Chris Smalling Reborn as the Englishmen leads second half explosion as Roma top Brescia in Rome #695


The international break has officially ended as we are back in business in Italian football. Roma who is coming off a fantastic month with some big wins against Napoli and Milan but lost to Parma before the break. The Romans would return to the Stadio Olimpico to host 20th Brescia who has struggled since coming up from Serie B. We would see the return of the Lorenzo Pellegrini from injury for Roma and Brescia would be without Mario Balotelli after a training bust-up with the manager Fabio Grosso. Roma needed to fight their way back after a loss and that’s exactly what they did. In the first half, Roma had their chances Roma was in control of the match even in the first half but it just took them a while to take advantage after 0-0 after 45 minutes. In the second half, Roma did not wait very long to push themselves on the front as Chris Smalling gave Roma the 1-0 lead just minutes into the second half as he continues to make the difference in Italian football. Not long after Roma doubled their lead as a Gianluca Mancini scored his first Roma goal to give Rome up a 2-0 lead. It was an utter cruise control and a dominating display from Roma. Before not too long there was a third as Edin Dzeko gets back on the scoresheet to give Roma a 3-0 lead. It would be his 17th goal against newly-promoted teams as Roma throttle Brescia getting A massive three points pushing themselves back into the Champions League race only one point behind the top three. As the supporters are treated to a marvelous display as it’s all smiling at the Stadio Olimpico.


Paulo Fonseca and Roma would come out with the usual 4-2-3-1 formation. There were a couple of changes with two Roma players returning to the starting lineup. In goal between the sticks as always would be the Pau Lopez. In front of him at left-back would be the Alex Kolarov, beside him would be the center-back partnership of Chris Smalling and Gianluca Mancini who has returned to the backline after have spent the last several games as a defensive midfielder. Then returning to the lineup occupying the right-back position would be Alessandro Florenzi In the defensive Midfield we would see the duo of Jordan Veretout and Diawara Roma would make only one change in the attacking Midfield. In the center position returning from injury would be Lorenzo Pellegrini as Roma’s most valuable player has been out two months nursing an injury. On the left-wing as always would be Dutch youngster Justin kluivert. Then on the opposite side on the right-wing would be rising star Nicolo Zaniolo. Upfront as the main Striker would be Edin Dzeko. This Roma team would also have some depth on the bench with Cengiz Under and Diego Perotti.


Football was finally back at the Italian Capital after preparations and predictions the match was just about to get underway at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. As Roma and Brescia went head-to-head on a Sunday afternoon in the Eternal City. There wasn’t a ton of control shown in the opening moments of the game. Brescia showed that they are willing to press when they have space and opportunity to do so. This allowed Alfredo Donnarumma to get an early chance on Paul Lopez but his early attempt missed wide. Roma controlled the Possession as you could expect against a team that is in the relegation zone. However, they weren’t as sharp as they needed to be in terms of converting possession into opportunities. As the first half progressed Roma was growing into the game and did see throughout as the superior team. With that being said Brescia still took her opportunities and looked dangerous on occasion. Alessandro Florenzi missed a pair of chances from outside the box a little too ambitious as he didn’t seem to have the accuracy and had too much power behind it. Near the 20th minute, Lorenzo Pellegrini gave Roma their best chance up to that point. He had his shot from close blank Range blocked by the defense as it fell to the feet of Justin Kluivert who hit the first-time strike but misfired. The youngster should have waited until the ball hit the ground before striking but I don’t really mind because he has the ability to hit firm that range. Just a few minutes later Edin Dzeko came close after he put his head through a cross from the wing coming from Justin kluivert. Roma seemed to have the momentum the ball was in the danger for the majority of the first half. Brescia would have their moments but Roma’s aggressive play caused Brescia to Pinback forcing them to defend almost constantly. Brescia did do a good job in that area throughout and created chances occasionally but once Roma got going it seemed like the momentum was building through had Roma done better with some corners they very well could have pushed themselves in front. Just a few minutes later Edin Dzeko connected on another cross from Kolarov on a corner. The Bosnian Striker again and put his head through just missing the target. less than a minute later Lorenzo Pellegrini came frighteningly close when his strike from the side of the box was inches away from the bottom corner as his shot just passed the touchline. You could see that it was only going to be a matter of time before the breakthrough. Late in the first half, Brescia had two opportunities to try to put their noses in front. Despite being dominated for the most part they will create enough chances to at least put themselves in position. However, Lopez made a fantastic save on a counter-attack orchestrated by Sandro Tonali. Then in the final moments of the first half alfredo Donnarumma connected on a header from Tonali that was dealt with by Paul Lopez. It was a goalless first half but you could feel Roma building on their superiority it was only going to be so long before the breakthrough.

Roma has proven this season that they are a much better second-half team and we would see that early in the second half. Just minutes into the second half Roma had their moment. In the 49th minute coming off yet another corner, Lorenzo Pellegrini curled in a perfectly hit cross Inside the Box in which Chris Smalling connected with his head taking a slight deflection and rolling into the back of the net to give Roma a 1-0 lead. It would be the second goal of the season for Chris Smalling. A display like this is another reason why Roma are trying so hard to keep him on a permanent deal. The tides had turned all the momentum was with Roma and they seem to be running through. Less than 10 minutes later in the 57th minute, Roma doubled their lead. Coming from across Chris Smalling delivered a headed pass to Gianluca Mancini who struck the ball away from his body in it to the back of the net scoring an artistic goal to give Roma a 2-0 lead. It would be his first goal of the season and his first goal since joining Roma. Roma just continues to dominate minutes later Gianluca Mancini sent a through ball into Edin Dzeko who had a vicious strike on goal but was ultimately denied. It had to look like a Roma we’re going to take the 3-0 lead after Lorenzo Pellegrini sends a ball inside the box to Nicolo Zaniolo who put it in the back of the net. However, after the VAR review, the goal was taken away in what was ultimately was the right decision as the camera showed the ball had gone out of bounds before Lorenzo Pellegrini completed the pass. However, Roma would get that third goal just two minutes later after a defensive miscommunication in the box by Brescia Edin Dzeko took one touch and then another as he blasted the ball into the back of the net to give Roma a 3-0 lead. Roma continued to try to extend their lead as Kolarov came close. Roma would then make their first change of the afternoon as Cengiz Under came in to replace Lorenzo Pellegrini. It was the first time Lorenzo Pellegrini has seen action in 2 months and the impact on the game could not have been more clear but it was ultimately the right choice to take him out after having recently recovered. A few minutes later Edin Dzeko looks to have given them another goal putting the ball into the back of the net but it was ultimately taken away after a very close offside call. Edin Dzeko came in again after a good ball movement that ended with Cengiz sent a cross it into the box to find the Bosnian who struck the ball as he was backing up but the goalkeeper made a sensational save in what looked like a sure-fire goal. Roma would takeout Nicolo Zaniolo for Diego Perotti with a little more than 10 minutes to go. The young Italian did not go off fast enough and was given a yellow card he will miss the next match against Verona. In the closing moments, Cengiz hit a well-hit shot from Deep just narrowly missing hitting the top of the net. Roma who were in complete cruise control from the start of the second half pick up a massive three points in what was a fantastic display at the Stadio Olimpico as Roma grab some momentum and confidence as they head to Turkey for the Europa League Clash once again as we are starting to see the potential of how great this team can be.

Roma was coming off the international break in really good form. Even though they have dealt with so many injuries this season they were finding a way to get results when they absolutely needed them. Unfortunately, they lost the Parma right before the break. That was all forgotten when a bottom-of-the-table Brescia came to town. The big news going into this game was Lorenzo Pellegrini returning to the team for the first time in two months and the first start for Alexandro Florenzi in quite some time. Meanwhile, Despite occasional counter-attacking football in the first half Brescia truly struggled with a very limited offensive outlet. The result itself probably would not have changed but Mario Balotelli would have given them another valuable option. In the first half Brescia. Even though it took them a while to get themselves into the game Roma took complete control. Most of the first half was played in Brescia’s danger area deep in their box. Roma piled up seven corners in the opening 45 minutes but couldn’t find the finishing touch. It wasn’t rather poor first-half even though some positive things can certainly be taken from that they hadn’t quite got it going yet. However, even in spite of that, you could feel that it was only going to be a matter of time before Roma’s breakthrough. Having a significant advantage in possession and in terms of quality not to mention the fact that they were at home it was going to happen and early in the second half, a did. First, it was Chris Smalling then it was Gianluca Mancini as both center-backs found the back of the net. Then on top of that Edin Dzeko to give Roma the final blow in a 3-0 victory. In this game, Roma had two disallowed goals by it Nicolo Zaniolo and Edin Dzeko as they absolutely throttled Brescia who did not offer much of anything. On top of that Roma get the clean sheet and one of their best players back into the lineup. As we saw Lorenzo Pellegrini back in action. Lorenzo Pellegrini back in the Midfield changed everything as Roma all of a sudden became much more effective in that area and their ability to create chances he was Sensational however the man of the match this time goes to Edin Dzeko. He was sensational not only with his ability to score the goals but the ability to open up the game to allow his teammates around them to get in good positions to create problems for the defense. He is an all-around player Edin Dzeko isn’t point in his career where he’s going to score every week but in every single match he plays, he makes some sort of impact even if it doesn’t steal the headlines. On top of that, the defense was superb getting a clean sheet as this backline has proven to be incredibly effective on both ends. Roma has a must-win match Thursday in the Europa League and after a really impressive second-half display, the team has to feel confident going into that match. Next weekend they play Verona with another opportunity to get three points before a trip to the San Siro to take down Inter Milan in December. This Roma team continues to get healthier and is starting to look incredibly dangerous after a second-half display of mouth-watering football it was further proof of that.






Top of the table
Juventus 11-2-0 35Pts
Inter Milan 11-1-1 34pts
Lazio 8-3-2 27pts
A.S Roma 7-4-2 25Pts
Cagliari 7-4-2 25Pts

Bottom of the table
Sampdoria 3-3-7 12Pts
Lecce 2-5-6 11pts
Genoa 2-3-7 9pts
SPAL 2-2-8 8pts
Brescia 2-1-9 7pts

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