Roma vs Sassuolo Talking Points #755


Last night Roma went on the road to play sassuolo for the second time as they looked for a clean sweep. In their first meeting against them, Roma absolutely dominated the match from start to finish opening up a four-goal lead before halftime which was largely orchestrated by Lorenzo Pellegrini who had three assists in that match. Since then Roma hasn’t really been able to recreate what we saw in that matchup. Roma is continuing to try to fight the Champions League place with Atlanta meanwhile sassuolo are very comfortably positioned away from the relegation zone and are looking to continue to rise up the table. This team is not in contention for European football but nonetheless, they have quality throughout it. Roma would find that out very early. Roma was as abysmal and pathetic in the first half as they have been this season. Very early in this game, they had a couple of opportunities and it looked like a typical Roma team but after Breakaway orchestrated by Francesco Caputo, everything started to collapse. He gave sassuolo a 1-0 lead very early in the game. Not long after Francesco Caputo would score once again as all of a sudden Roma was behind by two goals in the first half. They dominated and ran through a Roma team who could not defend to save their life on Saturday night. Typically Roma is a team that is as good as anyone but on Saturday they couldn’t find any momentum or confidence throughout the match. As things were bad enough with Francesco Caputo scoring two goals in the opening half-hour sassuolo would extend their lead even further as they ran out to a 3-0 lead after the first half. The damage seemed that it had already been done Roma did not look like themselves and they certainly did not play like it. In the second half, Roma tried to give themselves just a little bit of hope to cling on to. Edin Dzeko got Roma back into the game connecting on a header sent by Lorenzo Pellegrini. It would be his 100th goal for Roma which is such a historic mark But even more so it gave him a chance to get back in the game. Despite getting a goal back they were still in big trouble and needed two goals to get out of this. Going into this match a point would have been disappointing but coming back in this game would have given them some sort of momentum going forward. They were outplayed throughout the entire match but none the less they found their moments and at least attempted away back in. Lorenzo Pellegrini was given a second yellow card in the second half as Roma were reduced to 10 men. However, Roma narrowed the gap as they were given a penalty. Jordan veretout stepped up and delivered just like that they were a goal away from getting an undeserved point away from home. However, Roma’s defense collapsed immediately as Jermaine Boga scored a fourth in what proved to be the nail in the coffin for Sassuolo. Roma goes to Sassuolo and gets stomped on in a 4-2 loss against an ambitious sassuolo team who win their first-ever victory against Roma. just an abysmal display from the Champions League hopefuls Roma continue to struggle as they lose their Champions League spot with Atlanta’s draw with Genoa. Roma has a chance to get it back with when these two teams play each other in 2 weeks to many mistakes early that contributed to the defeat They could never recover from it.


History Made




Sassuolo were big underdogs in a game against Roma this weekend. In this match, they have struggled mightily against this team having never beaten them in their history. While the club has only been promoted the top of Italian football a few years they have never come close to beating the Romans. A lot of times it hasn’t even been close as we have seen countless occasions in which Roma ripped them open repeatedly. History matters but only to a certain point in this match, it was expected that Roma would show up and get those points. On top of the history that they already have, they are one of the best teams in the league away from home but history doesn’t always have to continue. Sassuolo got in front early and Roma could not deal with it. Largely led by Francesco Caputo they took a 3-0 lead after 30 minutes. They almost made it too difficult for Roma to come back. They were outstanding throughout the match came through on the break almost repeatedly. Even when it looked like when we’re going to come back they struck back and scored a fourth goal late in the game that made the biggest difference. They were the better team and caused a Roma all sorts of problems. This is a team that has Ambitions to finish in the top 10 this season and they have been unable to do that so far. This has not been the best season for the club who finds themselves while away from the relegation Zone not where they would like to be. A huge Victory against Roma can give them the momentum and the confidence to take them through to the rest of the season. Offensively they were outstanding just breathtaking. They beat them for the first time in club history. A Moment like This to change the outlook for the rest of the season their Ambitions aren’t for European football but they certainly can finish in the top 10 if they keep ongoing. They were antagonizing throughout the match as they dominated a Roma team loaded with Talent they got that big lead early and never look back as they beat them for the first time ever in what was a truly defining result as they batter Roma at home.

Edin Dzeko 100 Roma Goals



Collectively and as a team last night was an absolutely horrible performance from Roma. However with all that being said even though it feels a bit strange to talk about something positive following a match that provided so much negativity we have to recognize the greatness of the Bosnian Edin Dzeko. Statistically, he has been one of the best strikers to ever put on the Roma shirt. Even if Edin Dzeko never wins a trophy at Roma he is a club Legend. The hope is that Edin Dzeko will lead us to Trophies this season and it’s still not out of the question it would just justify how great he has been a little bit more. He is the captain of this team now with Alessandro florenzi on loan move to Valencia. Last night Edin Dzeko took accountability for the team performance saying that the team did not play up to standard and in the first half they looked like a team from a second division. He was a part of the Roma second-half comeback that gave them a chance in the game that they probably did not deserve. Edin Dzeko yesterday after a cross coming from Lorenzo Pellegrini the Bosnian put his head through the ball putting into the back of the net to score his 100th goal for Roma. Only seven players in history have reached a hundred goals for the club. Not only did he reach the century mark but now he only has five more goals to move to 5th on their all-time scoring list. Edin Dzeko has been everything and then some of what we expected when he came from Manchester City. despite his age at 33 years old, he has still been able to deliver on a somewhat consistent basis. He’s not at a point in his career what he’s going to be scoring every week however he’s been as efficient and more consistent than he was last season. Last season he scored just 14 goals all year and this year he already has 15 and in Paulo Fonseca’s football has helped him get back into playing the way he’s capable of. He’s the only player in history to have 50 league goals in England Germany and Italy and have won titles in two of those places. While a Serie A title seems to be far-fetched for him to achieve that Roma Europa League is possible if they start getting things together. Unfortunately, this historic event had to take place after such a disappointing result but nonetheless, it doesn’t lessen how great he has been for this club. He has proved to be a leader and a player that Roma can count on in big moments. In their Champions League runs to the semi-final he scored in every stage a high level of importance. In the round of 16 the quarterfinals and the semi-final. He may not be from Rome but the supporters have fallen in love with the way he played and how he has worn the shirt with such pride and admiration he justified how important he is the club is when he extended his contract instead of going to Inter Milan. it to put into perspective how great he has been in the Roma shirt. He has joined a very exclusive class. A trophy would magnify his greatness Roma We must hold on to the hope that we can win the Europa League this season because it would be a shame for a great player like Edin Dzeko to go empty-handed in his luxurious and historical career with Roma. there will be a lot of different players that played for the club but Edin Dzeko has become one of the very best in club history there are those who may not agree with that statement but in the big moments Edin Dzeko has come through and delivered and that is what a big player is and does. Edin Dzeko is one of the best players in the history of the club scoring his hundredth goal only further Justified his place among Roma greats.


Defensive Disaster 



Roma’s defense this season has drastically improved to what we saw from them a year ago. The combination of Chris Smalling and Gianluca Mancini has been absolutely Sensational and has developed into one of the best defensive teams in all of Italian football. A large portion of this season it has been one of their greatest strengths. They have improved drastically in this area. However last night they couldn’t get it together and they started looking like they did last year. It was a Defensive disaster from the very beginning of the game and it didn’t get any better. While I don’t think this will be a regular the entire backline had an off-day. Sassuolo came forward with such pace and strength Roma really couldn’t deal with it. They made mistakes early and often and uncharacteristically found themselves down 3-0 at half-time. It only took 30 minutes for them to be ripped apart in such an aggressive manner. This is not something I’m expecting to see from them very often but they just couldn’t do anything right. This needs to be addressed immediately Roma cannot look like that ever again this season. Defensively Roma needs to be strong as they have been throughout much of the year. If they start slipping defensively we’re going to have a huge problem on our hands. Roma must look at this as a learning experience and try to correct everything they’ve done and assert themselves in a better way on Friday night. In 2 weeks they play Atalanta they have equal points and could be a very important match in the Champions League race if they’re going to make the Champions League they have to defend at a much higher level the concern that was a pitiful display from a backline that has done so well this season this needs to be addressed quickly before this becomes a problem I have faith that they can turn this around but defensively it was abysmal they need to fix this now.




Francesco Caputo Happened



Francesco Caputo was one of the best performers in all of Italian football over the weekend. Without question one of the performers of the week as he was the driving force behind a huge upset as sassuolo beats Roma for the first time in their history. In six meetings between these two teams, Roma had only dropped one point. Even more so they have significantly struggled at home against them registering just one goal in six matches. Roma went into this game as heavy favorites and rightfully so top-to-bottom a much more talented team that did not matter or reflect on the performance of Francesco Caputo. He scored two goals in the opening 30 minutes of the match as his side opened up a 2-0 lead against Roma. He was brilliant found space to be effective and was a danger throughout the entire game. He really showed his qualities and a massive victory for his Club. Francesco Caputo has become one of the most underrated Strikers in all of Italian football. After scoring 17 goals last season with Empoli as he did everything he could to help them escape relegation he made the move to sassuolo. They were questions in regards to whether or not he could score on a consistent basis for a team who had the ambition to finish in the top 10. While the team has struggled to achieve that so far this season he has been the team’s best player and with the sale of Alfred Duncan he has stepped up and taken on that role. Against Roma they had no answer for him he got into space constantly and couldn’t control his speed and athleticism to get in the right spots to finish off to Fabulous goals. A two-goal display takes his 10 goals this season in. If they can get a more consistent output out of him on a regular basis they have a realistic shot to finish any top 10 once again. He has quietly had a deadly season having made the list for the third time he showed his ability to come up in the big moments that was on full display this weekend as sassuolo got a historic victory that he had his Footprints all over.