Roma vs SPAL Talking Points #718



Last night Roma attempted to get back on the right track. After a disappointing display in the Europa League despite qualification Roma made things far too difficult on themselves. In the previous League match, they became the first team this season to shut out Inter Milan all season in what was a very impressive 0-0 draw. Roma was without the best center-back partnership in the league with Chris Smalling and Gianluca Mancini out with injury and suspension respectively. Not to mention Justin kluivert was also out due to injury concerns. They were at home at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome as they hosted bottom table SPAL who despite having significant last Talent they swept Roma last season so it was certainly something to be wary about. This was an opportunity for Roma to minimize the gap in the Champions League race. With Lazio and Cagliari playing each other Monday Roma could close the distance with three points. Meanwhile, SPAL was just trying to find a way to possibly get some points as they are deep in the relegation zone being unable to score as having been the biggest problem is so far this season. It was a test for both teams for different reasons. Roma would have failed to win matches like this last season which is a big part of them missing out on the Champions League this season. This is a different Roma team that plays a different style of football. Despite this, they had their struggles in the first half. Roma had the bulk of the possession and created many chances but the finishing was not where it needed to be. They created a lot but they couldn’t convert throughout the first 45 minutes. This is very concerning not to mention the backline was a bit fragile for Roma without the two key components they struggled. So much so that the best chance of the game came from one of SPAL’s limited chances. In fact, Roma even fell behind to Spal’s toothless attack. A controversial penalty decision was called against Roma in the closing moments of the first half. Andrea Petagna came through delivering the strike as SPAL took a very unlikely lead in the game. The relegation side Led 1-0 after the first half. In the second half Roma came out with a different energy and got themselves at back into the game almost immediately. Lorenzo Pellegrini Struck from the side of the box that ended up being an own goal with the ball hitting the back of the net to equalize. Roma continues to have control and dominated not long after the equalizer Roma would take the lead. Edin Dzeko was brought down inside the box as Roma was given a penalty. Diego Perotti stepped up and delivered giving Roma to 2-1 lead. They continued to carve open SPAL as the majority of the game was played in their danger area. It was attacking football brilliance at its finest form Roma exploded. late in the game, Hendrix Mkhitaryan came off the bench putting his foot through a beautifully orchestrated play by Lorenzo Pellegrini and Florenzi as Mkhitaryan hit the back of the net to give Roma the 3-1 lead as a second-half display proved to be crucial and a massive three points by Roma as they come from behind to beat the bottom feeders at the Stadio Olimpico.


Adamou Diawara Progressing 


Adamu Diawara has made massive improvements since the start of the season and we got another look at that last night. He arrived from Napoli for a measly 21 million he is part of Roma’s young nucleus. Despite this, he rarely gets talked about he has been utterly Sensational over the last several weeks. He has dealt with injuries in the early parts of the season but he is finally found his footing in this team. Bryan cristante continues to be out with a knee injury. In light of these events, Diawara has proven to be incredibly important this season. He does not get the attention of other youngsters like Lorenzo Pellegrini Justin kluivert and Nicolo Zaniolo get. However, he does the dirty work that makes this team tick. Roma last night had a weakened defense without Smalling and Mancini. Diawara proved to be a security blanket for a fragile backline. Not only that he made the difference and the defensive Midfield supplying a good passing to the attack as he orchestrated counter-attacking football going forward. He was physically tough made really important tackles and put in an all-around terrific performance. He is really turning into something special in Rome. He was not given a chance to do much of anything at Napoli. In the Eternal City, he has been given opportunities and has only progressed as the season’s gone forward. The partnership he has with the Jordan veretout has been special. The African midfielder has shown qualities that convinced Roma to take him out of Naples and bring him to Rome. This might have been one of the most underrated signings of the summer. He does the dirty work he’s not going to show up on the highlights but the way he impacted the game in multiple areas it’s something that may go unnoticed he makes a huge difference in the final results with the way he is impacted the Midfield he only has continued to progress every game he continues to fulfill his potential. They may have found a gem the intelligence he has shown is off the charts and this is only the beginning.






SPAL is in Trouble 


SPAL have a serious problem on their hands. Although they showed some promise during the first half against Roma they never found their way back into the game after taking the lead. They have some good players throughout their squad but together as a team, they can’t seem to fit. Their biggest problem is scoring even though they took the lead last night it was from the penalty spot. They have only scored 10 goals all season two of which have come from 12 yards out. They need an infusion of energy and I’m not sure where they’re going to get it from. They did so well last year but after losing Manuel Lazzari last season it just seems they don’t have enough to keep their head above water. It was an encouraging performance but they were just outclassed by a much better team. Without a penalty, they’re not scoring in this game. I’ve always said to survive you need a goal scorer who can give you 15 to 20 goals. Going into the season I thought they potentially had that with Andrea Petagna but he only has five goals all season this team is going to be relegated they simply don’t have enough and I’m not sure changing a manager is going to make a difference in these tough games they need to find a way to stay in them. They lost their lead in a matter of minutes before not too long the match it was already been decided. It’s hard to come back once go down they need to figure out something quick because they’re not even beating teams in the relegation zone and if they can’t beat them who will they beat?




Roma can Count on Diego Perotti 



Diego Perotti it’s starting to prove his worth in a Roma shirt. He wants was viewed as a player that needs to start every game. During Roma’s historic Champions League run where they went to the Champions League semi-finals and even the season before he was a regular fixture on the left-wing along with former Roma player Stephan El Shaarawy. During a two-year stretch Diego Perotti with arguably one of the best players on the team. To a certain extent something happened, he no longer has that type of value in the team but he’s starting to show he still has incredible value on a relatively deep Roma side. He has come through and some big moments scoring in the Champions League against Chelsea scoring a goal that one Aroma the group the year they went to the Siamese and an important away goal and the game against Liverpool where they went one goal short I’ll be all the numerical. Beyond that, he scored in the last ever matches Daniele de Rossi and Francesco Totti. He is attached to Roman history even if he’s not considered one of the best players the club has had. Last season when he was healthy he played an incredibly high-level the problem was he was always injured. He has faced similar injuries this season and the fact of the matter is he is just an injury-prone player but he’s not in Playa Roma want to get rid of because of his value when he’s healthy. And in light of some injuries, this season especially coming in for Justin kluivert over the last couple games he has shown he can start for a team like this. Last night he was utterly spectacular. Not just because he scored a goal because of the way he influences the Roma attack especially using the wing. He was hard to anticipate his movements as he was the biggest Difference Maker. Even in the Europa League disappointment on Thursday, he was the best player on the pitch he has been the man of the match in two consecutive games and has shown that he has earned the right to wear the shirt and not only that but he is important to this Roma team. When everyone is healthy he’s not the first one on the team Sheet but he can provide a spark that can make all the difference. Diego Perotti was a bargain signing and every season regardless of how much time he plays he has shown what he is capable of and we have seen that over the last few weeks especially with the injuries he has come through in a big way. he is as valuable as an asset whether it’s starting or coming off the bench he makes the difference.






Roma Explode in Second Half 


In the first half, Roma struggled to inflict the pressure on SPAL. Even though they were Far and Away the better team even in the first half the quality of the chances were not at the highest level and they lacked a little bit of conviction especially converting chances into goals. Spal had very limited chances but they came close on several occasions and eventually did breakthrough from the penalty spot. Even though Roma conceded they were the better team but they lacked certain energy and expectation. In closing 45 minutes it was completely different. They found themselves within the game and could not be touched during the second half. Even with a somewhat fragile backline from the very start, they were on a mission. The three points were always going to be secured by Roma there was a shocking start with them going down but that was not going to last. Very early in the second half, Lorenzo Pellegrini causes SPAL to score an own goal. Diego Perotti from converted the spot and Hendrix Mkhitaryan off the Bench just like that it was all but over they attacked with such confidence and we’re building momentum throughout the game. It was a second-half explosion something we have seen with this Roma team more than a few times. Even without some weapons to their disposal Roma made all the difference. Roma came back from a goal down putting together a collective performance as they got the job done. It took Roma a while to find that momentum and that Killer Instinct but they eventually found it in 45 minutes Roma destroyed SPAL ripping through them without any difficulty whatsoever. It was truly an explosion through the attack the ended up ending with a Roma victory. Once the ball kicked off there was never any doubt.