan who was perfect coming into the game, Pablo Dybala made his stance very early in the game and the momentum was with Juventus the entire match. Less than five minutes into the game Pablo Dybala scored the opening goal even though Inter Milan eventually got back into the game Pablo Dybala showed his value. Juventus posed serious problems to an Inter Milan team who has not been that challenge throughout the season. He helped Juventus LeapFrog Inter Milan to go to the top of the table he is without question one of my top performers of this last week in Italian football. It’s so much more than scoring a goal he played such a brilliant match of football he was getting involved in the match in so many different ways. Facilitating opportunities for teammates being an absolute Dynamo in the Midfield and creating moments of magic he had seemingly lost his way in Torino but a performance like this should give him confidence. After the performance against Inter Milan’s who has been the best team in the league this season. It was the perfect moment and platform for Pablo Dybala to prove his doubters wrong and that’s exactly what he did. After this performance, the hope is he will be giving more opportunities than he truly deserves he played a dominating role against the best team this season that proves more than anything that he is capable of stability and consistency all he needs is to be given a chance. He is far too good at to be rotting away on the bench against Inter Milan his performance only justifies that further.

Lazio Striker Ciro Immobile vs Genoa

Last weekend even though it wasn’t the result that Lazio would have wanted Immobile came through again as he continues to be the best player we have seen this season. The Italian Striker holds so much value into this Lazio team without the impact & consistency from Immobile this team would not be anywhere near Europe without him. I’m not saying this because I’m a romanista the fact of the matter is if you remove him from that team they’re not very good. They would be mid-table at best. Even in matches he scores a multitude of goals sometimes it still isn’t enough. Regardless if it’s the defense or other players in the team the weight that Ciro Immobile carries is absolutely astounding. Last weekend once again he was nothing short of sensational and like many weeks it has seams is that it isn’t enough. They’re still in good shape in their position but nonetheless they’re still concerning factors around the team largely because they are unable to adapt and respond outside of their Star Striker. Ciro Immobile scored two goals last weekend as he has them on the brink of Champions League football even if they do not deserve it. He Can lead the league in goals this season and has been nothing short of special this campaign. He is one of the most underrated Strikers and to a certain extent deserves more help than he is getting. He is the driving force of Lazio the team. However despite all the circumstances, it is hard not to be in awe of Ciro Immobile the striker is playing at a peak level of productivity. It is highly likely that he will win the Golden Boot this season for this team to get anywhere it’s almost like he needs to. Another top-class performance as he brings Lazio back against bologna despite opportunities to win that game it ends in to draw Immobile scores twice doing everything needed but the team around him couldn’t prevail but nonetheless, despite the results, he was extraordinary as he makes this list for the second week in a row.

Atalanta striker Duvan Zapata vs Lecce

There was a lot of speculation that Atalanta Superstar duvan Zapata’s great season last season was a fluke that he wasn’t going to be able to repeat great performances. Last season he came out of nowhere and was one of the best players in the league if not the best I gave him the player of the Season given his impact and that he was the driving force that ensued Champions League football this season. It was truly absurd the Atalanta made the Champions League last year and that they finished ahead of both AC Milan and Inter Milan. This is one of the toughest teams in Serie A and I don’t think this is a surprise any longer. Atalanta somehow someway after 7 matches are in the Champions League places again. It is tight between Atalanta and Napoli and Roma but nonetheless, they’re still in that position. The expectation was Duvan Zapata would somehow someway come back to earth. He was not this player in Napoli or Sampdoria. The most League goals he scored in a season was 10 goals prior to the magic of last year. Somehow someway he has maintained the level of consistency that he showed us on a weekly basis last season. He’s being rewarded as one of my top three performances of the week for the second time this season. He led all players in the player the week Awards last season. He may go on to do the very thing again especially if Atalanta keep their head above water and find a way back into the Champions League. As I’ve mentioned on many occasions sometimes relegation teams are the hardest teams deal within certain parts of the season. They took on Lecce and Duvan Zapata in the back end of the first half ended any possibility of stealing a point. In a 5 minutes span, Duvan Zapata assisted a goal and scored another ending any chance of a comeback within 5 minutes at the end of the first half. Atalanta went on to win 3-1 but his impact at the end of the first half is the reason they were able to secure the three points so quickly he’s still one of the best players in his position this season they struggled in the Champions League but in the league they’ve been pretty close to perfect unbeaten in 5 of 7 matches he was one of the performers of the week last weekend was another astounding performance I think it’s fair to say this type of performance is something we could get accustomed to this season as there doesn’t seem to have been any deterioration from last season’s magical campaign the Columbian was and is the real deal.

Donkey Of the Week: AC Milan

The donkey of the week goes to AC Milan for the third consecutive week at this point isn’t because of what they did on the field. AC Milan after dropping three consecutive games beat Genoa in a bloodbath that featured 4 red cards. However,r, AC Milan ended up winning it. It always comes back to AC Milan They got the three points they needed to start getting some momentum going this season. Despite the fact that they collected all three points AC Milan had seen enough. Marco Giampaolo was sacked despite winning the match. He wasn’t doing a particularly good job but nonetheless,s, I think a growing belief is that he deserved more time than he got. He was sacked after just seven games this season. The names attached to his replacement was Luciano spalletti & Stepfen Poli. This entire situation has just been a disaster Spaelletti was the obvious choice he has proved on a regular basis that he is a manager capable of doing a job he may not have the qualities of a manager that deserves one of the top jobs but none the less he was the better choice. AC Milan isn’t a top job anymore he would have been perfect there were some complications with his contract with Inter Milan but none the less it’s could have improved their season. Instead,d, they went with Stephen Poli who has won the exact same amount games as he has lost he’s not a bad manager he’s just average and average isn’t good enough to get AC Milan out of this situation. This comes back to the board and the infrastructure of how they are building this club they have no plans or future. The decision-making of everybody involved in this club has to come under serious fire after mistake after mistake. Pablo Maldini, in my opinion, is one of the greatest footballers in history He’s truly one of the best in history and the best defender of all time it is Undisputed is not debatable however that was him as a player as a sporting director what has he truly done? He hasn’t done anything significant or meaningful the only things attached to his name so far are bad decisions. AC Milan won’t be the donkey of the week every week but they are leaving me no other choice in too many instances. That’s not to mention two players were given red cards in their win against Genoa that doesn’t help them going forward either. This team is an absolute disaster and they show they don’t have the discipline or the plan to build AC Milan back to what they once were.

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