Serie A Review Match Day 17 Winter Break #725

Juventus 2 Sampdoria 1FT


Juventus after making up ground over the last week on Inter Milan in a very impressive display against Udinesse in which Cristiano Ronaldo seemingly has found his form again. As Inter Milan and Juventus are level on points at the top of the table as this title race only intensified with Lazio and Roma also within Striking reach. In what would be the final match of the year before Italian football’s winter break. The league leaders traveled to Sampdoria in what turned out to be a very intense and tough match of football. Sampdoria is playing with momentum after beating Genoa in at the derby. It turned out to be an incredibly tough match for Juventus despite being favorites Sampdoria created its challenges. It turned out to be a back-and-forth battle between two teams who are in desire of points. For Juventus it was about keeping momentum with Inter Milan meanwhile for Sampdoria points at this stage became really valuable as they are trying to wiggle their way out of the bottom half of the table. It was battle but it would beat Juventus who would strike first. It would be another brilliant display from Paulo Dybala. After receiving a cross from Gonzalo Higuain. The Argentina midfielder struck the ball with his first touch hitting it with pace as smashing the ball into the bottom corner as it ripped across the grass to give Juventus the 1-0 lead. An absolutely outstanding Unstoppable hit as Paulo Dybala continues to be their best player this season. However Sampdoria we’re not going to go down without a fight they had a few close chances before they finally got themselves back into the game. Late in the first half of what was a tough contest, Gianluca Caprari took advantage of mistakes in the backline sliding the ball past Gigi Buffon into the back of the net to equalize with 10 minutes remaining in the first half. However, Juventus were determined to get themselves back in front. Cristiano Ronaldo did a really good job of dribbling from outside the box trying to find Paulo Dybala or Gonzalo Higuain as they just missed a superb pass from the Portuguese Superstar. Then in the final moments of the first half, we witnessed one of the greatest displays athleticism seen on a football pitch. Cristiano Ronaldo who has dealt with criticism this season after his own ability to perform to his standard this season. However, it was clear as day that Cristiano Ronaldo was trying to change that conversation. After receiving a well-hit cross from Alex Sandro. Cristiano Ronaldo made taking air Cristiano Ronaldo levitated from the ground connecting with his header while focusing on the task at hand. Ronaldo’s fallacious header ripped through the top Corner in what was one of the most incredible goals we had seen this season as Juventus took a 2-1 lead. Cristiano Ronaldo levitated while displaying some Hang Time as he drew comparisons to Michael Jordan after the goal there was a momentum shifter in the game. In the second half, Sampdoria continued to try to Chip Away coming close on several occasions. Sampdoria created more problems and anyone truly expected. Juventus were unable to increase. In the closing minutes of the match, Gianluca Campari was shown a second Yellow Card ultimately ending any hope of salvaging points as Cristiano Ronaldo Header steals the headlines as Juventus goes to the top of the table. Inter Milan ended up winning as both clubs sit level on points as we go into the new year. a sensation display from Juventus and what was a very tough match as Sarri seems to finally have things under control in Turin.






A.S Roma 4 Florentina 1FT


Last night Roma played the final match of 2019 as Italian football heads to the winter break. Roma went on the road to try to continue to obtain positive momentum throughout the rest of the season. Roma has been pretty close to perfect Since their loss to Parma. Paulo Fonseca has completely changed the outline and the trajectory of this team and what they are capable of. He truly has been one of the best managers in the League this season especially given the number of injuries he’s had to deal with. He has Roma back in the Champions League as they only continue to carry momentum. They went on the road to battle Florentina at the Stadio tardini. Florentina is a team Aroma played three times last season drawing twice and losing once. Both clubs are different now Roma has found their way into the title race meanwhile Florentina despite expectations have failed to deliver. Florentina in the early parts of the game did at points look dangerous but that would not last very long. In the early parts, the game Roma didn’t quite make it impact you would have thought. A lot of possession football creating limited chances. They grew into the game and they became mutually unstoppable. Following Pau Lopez denying Florentina twice, Rome emerged in the game. A beautifully constructed counter-attack got them in front Lorenzo Pellegrini displayed ridiculous passing skills. Sending a chipped cross into Nicolo Zaniolo on the side of the box the youngster shifted his body connecting with the ball as he fell to the ground delivering a pass to edin Dzeko who took one touch before sending the ball into the roof of the net to give Roma a 1-0 lead. The Bosnian Hitman continues to be a massive success this season as he approaches 100 goals for Roma. Just minutes later Florentina halted Roma on the counter-attack as the Roma was given a free-kick just outside the area. Alex Kolarov stepped up sending a dagger into the top left corner to give Roma a 2-0 lead. It would be it’s third a free-kick of the season which ranks in 2nd in Europe only trailing Leo Messi. Florentina did end up getting a go back near the end of the first half but it was largely due to Lucky circumstances. After two balls are ricocheted The Voila minimized the deficit to 2-1. In the second half Roma ran wild as we saw an offensive explosion from Paulo Fonseca’s team. An incredible display of passing and communication between Lorenzo Pellegrini and edin Dzeko led to another goal. Lorenzo Pellegrini sent a pass into the box to Edin Dzeko who delivered a back heel Back to Lorenzo Pellegrini who hit it on the first touch drilling it into the bottom corner to give Roma a 3-1 lead. Roma dominated the entire second half as Florentina provided next to nothing. Then just minutes before stoppage time Edin Dzeko delivered another assist as he found Nicolo zaniolo on the wing. The Young Italian drove the ball inside the box before calmly and collectively sliding a ball into the bottom corner to give Roma the 4-1 lead. As Nicolo zaniolo gets revenge on the team that got rid of him in 2016 with a magnificent goal. Roma goes to Florence and runs wild on Florentina In what was a nearly Flawless performance from Roma. They may have just squeeze their way into the title race as they end 2019 with a resounding victory.





Udinesse 2 Cagliari 1FT 



One of the most dramatic and enticing matches of the weekend came from an unlikely Source. Cagliari who has it been the surprise package this season has been in the chase for Europe all season long. They’ve done a really good job of building this team up and creating something special with it. However, they may have hit a brick wall after losing late to Lazio late after they were given an insane amount of stoppage time to come back it was a devastating result. Cagliari wanted to follow that up with a win to end the year. They traveled on the road to face Udinesse a club that has been at the bottom half of the table all season that is certainly lacking some confidence this year. They wanted points to try to scrape away from the bottom half of the table closer to the midsection. In order to do it, they would have to go through a tough Cagliari side who has proven this season to be a threat to the European Chase. It turned out to be an incredibly competitive game without a superior figure in it. It was a back-and-forth battle throughout. With each team exchanging blows. Kevin lasagna had a chance on a Counterattack. Then Cagliari came close with a couple of chances one from Radja Nainggolan that hit the bottom of the post. There didn’t seem to be a superior side in this as it was a battle. Both teams were very much in this game. However, Udinesse would be the ones to breakthrough just before half-time. Inside the Box their star and he delivered. Rodrigo de Paul hit an absolutely outrageous hit from the corner of the box that ripped through the top of the net to give them a 1-0 lead. In the second half, it was more of the same. Despite the lead, they weren’t entirely comfortable because Cagliari kept on trying to chip away and find themselves in a good position to equalize. Pedro who struggled throughout the match came really close but was denied by a goal-line saved by The Keeper. Cagliari just had a way about them late in this game that they were going to get that equalizer. It eventually it happened after a scramble in the Box Pedro put the ball into the back of the net to equalize making it 1-1 with only 5 minutes to go. However, we would see an immediate response from Udin. They drove the ball down into Cagliari danger area as okaka try to chip the ball inside the box near the goalkeeper the ball ended up on Landing at the feet of Seko Fofana from close range with the goalkeeper disoriented his shot rip through the top of the net to give them a 2-1 lead. Going into stoppage time Cagliari was reduced to 10 men as they end the year with back-to-back losses. Atalanta passes them up in the standings Cagliari drops down to fifth. Is this the start of the downfall of Cagliari or just minor slip-ups it’s unclear but there’s one thing for sure this European race just heats up a little more.

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