Top Three Performers & Donkey of the week Match Day 10 #682

Ciro Immobile vs Milan (4)

Europa League - Group E - Lazio v Stade Rennes

Ciro Immobile does it again it is clearly been the best player in Italian football this season. Despite some penalties, he has still delivered on a consistent basis ever since the start of the season. Last season he was not able to achieve these types of levels as he struggled significantly throughout the campaign despite tallying a good amount of goals. It was a big drop-off from the season before in which he won at a Golden Boot. As much as it pains me to recognize a Lazio player he has simply put been the best player in the league this season. He has delivered on a consistent basis and without him, I’m not sure Lazio is where they would be right now. It is unlikely that this team makes the Champions League this season but despite that, he has shown to be truly great for Lazio. Ever since his arrival, he has been as consistent as anyone in Italy during that time. He only further proves that against AC Milan. He was able to come through in a huge match as AC Milan took on Lazio at the San Siro. As he always does he broke through with an opening goal some of it could be attributed to AC Milan’s lack of defenses maturity but nonetheless he scores yet again but it was a special goal it was his 100th Lazio goal. He has 14 goals in the league this season and quite frankly he is running away with the Golden Boot. Even though he had taken penalties there’s no denying how special he has been this season. Getting Lazio to the Champions League next season will be incredibly difficult but as long as he continues to score goals they will be in contention. It shows how much is the value he has in his team without him they wouldn’t be where they are as he makes the list for the fourth time already this season he has just been a different class from his colleagues. Against AC Milan was just another display of that he continues to find ways score goals this week as he is recognized for one of the performers of the week yet again.




Nicolo Zaniolo vs Napoli 



Nicolo Zaniolo for 2.5 million value will go down as one of the greatest transfers of all time in Italian football. Certainly the best Roma transfer ever. When Inter Milan attached Nicolo Zaniolo to a swap deal Radja Nainggolan I don’t think they realized the talent they were giving up. The Belgium International is no longer with Inter Milan and Nicolo Zaniolo has become of these single best youngster in Italian football. He has been absolutely Sensational a tremendous potential around someone who is capable of becoming one of the best in the world certainly in Italy. He is operating in a different class this season he has been nothing short of Sensational. Last season he showed incredible promise but had inconsistency throughout the season. Zaniolo registered six goals last season this year he already has the same amount. He is in terrific form and is one of the best youngsters in the world. I would argue outside of Killian Mbappe Joao Felix he is the best youngster in the world. He is on a torrid form right now having scored in 4 consecutive games he has been a huge difference-maker this season for Roma. He’s gotten the opportunity to play on the outside which he seems to have more freedom and space to be effective. This allowed him to be so much of it more of a goal-scoring threat. The goal he scored this week against Napoli was he has developed by execution and intelligence. Nicolo Zaniolo still needs to work on decision-making but overall he has had a sensational campaign so far and he will only continue it is shown how important he is to this Roma side that he committed to over the summer. A lot of teams in Europe would love to get their hands on this kid and as the days go by his value continues to rise up even though he has made it abundantly clear that he wants to build something in Rome. Many years ago Francesco Totti once said that his heir isn’t here yet but one day he will arrive. Nicolo Zaniolo is the air to Francesco Totti. However, it’s more about what he’s going to create his own legacy and he is proved that consistency with the ability to come through and big moments. He has scored in two out of the three Europa League games Roma has played and on top of that has goals against AC Milan and Napoli. This kid is a different kind of special he will be the driving force behind this team for years to come he was just special. Not only in the goal-scoring sense but his ability to supply teammates also has that toughness and physicality just fight for every ball. He is a complete player and once he reaches his full potential he will bring a scudetto to Roma. This week has been no different he was one of the best performers this week and it’s not particularly close the way he impacts the game and the way he is come through for his team when they have counted on him is why he’s so highly regarded being one of Europe’s best youngsters. Performances like this or something we are starting to get accustomed to he is approaching world-class status this week has only further proved that he is on fire and in great form and we should only see this continue. This kid is the real deal he is a different kind of special that doesn’t come along very often just watch.




Romelu Lukaku vs Bologna 


Romelu Lukaku has found life again an Italian football. He has displayed a certain level of Brilliance and has been largely influential to Inter Milan’s title Ambitions this season. He has scored some penalties but he’s found the consistency needed to make Inter Milan into a serious threat. He has scored pretty consistently this season and this week against a tough bologna team was another display of that he was the only multi-goal scorer this weekend. It’s hard to say if he has lived up to the price tag that was paid for him but he certainly has overachieved many expectations. He fits in this league and with Antonio Conte he has found ways to impact the games in which he struggled to in England. With a terrific strike partner up Martinez, they have become quite a formidable together. As I’ve mentioned previously Martinez is the more dangerous attacker because of this it allows Lukaku to get open and in space in which he can affect the game. The two of them together have worked as a tandem and there was another display of that this weekend. It was a tough battle against bologna in which Inter Milan narrowly beats an ambitious side after a late penalty. Lukaku stepped up in the closing moments of the game and delivered. Whether it was a penalty or not is up for debate but nonetheless a penalty with that kind of pressure count as A goal because of the intensity of the moment. Not only that Romelu Lukaku could have scored more with several shots on target throughout the match. He has proven to have worked in Italy and a two-goal performance this week against bologna keeps Inter Milan in the title race as they continue to put pressure on the league leaders. Lukaku has been a big difference-maker this season he’s not one of the world’s best strikers but and Antonio Conte’s system he doesn’t need to be. Is he an upgrade over Mauro icardi absolutely not but he sees what Inter Milan is trying to do and he’s able to find the back of the net pretty regularly this will only continue as Inter Milan have a legitimate shot at the title this year and in a very tough game and he came through for his team he was one of the performers of the week he debuts on my list after A top class performance for Inter Milan.




Many are worthy of Donkey of the week this week. Antonio Conte’slack of class. AC Milan’s continued struggles would be worthy as well as they seem that they are going nowhere fast. However this week the donkey of the week goes to the Hellas Verona Ultras. Let’s be very clear there are a lot of Hellas Verona supporters who do not tolerate the behavior we saw this weekend. Whenever these things happen in football it’s never a representation of the club itself unfortunately because of this everyone is punished for it. There always are just a few fans in every supporter’s group who display disgusting Behavior. Racial abuse happens in football almost every week it seems like this is a reoccurring problem. As a community, this is something that needs to be sorted out and accounted for. Hellas Verona is having a tremendous season after their promotion last year but another important victory that was spoiled by racial behavior and abuse directed at Mario Balotelli. This is something Mario Balotelli seems to have to deal with everywhere he goes. As a footballer I have criticized him and based on what happened I’m not going to stop my critique of him as a player but no player deserves to be treated like this. Monkey sounds or any other disgusting behavior that hurts your ears and your heart when you see it on TV. Hellas Verona Ultra group directed racial abuse at Mario Balotelli. This is unacceptable and we need to find a way to fix this. In general, this issue is not handled well enough and we need to find some resolution to prevent this problem that seems to be a reoccurring every weekend. Hellas Verona has been given a one-match Stadium band hopefully this teaches them their lesson. But quite honestly I doubt it well the punishment is not strong enough the people involved in this should be banned from ever going to a match again in Italian football. This is a serious issue and to be honest I don’t like talking about it because it hurts me to my very core that we have to discuss this every single week. This is a problem in every facet of the Worlds and some clubs have done a really good job of dealing with things like this. However, with all that being said something needs to happen I’m not sure what that is but we cannot allow things like this to continue to occur. The donkey of the week goes to the Hellas Verona Ultras who this weekend made everyone in their fan base look bad. These idiots do not represent them a lot of Verona fans I imagine are fuming at this activity it seems like this is always going to be an issue and it was no different this weekend. the Italian Football Federation needs to do a better job of dealing with this I appreciate the action they made but just not good enough.

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