Serie A Weekly Review #683

Lazio 2 A.C Milan 1FT


On Sunday night we saw one of the biggest matches of the weekends. AC Milan hosted Lazio at the San Siro. Lazio trying to keep pace with trying to slip into the Champions League spot. Despite Lazio being in much better form than AC Milan, it was a tall task as it has been 30 years since Lazio has gotten a result at the San Siro. Meanwhile, Milan was just trying to find their way this season. They have already gone through a manager and are not doing too well under Stephen Poli who has only picked up one victory since he took the job. Milan’s biggest problems were going to be Ciro Immobile as he is playing out of his mind right now the best player in the league this season as he has just scored goals for fun. Milan was faced with that type of pressure early. A very deflated Milan backline allowed him to slip through nearly scoring from inside of the box as he hit the top of the bar. Milan had a little momentum as a Lazio came close on a few occasions but Gigi Donnarumma made some really big saves early in the match. However, the goal was inevitably going to come as the Immobile is in such in great form he can’t stop himself. Just passed the 20-minute mark Manuel Lazzari picked out a perfect pass for the striker as the Lazio Superstar did not hesitate to put his head through the cross into the back of the net to give Lazio the 1-0 lead. Not only was it a decisive goal at the very beginning of the match but it was his 100th goal in his Lazio career. He has been nothing short of Sensational since being with Lazio he is just a special player that has been as consistent as anyone in Italian football Lazio will always be in contention for Europe because of him. Lazio seemed to be in control as they continued to try to increase the lead. However, a moment of misfortune occurred just a few minutes after the goal. AC Milan whether they deserved it or not found a way back into the game. AC Milan star Kristoff Piatek took a deflection off the defender into the back of the net to equalize making 1-1 after 30 minutes. It continued to be a battle between two teams that need that momentum and confidence very different reasons. It was level after the first half with Lazio trying to pull away at the end it was truly a battle through the last 45 minutes of the match. Each team had its chances to pull in front. AC Milan didn’t look all that strong will Lazio looking dangerous on the break especially how they dictated the match through the Midfield. Meanwhile, as always Gigi donnarumma was doing everything he possibly could to keep Milan in the game a sensational double save on Lazio showed his unbelievable quality. However, the rest of his team couldn’t hold up their end of the bargain. Defensive miscommunication and mistakes allowed Lazio to get on the break and win it late Correa scored with less than 10 minutes to go on a break as his shot thumps the top of the net giving Gigi donnarumma no chance as long Lazio pull in front. some late chances from AC Milan were not enough as Lazio hold on to win 2-1. As they move into the top four and beat Milan at the San Siro for the first time in 30 years. AC Milan goes from bad to worse after another underwhelming performance Lazio come into their back garden and steal three points late in one of the most thrilling matches of the weekend.



Derby Del Sole Roma 2 Napoli 1FT 


Last night we saw another installment of the Derby Del Sol better known as the Derby of the sun between Roma and Napoli. Two of Italy’s biggest heavyweights went head-to-head in a hugely important match. Coming into this game there was only one point separating the teams from each other. Roma has found a run of form after a sluggish start to the season with two consecutive wins against AC Milan and Udinesse. For the first time all season they’re playing with momentum and confidence even though they have so many players injured they have found a way to recapture the quality they showed before the injuries. Meanwhile, Napoli was without a win in their last three matches and suffered a 2-2 draw to Atlanta on Wednesday in a game in which they took the lead on both occasions. Roma lost the season series last season but this is a different Roma. Everything was on the line a victory for Roma was an opportunity to enter the title race. We saw a Roma team that is capable of dealing with adversity and challenges. Roma found a way against Napoli’s high-powered attack and earn three valuable points. Nicolo Zaniolo struck first for Roma scoring in his fourth consecutive games as he has proven he is just a different kind of special this season. Early in the game, the youngster received the ball from the wing coming from Leonardo Spinazzola The Talented 20-year-olds cut through the box before slicing the ball into the roof of the net to give Roma the 1-0 lead. Roma had an opportunity to double it not long after as an A penalty. It was quite controversial mainly because fortunately for Alex Meret denied Alex Kolarov from 12 yards out. Up to that point, Roma has had all the momentum and we’re making things very difficult on Napoli. However, the penalty save gave Napoli a lifeline nearly taken the lead a but Chris Smalling came out of nowhere to make a goal-line save in what would have been the equalizer. Through the final minutes of the first half, Napoli hit the crossbar twice and miss several game-changing opportunities that could have made a difference. Early in the second half Roma took all the momentum back and was breaking almost regularly. Roma eventually broke through again as Javier Pastore used intelligence and anticipation to draw a penalty yet again as Napoli was called for a handball in the Box. Jordan Veretout stepped up this time the Frenchman beat Alex Meret into the top corner to give Roma the 2-0 lead as he scored his first goal wearing the Roma shirt. Napoli we’re a disaster finding it very difficult to find a grip in the game however late in the second half they got one back as Milik scored for his fifth straight game as Napoli minimized the deficit. however, Roma was just too much to handle and did an exceptional job defensively once again. Napoli tries to rally late with a free kick in stoppage time but ultimately misfired as time expired at the Stadio Olimpico. Roma beat Napoli at home for the first time in two years and move into the top three. They are now within striking distance of the top it is unlikely that Roma will win the league but they are in the conversation now with another terrific performance. Roma is catching fire at exactly the right time this is not a team anyone wants to play right now when they become healthy this Roma team will be a problem.




Derby Della Mole Juventus 1 Torino 0FT


This weekend we saw the return of Italy’s oldest Derby. The Derby Della Mole between Torino and Juventus. Two teams that are not playing particularly well as the pair went head to head at the Stadio Grande Torino. Torino has struggled to beat Juventus in this fixture as the old lady has a significant advantage over the last decade in this matchup. However, Juventus have struggled all season despite getting results the performance has just not been there. The players and the team have not adjusted to Sari ball. Juventus needed a win to go back to the top of the table after Inter Milan beat Bologna earlier. Meanwhile, a Torino team that nearly made the Europa League group stage this season has completely fallen apart and has struggled to get any momentum going. This match was important for both teams who are in search of momentum and confidence. Juventus would be lucky to escape against Genoa following a penalty that should have never been given. It turned out to be an absolute battle between two teams that seems to be desperate for points for very different reasons. Juve needed to keep pace with Inter Milan and frankly, Torino just needed a win. This game was largely dominated by Juventus despite a few chances from Torino that came close periodically throughout the first half Juventus was in cruise control dominating the run of play and were quite handedly the better team throughout. Andrea Belotti tries to set up teammates as well as orchestrating for himself Torino created next to nothing which ultimately would come back and haunt them. Juventus attacked and found a lot of opportunities throughout the match. Cristiano Ronaldo continues to struggle this season as he is not playing like a world-class player and at this point in the seasons it’s hard to even make that argument. He misfired on a few surefire opportunities nonetheless Paulo Dybala and others chipped away as they attempted to break down Torino. It wasn’t going to happen as easily in a derby like this in a match that means as much as it does. Even though they created very little they defended at an extremely high level making things very difficult on Juventus. Despite all the chances Torino goalkeeper Sirigu plays at an absolutely ridiculous level. He has only continued to gain the reputation of one of the best goalkeepers in Europe and surely one of the best in Italy. He made a high quality saves throughout the entire match. He did his part in keeping his team in the game even though they struggled. Juventus’ attack did allow him to relax as he was asked to come through in big moments against. This was a tough match and Sirigu was keeping Torino involved in it. It was a goalless first half and even late in the second half at times it appeared this game was heading for a points split. Despite the fact that Torino was being dominated they came through in a few opportunities that made things interesting. In a match that was tough and important Sirigu was the big difference maker he did everything that was asked of him but unfortunately the inevitable ultimately came after another controversial handball call in the first half that was not given against Juventus they made their mark late in the match giving Torino little to no hope for a late comeback. De Ligt still life who is having a horrendous season scored his first goal for Juventus putting his foot through a cross from Gonzalo Higuaín giving as Juventus take a late 1-0 lead. Torino did not create nearly enough chances for themselves. Torino had a late opportunity with just a few minutes left but Sczczensy made a late save as once again Juventus hold their advantage in the derby Del Mole against their Derby rivals. A world-class performance of the ages from Sirigu but itwasn’t enough as to Torino’s slide only continues. Juventus go back to the top of the league despite an underwhelming performance.

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