Roma take down Verona In the Rain #704

Score: A.S Roma 3 Verona 2FT


Roma was coming into this game having secured victories against Brescia last weekend and Istanbul in the Europa League midweek. A match against Inter Milan coming Friday Roma traveled to Verona to face off against the newly-promoted Hellas Verona a team Roma had not played in 2 years. Despite Verona having recently been promoted this season they came into this game with terrific form with all the capabilities and possibilities of ruining Roma’s party. It was a wet pitch which made the game very difficult for both teams. It was a very back-and-forth battle with early scoring in the early parts of the game. Lorenzo Pellegrini continued his fantastic form supplying a perfect ball for Justin kluivert who snuck the ball underneath the keeper to give a Roma the 1-0 lead. Verona responded just a few minutes later with Faraoni who equalized. It continued to be a challenge for both teams. Unfortunately, Justin kluivert picked up a minor injury as he was forced to come out. Diego Perotti came in to replace him and just shortly after Roma were given a penalty in the dying minutes of the first half. Diego Perotti stepped up and converted as Roma went into the break with a 2-1 lead. In the second half, it was a collection of disallowed goals and hitting the crossbar. It was a very difficult game Roma did not play particularly well but none the less they seemed that they were going to hold on. Verona can provide their own set of challenges as they have players that can hurt you but Late in the match Roma pulled away for good as Diego Perotti found Hendrick Mkhitaryan who came off the bench scoring a late goal in what was the final blow in a 3-1 victory for Roma. Roma goes on the road into Verona and gets a massive three points perfectly setting up their biggest match of the season against Inter Milan on Friday. In a match that felt like a must-win Roma do well enough to get the points necessary.


Roma would come out very similarly to the way they lined up against Istanbul on Thursday. Only one change by the Romans in the entire starting 11. In goal as always would be the Spaniard shot-stopper, Pau Lopez. At left-back would be the Serbian sniper Alex Kolarov. Besides him as always would be the center-back partnership of Gianluca Mancini and Chris Smalling. The pair of them have been one of the best Duos in all of Europe this season. Then patrolling the right-back position would be Davie Santon. In front of the backline providing protection would be the duo of Jordan veretout and Diawara they have proved to be very efficient as a pair. In Roma’s attacking Midfield in Central position would be the red hot Lorenzo Pellegrini who has done nothing but drop dimes since his return from injury. On the left-wing would be Roma’s most improved player so far this season Justin kluivert he has progressed massively this season. On the opposite side would be the Turkish star Cengiz Under as Nicolo zaniolo misses out due to suspension. Then upfront as the main Striker would be edin Dzeko who has scored in two consecutive games. As always Roma would have vital options Off the Bench with Diego Perotti and Hendrick Mkhitaryan.


After preparations and predictions, the match was just about to get underway in Verona as the rain began to fall. Verona has not beaten Roma in 23 seasons as odds we’re going to be stacked against them but nonetheless, they came out and made things tough. It was a back-and-forth battle but surprisingly Verona was winning The Possession battle early. There were not a lot of changes coming between both teams early in the match but eventually, there was a breakthrough. Not only that in the 17th minute Roma would score on their very first chance of the game. It was Lorenzo Pellegrini supplying once again from the halfway line he delivered an absolute a bomb into Justin kluivert who was using his pace and speed to create space just outside the box. The youngster drove into the box at a very difficult angle firing a strike that went underneath the goalkeeper to give Roma the 1-0 lead. It would be the 5th goal of the season for the youngster as he continues to progress in this Roma team under Paulo Fonseca system. Roma’s lead did not last very long within minutes Verona had their opportunity to equalize and converted on it. In the 21st minute, Marco faraone Verona captain was left unmarked drilling a header into the back of the net giving Lopez no chance as they equalized. A few minutes later Roma tried to get back in the game through Diawara but his shot was saved in the bottom corner. A Cengiz strike followed as the Turk missed from close range. With less than 10 minutes in the first half following a Pau Lopez save Verona nearly broke through Amir Rahmani header hit the Left Post in what could have been a decisive moment the match remained even. Justin kluivert unfortunately immediately after suffered an injury and was forced to exit the game we hope his injury is not too serious. Diego Perotti would come in for him with 10 minutes ago left in the first half. At the very end of the half, Edin Dzeko was pulled down inside the box as the referee pointed to the spot and what was a Stonewall penalty. Up to take it was Diego Perotti he tucked the ball into the bottom corner to give Roma the to 2-1 lead before halftime. He becomes the third Roma player to score from the spot this season. That would signal the end of the first half in Verona with Roma with the 2-1 lead thanks to Justin kluivert and Diego Perotti.

It had been a very evenly matched first half neither team really having displayed a breathtaking performance. The weather conditions made things exceptionally difficult at times. It continued to be a battle in the second half despite Roma having the lead Verona still had their opportunities to breakthrough. These conditions against a strong team at like Verona a 2-1 lead may not have stuck it was important that Roma try to put the match away as quickly as possible. Verona may have just come up from Serie B but have proven on a regular basis the ability to perform at a high level. However, Roma continued to find ways to try to breakthrough. On a vicious counter-attacked lead by Lorenzo Pellegrini, several Roman bodies were coming forward. Pellegrini struck a well-hit ball from deep just narrowly in what was nearly a breakthrough. Verona tried to get back in the game shortly after but a strike from the center of the box coming from the wing did not have the accuracy as the ball coasted over the goal. Several minutes later Roma had a legitimate opportunity to take the lead yet again. As Lorenzo Pellegrini sent a perfect ball inside to find Chris Smalling the English Defender put his head through the cross just nearly missing an opportunity to capitalize on a well-orchestrated play by Lorenzo Pellegrini. Roma would go to the bench for the second time as a Hendrick Mkhitaryan came in for a Cengiz. The momentum, for the most part, did seem balanced for the majority of the match. However late in the game, Roma started to show their control. Jordan veretout came pretty close when he took an ambitious strike from Deep. Despite the fact that momentum was growing for Roma they had to be careful because of how evenly matched the game had been at many points. With about four minutes to go Federico Fazio enter the game for Roma with edin Dzeko making his way to the bench. It was not the Bosnian’s best game but he has been consistent for the majority of the season so I’m not going to hold that against him. In stoppage-time in the 90th minute Roma got on a vicious counter-attack orchestrated by Lorenzo Pellegrini sending a perfect through ball inside to Diego Perotti who found Hendrick Mkhitaryan in space as the Armenian Converted the counter-attack putting the ball into the bottom corner to give Roma the 3-1 lead in the rain he was mobbed by his teammates as they celebrated together. That would signal the end of the match as Roma secure a massive three points away from home in the rain. It wasn’t their best performance but they did enough as they came together through adversity showing character in the victory.

After back-to-back wins, Roma faced a Stern test on Sunday night. They went on the road in the rain vs Verona Italy’s surprise package this season. It turned out to be a tough victory as Roma displayed a great amount of character as they battle through adversity in a match that seemed like a must-win. Roma plays the best team in Italy on Friday and they need to go into that game with as much momentum as possible. Roma managed to take the lead through Lorenzo Pellegrini and connecting with Justin kluivert on a sensational goal by the Dutchman largely behind an incredible pass from Pellegrini who has seemingly done nothing but Supply his teammates with perfect balls since his return from injury. He has developed himself into one of the 10 best players in all of Italian football. Throughout this match, he showed how incredibly special he has become. Unfortunately, Verona hit back almost immediately as their Captain Supply The Equalizer. Roma would take the lead again at through Diego Perotti penalty after Justin kluivert injury and eventually ended with a late Hendrick Mkhitaryan goal it was a massive three points in a 3-2 won the victory. However, the match had its difficulties throughout. Roma played in less-than-ideal conditions and had to battle through some adversity to get the three points that they needed. Verona proved to be incredibly tough as we expected to go into this game the game was going to be in balance for the majority they have been a very productive team this season and I only can see it continuing despite their defeat to Roma. It was a rainy and tough match that Roma ultimately as a team collectively got through. The chances seemed limited at times but when they came Roma put themselves in position to come through. It was not their best performance by any stretch but none the less they came through when it mattered. Matches like this are important in a long season it was an ugly victory that had its frustrations. It was a match of determination and character despite retaking the lead right before halftime it was never clear that the three points will go back to Rome with them. It was evenly matched practically the entire game. Roma found their moments to make a difference. Lorenzo Pellegrini yet again steals the show putting together a man-of-the-match performance. Pellegrini is playing out of his mind with eight assists in nine games for Roma this season he has been absolutely sensational. It wasn’t pretty it wasn’t technical but Roma found their spots and pulled off a very tough challenging victory that keeps the team on Pace for Champions League football. Roma has a momentous challenge that awaits them on Friday but Roma came here under unfavorable circumstances and get the job done.




MAN OF THE MATCH: Lorenzo Pellegrini (3)



Top of the table
Inter Milan 12-1-1 38
Juventus 11-3-0 37Pts
Lazio 9-3-2 30pts
A.S Roma 8-4-2 28Pts
Cagliari 7-4-2 25Pts

Bottom of the table
Lecce 3-5-6 14pts
Sampdoria 3-3-7 12Pts
Genoa 2-4-8 10pts
SPAL 2-3-9 9pts
Brescia 2-1-10 7pts

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