Top Three Performers and Donkey of the week Match Day 16 #720

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Udinesse 


Cristiano Ronaldo has been one of the most disappointing players this season in Italian football. The Portuguese Superstar is ending the Twilight of his career. He has fallen out of his prime and is not capable of operating at that level consistently anymore. It has been a truly sad part of this season he doesn’t have that killer instinct anymore. At least not regularly capable of playing like that week-in and week-out however Cristiano Ronaldo does have his moments and it’s still better than the majority of the football world but he is having an underwhelming season. However this week he put together his best performance of the season. He turned back the clock and showed all of us who he is. Cristiano Ronaldo played a dominating performance in Juventus 3-1 victory. He scored twice before halftime as Juventus got back on the right track with a massive three points as they now are level on points with Inter Milan at the top of the table. This is not something we have seen all the time from Cristiano Ronaldo but he was Sensational. A truly blistering display from one of the best players we’ve ever seen. The hope is he can maintain this or at least display performances like we saw this weekend a couple more times before the end of the season. Playing Dybala Higuaín and Ronaldo together could bode well Ronaldo’s ability to show similar performances. He is no longer what he once was. However, his talent and ability is still off the charts and is capable of delivering a performance like these occasionally. The more performances like this we see the better it is not only for Cristiano Ronaldo but for Italian football as a whole. We want to see Cristiano Ronaldo at his absolute best this is something we’re unlikely to see on a regular basis but it shows he is still capable of making a difference in a football match. He was absolutely sensational without question one of the best performers of the week. This gives the league some hope if he can continue to perform at this level it will make this season more exciting than it already is. There are certain things he can’t do to the same level anymore but he still has an eye for goal and if you doubt him too much he can make you pay for it. These are the performances I want to see out of Cristiano Ronaldo maybe he heard my criticism maybe he didn’t but he was driven by something as he put in the very best performance we have seen from him in months he was breathtaking the hope is he can continue to play at that level or something reminiscent of it. He has not changed The Narrative of the season yet but he is starting to show some progress after a forgettable start to the season. He was on another level against Udinesse truly a breaking taking display.




Dejan Kulusevski vs Napoli


Genardo Gattuso’s debut as Napoli manager was ruined by 19-year-old Parma attacking midfield. The young forward was absolutely sensational through the entire match against a tough team like Napoli even though they’re struggling they have enough talent and resources to make things are really tough. Parma ended up beating Napoli and even though Gervinho will get the headlines Dejan Kulusevski was the biggest Difference Maker in the game. He caused so much problem on his side of the pitch they could barely contain him. He has had an incredibly productive start to the season. It won’t be too long until a bigger team comes and gets him. He is that talented he can make a big difference in any match. Parma has quality throughout their squad but he has been so consistent this season with four goals and seven assists he has proven his value in Italian football. Just minutes into the game he gave Parma the lead before anyone could blink. Parma was without question the best team in the match at least tactically. They held on to an early lead almost all the way through. Napoli did eventually equalize. But Dejan Kulusevski continued to show his unbelievable qualities. In the dying moments of the match, he picked out a perfect pass to Gervinho who scored the game-winning goal at the death. In what was a dramatic finish but nonetheless, it was the teenager who made the biggest impact on the game without question one of the best performance of the week as he continues to justify himself as one of the best young talents in all of Italian football. He scored the first goal assisted another as Parma beat Napoli securing all three points as they continue to ascend this season. This Parma team has a chance of getting back into Europe where they once were if everyone stays together. With Dejan Kulusevski and the other young Talents they have, the sky is the limit. Dejan Kulusevski played a truly influential role as Parma continue to add to Napoli’s misery. He may not end up on this list regularly but this will not be the last time he is mentioned in this breath.


Nikolas Špalek vs Lecce


In a relegation battle between Brescia and Lecce Nikolas Špalek was the difference. Matches like this are hugely important especially when your aim is to stay in the league. Lecce is further up the table then Brescia both teams Ambitions for this season was to survive the season so they can return to the league next season. Relegation is hard to come back from after it happens. Which is why it was so important for Brescia to perform. Lecce is in danger but they’re in a much more comfortable space. Nikolas Špalek came through with his finest performance of the season. He is not a player that’s going to be recognized very often but he did what needed to be done to secure a massive three points for their side in what was really important to victory for Brescia. They are hanging on by the skin of their teeth and it’s going to be a battle throughout the season to try to survive. A result like this against another team might drag down into the relegation battle at some point this season is important. Brescia has now beaten two teams that will be fighting for survival. This is why Nikolas Špalek’s performance was worth recognizing. He may not be a top-class player but he delivered in a match that he absolutely needed to. Brescia has a little bit more confidence than they had a week ago because of his performance.









Hellas Verona v Torino FC - Serie A

I nearly gave the donkey of the week to Inter Milan for canceling their press conference ahead of the Florentina a match because of some criticism of the team and Antonio Conte. Grown-ups can deal with that apparently Antonio Conde can’t it was a childish thing to do, however. The donkey of the week goes to Torino. In their exciting match with Verona, they were on the verge of securing A massive three points in exciting Showdown. Everything was going their way they continue to take that momentum through the majority of the match excluding the last 15 minutes Torino dominated the majority of the match as they ran out to a 3-0 lead with 15 minutes to go. This match seemed overdone and dusted dead and buried. However, we have learned this season it’s never over in Italian football there’s always a chance for more drama. With 15 minutes to go somehow someway, Verona found their way back into it. They scored a penalty they gave them some life that even more so drove them to the points. Scoring two more times in the final 15 minutes to all come back to earn a 3-3 draw. Torino was in the driver seat they were up to three goals with just 15 minutes to go you have to be horrible to choke that away. It was utterly embarrassing for a decent Torino team. This is not the same team we saw last season something has happened because their performance this weekend was utterly inexcusable.

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