Serie A Weekly Review Match Day 22 #758

Napoli 4 Sampdoria 2FT

Sampdoria vs Napoli

After a really bad start to the season Napoli beat Juventus last week Napoli still find themselves out of reach of European football. Napoli were in high spirits ahead of a really big match against Sampdoria. It turned out to be one of the most dramatic and exciting matches of the season in what was wrapped up into non-stop action in a Monday night fixture. It would be a drama filled evening It didn’t take very long for Napoli to find their way in front in this game. As Napoli take the lead in the opening minutes of the match. In what was a very crazy goal a flare had been thrown onto the pitch near the corner flag as play resumed with a burning flare on the field. Napoli took advantage of their opportunity Milik came through on a header that ripped through the bottom of the net to give Napoli a 1-0 lead after just three minutes. Napoli did not have to wait too long for them to find a second as appeared it was getting out of hand early. Elmas took advantage and put Napoli in front scoring his first goal in the Napoli shirt. He stuck his foot out at the near post tucking the ball into the back of the net as Napoli take a 2-0 lead. Napoli appeared they had found their momentum already up by two goals with less than 20 minutes gone. Sampdoria needed to find their way back as soon as possible. Sampdoria started to grow into the game as they were trying to build some momentum. 10 minutes after Napoli’s goal Sampdoria found their way back with a malicious strike from Fabio quagliarella. The Ageless wonder took a vicious strike from outside the box heading the ball with such velocity and it to the bottom corner. After the opening the 45 minutes it was 2-1. Sampdoria despite having been down by two goals in the game gave them a chance within Striking distance. It became a more of a balance in the second half. Sampdoria looked really eager to get a point. After a scramble in the Box Ramirez came close narrowly missing connecting with the near post. Shortly after Sampdoria looked to have found their equalizer. Gaston Ramirez delivered a fallacious bicycle kick to equalize. However the referee would consult VAR and the goal will be canceled as it appeared a handball was issued in the build-up of the play. Even though the goal was wiped off Sampdoria would get their chance Fabio was taken out in the Box as Sampdoria was given a penalty with less than 20 minutes ago. Manolo Gabbiadini stepped up and delivered as Sampdoria got their equalizer coming back from two goals down. However Napoli would strike again after taking a huge deflection Inside the Box new Napoli player Diego Demme found the back of the net before dries Mertens scored after a huge goalkeeping error as Napoli pick up all three points in what was a dramatic and exciting 4-2 victory for Napoli As they start to slowly but surely move up the table.



Sassuolo 4 A.S Roma 2FT


Last night Roma went on the road to play Sassuolo for the second time as they looked for a clean sweep. In their first meeting against them, Roma absolutely dominated the match from start to finish opening up a four-goal lead before halftime which was largely orchestrated by Lorenzo Pellegrini who had three assists in that match. Since then Roma hasn’t really been able to recreate what we saw in that matchup. Roma is continuing to try to fight the Champions League place with Atlanta meanwhile Sassuolo are very comfortably positioned away from the relegation zone and are looking to continue to rise up the table. This team is not in contention for European football but nonetheless, they have quality throughout it. Roma would find that out very early. Roma was as abysmal and pathetic in the first half as they have been this season. Very early in this game, they had a couple of opportunities and it looked like a typical Roma team but after Breakaway orchestrated by Francesco Caputo, everything started to collapse. He gave Sassuolo a 1-0 lead very early in the game. Not long after Francesco Caputo would score once again as all of a sudden Roma was behind by two goals in the first half. They dominated and ran through a Roma team who could not defend to save their life on Saturday night. Typically Roma is a team that is as good as anyone but on Saturday they couldn’t find any momentum or confidence throughout the match. As things were bad enough with Francesco Caputo scoring two goals in the opening half-hour Sassuolo would extend their lead even further as they ran out to a 3-0 lead after the first half. The damage seemed that it had already been done Roma did not look like themselves and they certainly did not play like it. In the second half, Roma tried to give themselves just a little bit of hope to cling on to. Edin Dzeko got Roma back into the game connecting on a header sent by Lorenzo Pellegrini. It would be his 100th goal for Roma which is such a historic mark But even more so it gave him a chance to get back in the game. Despite getting a goal back they were still in big trouble and needed two goals to get out of this. Going into this match a point would have been disappointing but coming back in this game would have given them some sort of momentum going forward. They were outplayed throughout the entire match but none the less they found their moments and at least attempted away back in. Lorenzo Pellegrini was given a second yellow card in the second half as Roma were reduced to 10 men. However, Roma narrowed the gap as they were given a penalty. Jordan Veretout stepped up and delivered just like that they were a goal away from getting an undeserved point away from home. However, Roma’s defense collapsed immediately as Jermaine Boga scored a fourth in what proved to be the nail in the coffin for Sassuolo. Roma goes to Sassuolo and gets stomped on in a 4-2 loss against an ambitious Sassuolo team who win their first-ever victory against Roma. just an abysmal display from the Champions League hopefuls Roma continue to struggle as they lose their Champions League spot with Atlanta’s draw with Genoa. Roma has a chance to get it back with when these two teams play each other in 2 weeks to many mistakes early that contributed to the defeat They could never recover from it.




Inter 2 Udinesse 0FT


Since the start of January an Inter Milan team that seemed to be poised for the league title has look to hit a wall. They have dropped their last three games and really need three points in search of some much-needed confidence and momentum. As they have drawn their last three matches against Atalanta, Lecce, and Cagliari. Inter Milan would head out on the road to face Udinesse. Inter Milan would be without Martinez who has been suspended for three games following his altercation with the referee after receiving a red card last weekend. Inter Milan are the better team and still have hopes of winning the title if that is going to happen they needed to get back on the right track. Udin has been unbeaten since October at home and this was a great test for a team looking to Halt Inter Milan’s Ambitions just a little further to gather points of their own. It was a very back-and-forth match between two teams who were up for the challenge Seventeen-year-old Esipito struck in the opening minutes of the match nearly putting his team in front. Udin showed no fear even though Inter Milan has significantly more Firepower the hosts did not display any fear. On several occasions coming forward on the verge of scoring. They nearly took the lead if it wasn’t for Ashley Young Inter Milan’s got in the way of what would have been a sure-fire goal. There was nothing to be had between the two teams in what was a scoreless opening 45 minutes. Inter Milan had to have some bit of concern as they could not afford to drop another game they needed all three points. Udin played a really great game and continue to come forward but Inter Milan responded to almost everything and eventually Inter Milan would get the breakthrough Midway through the second half. Romelu Lukaku got his first real chance of the evening as he slid the ball into the back of the net under the goalkeeper to give Inter Milan a 1-0 lead. It was a lead they needed as Inter Milan wanted that reassurance. 7 minutes later Alexis Sanchez was taken out inside the box as Inter Milan was given a penalty. Romelu Lukaku stepped up again converting the penalty To give into Milan a 2-0 lead. Kevin lasagna came close on two separate occasions in the last 10 minutes of the game but it was too little too late as Inter Milan finally pick up the three points that they have been desperate for as they try to put even more pressure on Juventus it was not a pretty performance but Inter Milan go on the road and get the job done as they leave it late behind two second-half goals from romelu Lukaku the title race is back on.











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