Marcus Thuram wins it at the Death Roma Qualification now in Danger #688

A.S Roma 1 Borussia 2FT



Coming into the game Roma were coming off three consecutive victories as they have found their momentum and confidence. Roma have moved into the top three in Serie A and have been able to thrive despite the fact they have so many injuries as they beat Napoli, Udinesse and AC Milan. Roma returned to Europa League action as they made the trip to Germany to face Bundesliga leaders Borussia. The last time these two teams played we saw one of the most controversial calls in football history. When Chris Smalling was called for a handball that hit him in the face in the 93rd minute in the reverse fixture at the Stadio Olimpico. Robbing Roma of three points they absolutely deserved. This call could have a drastic implications for the rest of this group. It was a tough battle between two evenly-matched teams this time around. The Germans took the lead at Borussia Park when Federico Fazio put the ball in the back of his own net to give them the 1-0 lead. In the second half the Argentine centre-back would make amends for it scoring on a set-piece to equalize making it 1-1. It was a battle for the remaining of the match as both teams had chances to push themselves in front. Roma was having issues finishing in front of goal as they created a lot of chances just were unable to stick in the back of the net. However the Germans didn’t have that problem in the 93rd minute late Dramatics go against wrong yet again. As Marcus Thurman struck in the 93rd minute scoring the game winner at the death. The Germans secure A 2-1 victory in the Europa League as they move into the top two in the group with two matches to go. Meanwhile Roma’s position to qualify comes under threat following the loss. It turns out those points that were taken from Roma in their last meeting has the potential to sabotage their campaign. Roma didn’t do enough to win the game the result is Justified for the points that were taken from them could ultimately prevent them from furthering their European campaign. As Roma struggle to get the job done at Borussia Park has their winning streak comes to an end.

Paulo Fonseca maintains his 4-2-3-1 formation with just a few changes ahead of this much-anticipated Europa League match up. In goal as always would be Roma’s Spaniard shot stopper Pau Lopez. It would be a very similar backline but they did make two changes in the back ahead of this match from Roma’s has a win on Saturday. At left back as always would be the Serbian sniper Alex Kolarov, beside him would be the centre-back partnership of Chris Smalling and Federico Fazio. Then with Leonardo spinazzola out Davie Santon comes in at right-back. As always we would see the duo of Gianluca Mancini Jordan Veretout in Roma’s defensive Midfield. In the central attacking Midfield position would be Javier Pastore who has progressed this season in light of all the injuries. Then on the left wing would be Nicolo zaniolo who has scored in 4 consecutive games. Then on the opposite side on the right wing would be the athletic Dutch youngster Justin kluivert. Then up front as the main Striker would be once again Edin Dzeko. Roma will come out with a strong bench with the likes of Alexssandro Florenzi and Diego perotti and Cengiz Under.


After preparations and predictions the match was just about to kick off as for the second time during this Europa League group stage Roma go head-to-head with the Bundesliga leaders. Certainly a match that Roma should be motivated for as a they attempt to seek revenge after the controversy last time these two teams played. It turned out to be a battle from the very beginning of this match. It was a back-and-forth affair despite the fact that Roma should have won that game they presented a certain challenge. Tonight it would have been no different. Early in the match Nicolo zaniolo attempted to give Roma lead putting his foot through a cross that fired over the bar. There was no team that really prove their superiority it seemed to be a very even matchup. Just a few minutes later Borussia tred to strike from distance but ultimately it would be the same result. Jordan veretout hit right back with a strike from distance failed to hit the target. It turned out to be a back and forth Borussia tried to retaliate immediately coming very close as they hit the bar from Deep it really was an attacking football back and forth. Roma’s defense continue to play at a high level as Pau Lopez made a big save near the half-hour mark. We would have a breakthrough about five minutes later when Federico Fazio put the ball into the back of his own net to give Borussia the 1-0 lead. Late in the first half Roma try to get back into the game as Chris Smalling came close then in the closing moments Alex Kolarov hit a late free-kick that only narrowly coasted over. After 45 minutes Borussia had a 1-0 lead and a very back and forth Affair in a Germany on Europa League Thursday.

It wasn’t an overwhelmingly strong first half as they found themselves having to play from behind after an own goal. Despite that neither team had a really shown their superiority in the match as Roma would have an opportunity to come back. Very early in the second half Roma tried to hit back immediately as Edin Dzeko strike from Deep was denied by the keeper. Just a few minutes later Javier Pastore also came close as Roma we’re trying to find a way back into the game. Roma would make their first change of the night as Diawara made his return from his knee injury earlier in the month. As he replaced Gianluca Mancini in the defensive Midfield. Minutes later Justin kluivert and Nicolo Zaniolo Linked up as the Dutch youngster try to strike from close range however his shot was blocked. Roma came out in the second half with a little bit more aggression as it showed they were growing into the game and would have opportunities to convert. In the 64th minute Roma found a way through. As Federico Fazio made amends for his own goal coming off a free kick he drilled the ball into the back of the net to equalize. Minutes later Justin kluivert can close on a fast-break as Roma missed opportunity to take the lead.  Roma would make their second change as Cengiz came in for Nicolo Zaniolo. Both teams tried to break through has the match that seem to be heading for another draw but in the 93rd minute Roma gets heartbroken at Borussia Park. As Marcus Thurman connected on a header at the death of the match to give the Germans the to 2-1 lead as time expired. The poor officiating decisions that occurred in the previous match between these two teams could very literally sabotage Roma’s chance of qualifying for The Knockout stage. Rome were not prepared for this game and didn’t take advantage of the opportunities that they were given as Roma’s European ambitions are under threat as Roma’s Phantom penalty could in the end deny them of a place in The Knockout stage the Germans gain advantage in the group.


Roma came into the game in-form winners of three of the last four games. They had an opportunity to put themselves in the driver’s seat of qualifying for the knockout stage of the Europa League if they went to Germany and beat the Bundesliga leaders. Last time these two teams were on the same pitch together it was the Phantom penalty game and Roma were robbed out of a valuable three points. This may have been in the past but based on how the game went  it’s hard not to bring it up because of the value this might have on the Outlook of the entire group. It was not a particularly impressive display from Roma but none the less they created enough chances to get the job done. They failed to convert in front of go which has been a big problem at many points this season. However over the last you games they have a somewhat been able to deal with it as they continue to pick up momentum in the league however and the Europa League they digress to slightly as I could not convert chances that could have put this game away. The Germans showed up and performed at incredibly high level. It is always difficult having  to perform and respond to a controversial result. In Germany Roma did not have the same level of confidence and momentum that they have seen from this team over the last few games. It became someone to struggle and what was the very even game I would say that the result itself was fair but the implications of  what happened previously largely impacted that. Marcus Thurman scored a game winning goal in stoppage time that gave Borussia a massive 3 points as they Leapfrog over Roma in the standings as they find themselves a second the group now. Federico Fazio scored an own goal before getting Roma back into the game coming off a set-piece. It turned out to be a back-and-forth affair until the very end when Marcus Thurman broke Roman hearts with a late goal. Jordan Veretout was the man-of-the-match for rum I thought he did quite well and is really coming into its own at Roma. Roma has fallen out of the top two in the group and now are in the verge of not advancing. Roma did not play particularly well today and I don’t think they deserve to win however that does not change the severity of the situation. If their last game is a correctly officiated and the penalty is not given at the end Roma are not in this situation. I’m not making excuses and Borussia Monchengladbach You could argue deserved the three points they receive today but none the less if the Phantom penalty doesn’t happen Roma are not in 3rd even if they still lost this game they would not have dropped out of the top two. We are living in a situation where it is possible that that single call can prevent Roma from advancing to the knockout rounds. My guess is Roma will get this together and find a way to advance however it’s going to prove to be difficult because now Roma have to go to Turkey to face Istanbul FC even though they beat them 4-0 last time going to Turkey is an uneasy thing. Then against wolfsberger at home who they should have no problem beating. Despite all this potentially speaking the Phantom penalty could deny them of the Europa League knockout stage. Roma have to do their job and this was not an overwhelming impressive performance but nonetheless that single call could change everything inside of this group. This wasn’t an inspiring performance but if Roma fall short it will always come back to that. Roma have to find a way to put this behind them and try to take some momentum into the weekend’s match against Parma as they want head into International break with some positivity and momentum they clearly couldn’t get  today in what was a heartbreaking finish in Germany.




MAN OF THE MATCH: Jordon Veretout


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