Roma’s Offensive Explosion keeps their European ambitions Alive in Turkey #701

A.S Roma 3 Istanbul 0FT

Following a win over the weekend against Brescia Roma prepare for their biggest match in Europe so far this season. Roma is in a situation in which they must win at all costs to keep their hope alive in the Europa League. If Roma is able to get through they can carry momentum Into The Knockout rounds they have a legitimate at the trophy at the end but for that to happen they need a result. They are in hostile territory in the Turkish capital as they play Istanbul for the second time. In the first meeting at the Stadio Olimpico, Roma crushed them in what was a 4-0 victory for the Italians. This time around it was going to be a little bit more difficult with the atmosphere and intensity of Turkish football. Despite the fact that Roma beat them so handily last time playing in Turkey is a different dynamic. However, it wasn’t anything that Roma wasn’t capable of handling. This was a hugely important game and they wasted no time supplying their dominance in the game. It was free-flowing first half as Roma hurt Istanbul on the attack. Jordan veretout gave Roma a 1-0 lead from the penalty spot. This only ignited Roma as they continue to pile it on. A little later Justin kluivert converted on an absolutely ruthless counter-attack to double Roma’s lead. Then just before half-time, edin Dzeko joined into the fun scoring a third for Roma. It was a 3-0 lead after 45 minutes. As Roma’s game of importance was going their way despite the atmosphere. The game continued to be in their favor as Istanbul barely got a sniff throughout the entire game. Roma would come late in the second half as Lorenzo Pellegrini was hit from a bottle causing him to bleed from his head. He wrapped up before continuing but it was an incredibly crazy moment. Near the end of the game Cengiz Under return home getting a run out during the final 15 minutes as he was treated by applause by his former Club. In what was a crucially important game Roma delivered securing all three points moving to second in the group with a chance to win the group in the final matchday. Istanbul gets stuffed by the Italians on Thanksgiving.

In Roma’s must-win Europa League showdown in Turkey Paulo Fonseca sets his team out of the 4-2-3-1 formation as usual. In goal would be the Spaniard Pau Lopez. Roma would make one at the change to their backline with a minor injury to Alessandro Florenzi. At left-back is always would be Alex Kolarov, beside him would be the center-back partnership of Gianluca Mancini and Chris Smalling that has proven it to be crucial this season. Then occupying the right-back position would be Davie Santon. In Romans defensive Midfield, we would see the duo of Jordan veretout and Diawara. In Roma’s attacking Midfield we would see the identical three from the win against Brescia last weekend. In the central position would be Lorenzo Pellegrini who had just returned from injury and is ready for the challenge. On the left-wing would be the dutch youngster Justin kluivert. Then on the opposite side as a right-wing would be a Nicolo zaniolo. Upfront As Romans main Striker will be the Bosnian Hitman edin Dzeko. Cengiz under should see action at some point.

After preparations and predictions, the match got kicked off in the Turkish capital of Istanbul in what is a must-win game for the Italians. In Turkey, we saw a highly-anticipated and exhilarating football match that had implications from incredibly different angles. Roma needed to win this game and in the early parts of the match, they certainly played like it. Lorenzo Pellegrini in opening minutes created danger but was unable to convert the chance. Just a few minutes later edin visca tried to strike on the other end despite making Pau Lopez a reach it was an inaccurate strike from close range. Outside of that early chance from the hosts, the Italians seem to have control from the very beginning of the match. They created a lot of chances through the Midfield as Lorenzo Pellegrini displayed some incredible ball movement. Roma had momentum going for them and were in complete domination of The Possession. Istanbul barely had any of the balls. That was the best way Rome was going to take advantage of is by maintaining as much of the ball as possible and striking on the counter-attack. We saw edin Dzeko come really close striking a powerful shot from outside the box that stung the goalkeeper’s hands but kept things even. A few minutes later on a Nicolo zaniolo counter-attack, he nearly went in. A minute later edin Dzeko tried to put one past the keeper but misfired on his shot. Roma continued to have control and it seemed like it was only going to be a matter of time-based on the way they were playing. That moment arrived in the 30th minute when Istanbul called for a handball. Stepping up was Jordan veretout who came through cool calm and Collective talking the ball into the bottom corner to give Roma the 1-0 lead. Roma continued to enforce their dominance in the game as they came close on a couple of opportunities. The Romans would not have to wait very long to double it just 10 minutes later in the 40th minute we saw attacking football at its greatest form. Lorenzo Pellegrini showed incredible passing ability and vision supplying an unbelievable quick fast break into Justin kluivert. the young Dutchman used his Wicked pace and athleticism to beat both Defenders on a Counterattack putting the ball into the bottom corner to give Roma the 2-0 lead. Just five minutes later right before halftime Roma’s attack struck again. In the 45-minute once again Lorenzo Pellegrini orchestrated a perfect through-ball inside the box to find edin Dzeko who turned before striking the ball into the corner to give Roma the 3-0 lead before the break. Lorenzo Pellegrini changes the dynamic of the team as it has shown since his return from injury he took Roma up a level. After the goal it signaled the end of the first half as Roma jumped out to a 3-0 lead thanks to Justin kluivert Jordan veretout and edin Dzeko but none of it is possible without the Brilliance of the Pellegrini who was the difference-maker.

It was an exceptionally strong first-half for Roma given the implications of the game they were playing like they have something to lose. Meanwhile, Istanbul really failed to make any further impact on the game as they were completely dominated by the Italians. It was more of the same in the second half. Roma continued to push forward and break down the Turkish backline. Early in the second half Roma would make their first chance of the evening as Leonardo spinazzola entered. There was some controversy early in the second half when Lorenzo Pellegrini who was waiting to take a corner was hit by a bottle thrown from the crowd hitting him in the head causing blood it to drift down his face. In inclusion to that, he had to be taken to the sideline to put a wrap around his head. After the situation, Roma came really close as Lorenzo Pellegrini connected with Diawara as a midfielder saw his header just inches away from hitting the back of the net. Roma still had a significant advantage in the game but they took their foot off the gas a little bit and focused on control as the three points were almost fully assured. Following another cross orchestrated from Lorenzo Pellegrini, Gianluca Mancini tried to take his header past the near post just narrowly missing with an attempt to increase the advantage. shortly after former Istanbul player Cengiz enter the match coming in for Lorenzo Pellegrini who had an absolutely Sensational performance. Also, Hendrick Mkhitaryan returns from injury coming on at to replace edin Dzeko as Roma makes a double substitution. A few minutes after the change Justin kluivert missed up from Deep. Then with a little over 10 minutes to go Under almost had his moment against his former Club as he struck a well-hit ball from Deep narrowly missing hitting the top of the net. Roma maintain control and saw out the rest of the game as Roma secure a massive three points that push them back into the top two in their group. As Roma go into a hostile environment and secure all three points.

Roma understood the importance of the match going into this. The Europa League has not gone into their favor. A loss or drop points in Turkey could end up with the Roma getting eliminated in the group stage. They came into this, as one of the favorites so it would have been an utter disappointment. A lot of teams come to Turkey because of the atmosphere that a country like that presents with its fan base. Roma, however, didn’t seem to have any trouble with it as they dominated a good portion of the match. Istanbul really didn’t stand much of a chance after the opening 15 minutes it was clear that Roma was on a mission to get all three points and that’s exactly what they did. Throughout the first half, they dominated possession and completely controlled the game from the first kick of the ball. There were moments in which Paul Lopez was tested but it was incredibly infrequent. After a Nicolo zaniolo penalty claim was denied they would get a penalty shortly after and Jordan veretout did the job converting from the spot. On the counter-attacks later in the first half Justin kluivert and edin Dzeko both found the back of the net as Roma ran out to a 3-0 lead. Roma continue to dominate especially through the Midfield. Lorenzo Pellegrini was absolutely Sensational getting the man of the match. He was incredible in the passing lanes and got his teammates in a fantastic position to convert on their objective. Edin Dzeko and Justin kluivert also played a very influential role in the results. Kluivert has patience and Poise on the counter-attack was incredibly special to see. Meanwhile, edin Dzeko showed that with service he can convert pretty much any chance. In the late part of the game, Cengiz returned to the team that built him into the Superstar he has become getting a standing ovation from the crowd. It was a complete and utter connective performance by Roma as they nearly solidify themselves getting through to the Knockout stage. This team has more ambitious in mind as they hope to take advantage and win the group with one match remaining. Paulo Fonseca had his team playing incredible attacking football as they going to Turkey and absolutely throttle Istanbul. This is an incredibly difficult place to play Roma made this hostile territory into their backyard showing pure domination in a result that the absolutely needed to keep their Ambitions alive in Europe they have done that was an incredibly impressive performance in Turkey.