Roma vs Bologna Talking Points #760


Yesterday on a Friday night bologna issued even more misery on a Roma team that just can’t seem to get it together.  Aatlanta at this point look more likely to make the Champions League then Roma. If things don’t start changing it will get out of hand since the start of the new year Roma have lost four League games which is more than that had during the first half of the season. Roma needed points and badly as they came into this game hoping it will be a chance to turn things around however bologna was not going to lie down for them. Mihailovich had his team ready to play as all of a sudden bologna is one of the most in-form team in all of Italian football having won three of their last six games being unbeaten. Roma’s first-half performance was reminiscent the last week they were abysmal and made defensive mistakes all over the place that allowed a bologna to take an early first-half lead. Chris Smalling made a catastrophic error that allowed Riccardo Orsolini to break through giving bologna a 1-0 lead. Despite playing very poorly Roma ended up getting back in the game just a few minutes later. On a Counterattack constructed by Diego perotti and under they ended up forcing an own goal on a cross intended for edin dzeko was put in the back of the net by the bologna defense allowing Roma to get back into the game. The Equalizer didn’t Inspire Roma and push them on the rest of the game. It was a absolutely devastating first half as they provided next to nothing. They were back into the game but it didn’t last very long new bologna signing Musa Barrow came in and delivered a stroke of Genius curling a strike from the corner of the Box taking a slight deflection and finding the top corner to give a bologna a 2-1 lead. They held on to that lead  going into the second half as Roma had a lack of inspiration. Roma were awful during the first 45 minutes and early in the second half it didn’t look like there was much change. Once again Musa Barrow was the story of the match as he took the ball on a Counterattack breaking through the Roma defense Inside the Box before calmly and collectively sliding the ball into the bottom corner as bologna ran out to a 3-1 lead with Musso Barlow’s second goal of the game they could not contain him much like problems they had with Francesco Caputo Roma could not handle the pace of the counter-attack as the defense continue to struggle. The match seemed all but over but Roma still try to fight back. Carlos Perez came into the game midway through the second half and the game changed Roma had the momentum and found their way into the danger area on numerous occasions. They still needed two goals and even though Roma did not play particularly well in this game they found a way back into it. Edin dzeko delivered a short pass to to Bruno Peres as the ball was inches away from going out the Brazilian Defender hit the ball into the line of play to find Hendrick mkhitaryan who delivered a infatic header into the back of the net. it was a one-goal game with a little over 15 minutes play there was a chance Roma could seek a late equaliser to earn a point. It would have been a point they did not deserve but nonetheless Roma went further in that final 15 minutes and came close on several occasions but despite late chances from edin dzeko it was too little too late as bologna go to the stadio olimpico to hand Roma their fourth League loss Since winter break as bologna storm the Italian Capital with a 3-2 victory. Bologna stay hot while Roma seems to be on the verge of collapse.



Bologna are ON FIRE


Bologna is on fire right now and they are heating up at exactly the right time. In a big match against Roma at the stadio olimpico they found things quite simple even though Roma eventually got back into the game at the end bologna was significantly the better team throughout the game. They are starting to pick up a lot of form by surprise they are they finding themselves in a European battle. Last season mihailovic took them from relegation to a top-10 finish in Italian football. Coming into the game yesterday they were 12th in the league they were able to climb up multiple spots into 6th Place. Roma still has quite a bit of distance between themselves and the likes of bologna and Cagliari who will be fighting for that spot and maybe Napoli if they can continue to play well. Despite that this was a team that was more or less in the midsection to the bottom half of the table just not that long ago. They started this hot streak and keep on picking up points which will help them continue to drive for that Europa League spot. They brought in Musa Barrow to pair with riccardo orsolini and have quality in the attack and the Midfield. If their defense is able to hold up more consistently this is a team that realistically could fight for the final Europa League spot it is going to be difficult and challenging because Caglalri and Napoli and even Parma have it in their sights but if they continue to play like this they certainly have a chance for European football next season yesterday they were significantly the better team and they proved it over the 90 minutes if they can play like that or somewhat close to that level the rest of the season at European spots will not be far-fetched after all.



Musa Barrow 


Musa Barrow was Sensational in a big match against Roma. Bologna is in great form and it’s picking up momentum on a regular basis. They’re really starting to look like a team that is capable of getting into the Europa League next season. They have come from mid-table into the top 10 as they now sit behind Roma in 6th Place this would be enough to see their European ambitions come true. Musa Barrow looks like he’s going to give them another dimension. He was one of the best players of the weekend with a sensation was play on the road against Roma at the stadio olimpico. One of the performers of the week without question he was just something else especially coming forward. The gambian Striker was a big problem for Roma as bologna got a shocking victory at the olimpico. He came forward with pace and athleticism and roma simply could not deal with it. He end up scoring a vital goal to put bologna back in front after they had just conceeded. Scoring a curler from outside the box in to the top the back of the net an absolutely Sensational hit that gave bologna the momentum back in the game. He continued to push forward as he was a nightmare to deal with. In the second half he scored what would turn out to be the defining moment of the match taking the ball from the center of the pitch all the way inside the Box cutting through the defense and calmly slotting the ball into the back of the net to give the victory. He is only played just a few matches for bologna since making his move in January. This was his first start for his new club scoring twice being the biggest difference in the results. He recently moved to Bologna from Atalanta where he was struggling to find playing time. He scored that hat-trick in the Europa League qualifying two years ago and hasn’t really done much since. Last season he scored just five goals but wasn’t really viewed as an important piece of the team. This year for Atalanta he only played seven games as he opted for a move away. He joined bologna on a loan deal with an obligation to buy which could be really important for Bologna’s European Ambitions. He has proven to be a really exceptional player and worked well with riccardo orsolini. In a high-stakes game against Roma he was just flat-out special if he continues to build on what he did this weekend this will not be the last time we will hear about him. This week simply put he put together one of the best performances of the weekend as he earned his team a shocking victory in Rome.

Defense Again



Roma clearly did not learn their lesson from the abomination of a performance last weekend. In both of these games they fell behind by multiple goals having to crawl their way back into the match. They had chances at the end of yesterday’s game and the game last Sunday. However they dug themselves into a hole in each of the games and couldn’t get back into it. Defensively Roma over the last two weeks hasn’t been absolutely horrible. I do believe they can turn this around but they have no confidence at the moment and they are not playing well enough to get the job done. If they’re not careful they will lose out in the Champions League this season. With Atlanta now having a three point lead unless Roma beat them next weekend this Champions League spot will become further and further from their reach. This season has gone significantly better the last year but Roma hit a wall and I can’t seem to figure themselves out. The sooner Roma start getting some form and make some improvements the better. Defensively just has been unacceptable Gianluca Mancini is a excellent Defender and so is Smalling but over the last two games they have laid an egg in the performance and haven’t been up to the standard the two of them as well as the other pieces. When Roma was unbeaten in nine matches a large part of that was because of how well they were able to defend especially on the counter-attack. Musa Barrow and Francesco Caputo over the last two games highlighted the cracks of the Roma defense. Both players got out of the counter-attack and ended up with multiple goals. Eliminating the counter-attack may not be something that’s possible but trying to slow it down it’s something that needs to happen. Defensively they’re starting to look like they did last season. I do have faith that Roma can fix this problem but it’s not seemingly getting better may be some changes need to be made in the backline I’m not sure what needs to happen here but this isn’t something that Roma can get used to. Roma are desperate for that Champions League spot and they defend like they have the last two weeks if not going to happen changes.


Only Positive: Carles Perez


Yesterday they were very limited positive to be taken from a match in which they just failed to perform. Yet again another performance that is nothing less than uninspiring. However there was one positive thing that happened throughout the game. The inclusion of Carles Perez made the difference in the second half. Roma had very little chances and didn’t really control possession as bologna came forward often. Cengiz a once-promising Roma star has been horrible. There were a few times in the last couple games and which he is played well but outside of that he hasn’t been good enough. He was taken out in the second half when Carles Perez came in for him everything changed. Carlos Perez  joined Roma from Barcelona. The momentum of the game changed when he entered the match. He didn’t seem to have nerves and was able to perform almost immediately. He made the difference and that is one of the biggest talking points of this match. The momentum completely shifted and roma found their way back into the game. He had a scoring chance and supplied several for teammates. He controlled his position and showed a lot of promising things. It is clear to me that Carles Perez needs to be the starter in that position. Roma need points and fast Roma need to make some sort of change within the team because of what has transpired over the last 2 weeks its clearly is not working for them. He was the biggest reason that Roma ended up getting back into the game. After his performance his opportunities are Justified and potentially Roma can line up with Justin kluivert on the wing Lorenzo Pellegrini in the middle and then Carles Perez on the other wing. Under has had too many opportunities to prove themselves in a short amount of time Carles Perez has proven and shown that he is capable of handling Italian football and what Paulo Fonseca has asked him Carles Perez with a larger amount of minutes could make a bigger impact on the team. Roma have a really tough matchup next weekend and Carlos Perez has proven that his contribution on a more regular basis could help Roma immensely. So far Roma’s new signing has been brilliant and with significantly more minutes he should really be able to make an impact on a team that needs points there weren’t very many positives from the match but Carlos Perez at least gave Roma some positive reinforcement going forward he has the potential to become something really special Point Blank he needs to start games.

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