Europan Players of the week Match Day 4 #685

Rodrygo vs Galatasaray 


Real Madrid is the greatest team in the history of football and owns this competition having won it more than anyone else. Despite this and all the history surrounding this club they have struggled in this season they have done well enough to put themselves in position to advance Through The Knockout stage but it hasn’t been an overwhelming success in the Champions League so far this season as well as La Liga they haven’t done badly but still are operating below the expectation. However this week in the Champions League we saw the arrival of a star who put together one of the greatest Champions League performances so far this season and potentially one of the best we have seen in the last couple years. 18-year-old Brazilian super Talent Rodrygo put together and absolute breathtaking display against Galatasaray you could see very early in this game and throughout the season that he is a very special player that can create greatness at Real Madrid. Rodrygo showed he is what everyone thought Vinicius was going to become. In 45 minutes he scored twice and assisted another as Real Madrid ran out to a 4-0 lead. Then in the closing moments of the game, he added another strike in what was nothing short of a world-class performance. He’s just 18 years old on the biggest team in the world in the Champions League on the biggest stage he put in a performance to remember Real Madrid ended up winning the game 6-0 but the young 18-year-old was responsible for four of the six goals scored with three goals and an assist in a football match and not just any football match in a Champions League football match. This is the talent that Real Madrid has been looking for he is the future of this club if he is given the resources and playing time he can be that type of player. We have seen a lot of young stars explode on this stage we might have just seen the next Superstar for Real Madrid he certainly can achieve that with a sensational display in the Champions League. He is quick and explosive and has immense finishing ability if he continues to develop his game this could be the next big Brazilian star in Europe that was on full display in what was a champions league Master Class.


Son Heung-min vs Red Star 



Tottenham Hotspur is another team that has drastically struggled this season. The Champions League finalists have found things difficult this season not only in the Premier League but in Europe we all remember the 7-2 Annihilation that they suffered against Bayern Munich. Despite that, there has been one silver lining with this team. Their South Korean super-talent Son Heung-min has been exceptional throughout the entire campaign. He even gave Spurs a lead over Bayern Munich in that Annihilation. He has been a special player that has delivered on multiple occasions. He only continues to prove his superiority and his value in that Squad. It’s unclear how much longer he will be in North London playing for Spurs as he is done at practically everything they’ve asked of him and then some. Son Heung-min is a player far too good for Spurs and I believe eventually he will find himself on a bigger Club. But for the time being Spurs need to be grateful for the type of quality that he brings to his side. This was an incredibly important match this week in a very tight race with only one point separating Red Star Belgrade and Spurs Son Heung-min delivered on that stage to put Spurs on the verge of qualifying for the Knockout stage. This is still not a great team but just continues to perform at the highest level coming out of the second half he scored two goals within minutes of each other as far he dominated the match and now find themselves in a great position to qualify. They will not win the group as Bayern Munich already have a lead that is insurmountable but nonetheless he has been sensational in the Champions League not only this season but last year as well he is a big difference-maker in this competition, unfortunately, Spurs are probably not going very far but this team goes as far as he takes them. A two-goal performance in what felt like a must-win just shows his value in this team as once again he delivers on a champions league night.


Achraf Hakimi vs Inter 


In the biggest match of the Champions League this week we saw the standout star coming from an unlikely source. In the group of death, Inter Milan took on Dortmund in Germany. One of the most difficult places to play in all of Europe with Incredible passionate fans that make things difficult on the opposition. Inter Milan by surprise took care of business when these two teams met at the San Siro however this was a different game when it turned to Germany. Inter Milan at needed another win as their chances of qualifying for The Knockout stage with the slip through their fingers if they failed to get a result. Things could not have started any better for Inter Milan Martinez and Vecino gave Inter Milan a 2-0 lead in a Germany however the first-half lead would ultimately collapse thanks to attacking a minded left-back Achraf Hakimi. The On-loan Real Madrid star has thrived with Dortmund and he is shown that again in this Champions League campaign with his second multi-goal game of the group stage. He orchestrated an epic comeback against Inter Milan showing unbelievable levels of brilliance that Inter Milan could not prevent. Early in the second half, he scored to bring Dortmund back into the game. Dortmund ended up getting a second goal and then with just 13 minutes to go he would supply the knockout punch to Inter Milan. Scoring the game-winner in a Champions League battle against Inter Milan who was fighting for their Champions League life. That didn’t matter a small versatile left-back does the damage that ultimately leaves little to no hope for Inter Milan to make it out of the group. Dortmund is one of the most underrated teams in Europe got an unbelievable level of production from their left-back he orchestrates a comeback that puts Dortmund not only on the verge of qualifying but a real possibility to win the group. This is one of the most underrated teams in Europe and has a legitimate chance to make it to the Champions League final that’s how good they can potentially be. Achraf Hakimi was just a different level of Brilliance Inter Milan could do nothing about it as he orchestrated Dortmund from two goals down to come back against Antonio Conte Led Inter Milan. The left-back ruins any chance of them qualifying for the next round he truly is one of the most underrated players in Europe he has proven on a consistent basis that he is a different class to the rest of us after a breathtaking display that puts Dortmund on the footstep of winning the group as we see magical performance in Germany.

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