Cristante and Kalinic Injured as Roma fail to adapt In a Miserable display #661


Score: Roma 0 Sampdoria 0FT


Stadio Luigi Ferraris


Following the conclusion of the international break, Serie A returned for the first time in 2 weeks. Before the break, Roma was coming off a very controversial 1-1 draw vs Cagliari that ended with Paulo Fonseca being suspended from the bench. As well as the injuries just continuing to pile up. Roma headed out on the road the first match since the break to face Sampdoria. The Romans swept Sampdoria last season but in the recent memory but have had issues with Sampdoria at times in the past. They will be seeing a very familiar face as Claudio Ranieri Has taken over at Sampdoria after their disastrous start to the season. The Italian manager took over at Roma last season for the final 12 games. Sampdoria was at the bottom of the table with only three points this season meanwhile Roma are trying to push for Champions League football it would be a performance of an absolute utter disaster. The Romans failed to reach a shot on target until late in the game. Given the quality and that Roma have despite the fact they have injuries it was an inexcusable performance. Roma provided next to nothing. It didn’t get much better in the second half the Silver Lining was the way the defense performed as they showed a real improvement from the last several weeks but simply Roma we’re not good enough. Roma came close with edin Dzeko late but it was about it to get worse Justin kluivert was sent off in the second half as Roma lose their most explosive player for the AC Milan match. Roma and Sampdoria play out a 0-0 draw that felt like a loss for Roma after an underwhelming performance.



Despite the injuries, Roma maintains their 4-2-3-1 formation. In goal for Roma as always would be the Spaniard Pau Lopez. Roma’s backline would look almost identical to what we saw before the International break. At left-back would be Alex Kolarov beside him would be the center-back partnership of Chris Smalling and Gianluca Mancini then at right-back, it would be a Leonardo spinazzola. Roma would have the defensive Midfield pair of Bryan cristante and Jordan Veretout. Upfront in the attacking Midfield would be Nicolo Zaniolo in the central position. On the left-wing would be Roma’s youngster Justin kluivert then on the opposite side would be Roma captain Alexsandro Florenzi on the right-wing. Upfront as the main Striker would be Nikola kalinic with edin Dzeko and Javier Pastore available Off the Bench.


After preparations and predictions, the match was just about to take off in Genoa at the Luigi Ferraris. It was a cold and rainy night and there was some speculation that the match could have actually been canceled but nonetheless, They carried on. Roma’s biggest issues this season has been their injury problems and it only got worse in the opening minutes of the game. With less than 10 minutes gone Bryan cristante had to be taken out after a groin injury. This is big trouble with Lorenzo Pellegrini out Bryan cristante is the plan most capable of taking up his role it is unclear whether or not he will miss a significant amount of time but it wasn’t the way Roma wanted to start the match and because of the situation the game plan changed. Javier Pastore enters the game as he was forced to play out of position given Roma’s lineup. It was an incredibly flat and uneventful match. It was the ugliness of football neither team was putting together much of anything at least that’s the way it looked. The energy and the momentum just weren’t there. There were only two scoring chances the entire half. Near the half-hour mark, Sampdoria Manuelo Gabardini misfired from point-blank range. There would be an immediate reply as Gianluca Mancini Struck from distance near the end of the first half in what was boring ugly and unorganized match of football. However, right before halftime Kalalnic hurt his leg as Roma would lose another player to injuries it is becoming almost psychotic how many injuries Roma has this season. This team may not be in this position that they are had they been entirely healthy so far this season. Edin Dzeko came on to replace him. Dzeko was not supposed to make an appearance as early as he did. Edin Dzeko is also injured with a face fracture and was forced to wear a mask. It turned out to be a sour end to a horrible opening 45 minutes.



The match picked up a little bit but it was still was ugly and uncharacteristic football. Roma had struggled in the past but not like this and losing two players to injury in the opening 45 minutes did not help the situation they were forced to make two substitutions leaving only one left for the second half. The only positive thing from Roma was how well they played defensively. Florenzi missed from deep to start the second half. Sampdoria’s ageless Wonder Fabio saw his shot denied by Pau Lopez from close range. Roma’s struggles in front of goal only continued as Florenzi and Jordan Veretout both missed in front of the goal. This was a big problem in this game especially something that needs to be addressed again. It only seemed to continue as the match progressed Kolarov just like his teammates failed to put a shot on Target on a free-kick. It seemed like a never-ending cycle against a team like this Roma should have annihilated them. Late in the second half Diego Perotti made his first appearance of the season as he came in for Florenzi. A few short minutes after the change Edin Dzeko Struck from the side of the box on time and target but the keeper was able to deal with the problem. It was their first shot on target from Roma in the game. That alone highlights how poor of a day it has been for Roma. Sampdoria applied Relentless pressure as they tried to break through with a late goal. A few minutes before Justin kluivert was given a second yellow card in what was a strange situation. it was not malicious in any way as giving a red car to him seemed harsh. That doesn’t help either as Roma lost their most explosive player at least for the next game. It all and all was a horrible and egregious performance from Roma it’s not time to panic but quite simply Roma has a lot of work to do as Sampdoria and Roma split points in an uneventful goalless draw at the Luigi Ferraris.



Matches against the bottom half of the table can be tough especially in Italian football. On top of that, a majority of Roma’s team is injured which didn’t help them but for some reason, Roma continues to struggle. However, no matter what the excuses are today’s performance is unacceptable. Sampdoria is at the bottom of the table they have only three points all season going into this game. Claudio Ranieri is now in charge of that team but Roma had more than enough quality in their squad to get the job done. Even with all the injuries, Roma is significantly the better team most of the players on Roma’s bench would easily get into the Sampdoria first team. There was a big gap in abilities there is no excuse for Roma not winning this game. Sampdoria only picked up points against one team this season. Roma is a club that is chasing Champions League and they can’t even get three points against the worst team in Italian football. This was a shambolic performance dropping points against Lazio is one thing Sampdoria is not a good team they don’t have a quality practically anywhere on this side. Roma made got a point in this 0-0 draw but it feels like a loss you can make an argument about the injuries because it is valid this was my concern when Lorenzo Pellegrini went down. they have not been able to adapt without him in the Midfield that has certainly proven to be true. It wasn’t as if Roma dominated the match and the result was unjustified this is what they deserved. Roma did not register a shot on target until late in the second half. An argument can be made that Sampdoria was the better team and if you look in evaluating the performance they absolutely were. There’s not much positivity that can be said by any of this it was such an embarrassing performance. On top of that Roma’s most explosive healthy player Justin kluivert was given a red card at the end of the game which isn’t going to help them that just adds fuel to the fire Beyond all the injuries. The one thing I will say is defensively Roma did an exceptional job Gianluca Mancini gets the man of the match for today but collectively as a performance, this is unacceptable. It isn’t time to panic Roma still is within Striking Distance of Champions League football and is still in that race but things need to change immediately. This is a much better team than the one we had last season Roma should be doing better than they are. Roma was Sensational in the first few weeks of the season they lost that energy a little bit they need to find it. The sky is falling no need to panic yet despite a miserable performance Roma are still in good position to start to pick up some points and get into the Champions League race Roma needs to fix things quickly this could get out of hand at the moment there’s no need to panic but certainly this performance cause a major concerns Roma at Full heath probably don’t suffer the setbacks nonetheless Roma need to adapt to the situation and try to find a way to start gaining momentum. Matches like this matter it is early in the season but against relegation teams and teams at the bottom Roma needs to pick up those points last year they failed to which is why they missed out on Champions League hopefully they can get this together otherwise, Roma will be looking at Deja Vu.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Gianluca Mancini 





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