Atalanta comes from behind in Bergamo putting a dent in Roma’s Champions league ambitions #764

Atalanta 2 A.S Roma 1FT


Following back-to-back losses, Roma found themselves in a really dangerous situation with Champions League football hanging in the balance. Roma faced Atlanta in Bergamo one of the most dangerous teams to play at the moment. Atalanta has the best attack in the league with 61 goals from 23 games. Atlanta was the team that gave Rome of their first loss of the season. Atlanta could sweep the season series. Roma had dropped their previous two games this was the wrong time to play a team like Atalanta. Despite this, they made improvements from the last two weeks. They made some lineup changes the Hope was it would help change the performance and perhaps get them a result against one of the best teams in the league. Even though Atalanta was the better team throughout the first 45 minutes there were not a lot of opportunities between the two teams. It was very possession football However opportunity fell to the feet of edin Dzeko at the very end of the first half and he took advantage of it scoring a goal to give Roma a 1-0 lead. They had the momentum however Atalanta are comeback Kings and have several come from behind victory. Atalanta scored two goals in 19 minutes to start the second half as they came from behind to take a 2-1 lead. Roma continues to try to battle back in the second half even had opportunities to at least get a point from the game. They showed progress from their performance over the last two weeks even though that’s not saying very much. It’s too little too late has Atlanta went to win 2-1 to open up a six-point lead in the Champions League race with a victory. Roma’s Champions League’s Ambitions may have to come from winning the Europa League as Roma dropped their third consecutive game getting into that for the position it’s becoming more of a dream than an expectation as Atalanta complete the season sweep as Roma’s skid continues.


Despite speculation about Paulo Fonseca changing his formation, the Roma manager maintains his 4-2-3-1 formation at that he has used almost exclusively this season. However, they would be some major shake-up within the team. In goal between this post as always would be the Spaniard Pau Lopez. Coming in at left-back would be a Leonardo spinazzola. Beside him, we would see a change to the center-back partnership as Chris Smalling is paired next to Federico Fazio someone who has yet to play consistently this season. Then at right-back would be Bruno Peres who hasn’t made a start for Roma in over a year. A potential Risk by Paulo Fonseca but if there was ever a time to take risks it’s tonight. They would be some major changes in the defensive Midfield as well. Gianluca Mancini who has played center back alongside Chris Smalling all season has made a couple of appearances in defensive Midfield. In tonight’s match, he’s pushed forward back into the defensive Midfield being pair next to him would be Lorenzo Pellegrini as he drops further downplaying in the defensive Midfield instead of playing further up which he is done most of the season. In central Midfield would be Hendrick Mkhitaryan as he gets another start after scoring last weekend. On the left-wing would be Diego Perotti then on the opposite side on the right-wing would be the energetic Justin kluivert. Then as always upfront as the main Striker will be edin Dzeko Roma would have options on the bench with Carles Perez and Jordan veretout.

After preparations and predictions, the match was just about to get underway in Bergamo. Atlanta and Roma would go head-to-head in one of the matches of the weekend. In the early parts of the game, they seem to be more together and collectively on the same page unlike the week before. However, Atalanta is the League’s best attack and we’re going to have their opportunities to break it open. Atalanta had somewhat the control of a match and in the early portions of the game had opportunities to breakthrough. The hosts came close when Papu Gomez put his foot through a Josip ilicic through ball that Atalanta Captain blasted at Paul Lopez with the Roma keeper was able to make the save. They were trying to stamp their superiority in the early part of the game. Roma did struggle to create very much in the first half while a good portion of the opening 45 minutes with keeping Atalanta at arm’s length. Atalanta was the better team but Roma would finally get a chance after 20 minutes gone as Diego Perotti’s strike from the side of the box came really close just narrowly missing. It wasn’t a game that supplied a lot of chances at least in the early parts it was a lot of anticipation and possession football trying to orchestrate a well-timed attack. Even though at times it seems like Atalanta was dominating the game it was more back and forth than many would have thought. There weren’t very many chances for either team. Atalanta, we’re getting forward with Josip Ilicic and duvan Zapata looking dangerous. Meanwhile, Justin kluivert for Roma was showing how explosive he can be when he has space and time to operate the defense had a really difficult time trying to control his athleticism. It was a really exceptional first-half for the Dutchman. Near the half-hour, Mark Josip ilicic came really close to the opening goal after being set up by a robin Gosens the striker ripped a shot from the middle of the box that came extraordinaire they close but just misfired slightly. The later the match went on the more Roma started to grow into the game late in the first half it looked like Roma had multiple chances to breakthrough. It all started with a cross from Diego Perotti near the touchline. This followed Lorenzo Pellegrini getting his head to the ball near the goalkeeper leaving a mostly open at a strike from outside the box that would be deflected by the defense Clearing out what should have been a sure-fire goal. However, even though Atlanta was the slightly better team in the first half all it takes is one chance to break a match open. A mistake from the Atalanta defense gave Roma the breath of fresh air they needed. Following the defense of mistake, edin Dzeko had the ball on the breakaway cut through just outside the box as the Bosnian calmly slotted the ball into the bottom corner to give Romo a 1-0 lead seconds before the end of the half. It would be Edin Dzeko’s 15th goal of the season but more importantly, it gave Roma the lead going into the second half.


Obviously, Roma, we’re happy after the opening 45 minutes it was a very productive and positive first half of football. Even though Atalanta was the better team at the least so far in the match Roma was able to get that opening goal to give them the confidence to send them through the rest of the game but the job was not done yet. They would have to fend off the comeback Kings which is no easy task. Roma had some momentum going into that second half but even despite that this is Atalanta did what they do best. Just minutes into the second half in the 50th minute and just like that they were back in this game. Palomino stuck his foot through a header coming at the far post off a corner kick sticking it into the back of the net to equalize all Pau Lopez could do was watch. After Atalanta equalized they came guns blazing coming forward. They nearly took the lead just a minute later Raphael dropped from outside the box in what was a vicious strike Paul Lopez made an exceptional save to keep it even before a second Atalanta attempt misfired. A huge save in that moment of the game from Pau Lopez On that very same attack Federico Fazio got his foot to the ball that steered the ball away from the goal Atalanta would breakthrough in the 58th minute after just coming off the bench Pasalic scored in 19 seconds got inside the box and hit a rocket into the top corner to give Atalanta a to 2-1 lead. Roma had that momentum going into the second half and just like that it disappeared and evaporated. Roma would make their first change after the goal as Carlos Perez came in for Justin kluivert. I’m completely behind Perez coming into the game but taking out Justin kluivert who was having a fantastic afternoon was a mistake. Paulo Fonseca would make yet another change in just a few minutes later as Gianluca Mancini came out for Jordan veretout. As the game continues. Roma would look for that equalizer. However, there was not a lot of time to consolidate something from the game. Even with the lead Atalanta didn’t quit and continue to go forward Pau Lopez denied Pasalic. Preventing what would have been his second goal of the game. Just a few minutes later edin Dzeko can close as he was looking for the late equalizer. With about 12 minutes to go Roma would make their final change as Gonzalo Villar came in for Diego Perotti trying to infuse some energy into the team. Federico Fazio came within reach of scoring but his header was blocked by the defense denying any chance of a comeback. Romo drops the third straight game as Atalanta opens up a big gap in the Champions League race Roma are dealt with an unpleasant afternoon in a 2-1 loss to Atalanta Roma’s their struggles continued.


Roma’s skid only continues after dropping their third straight game on the road in Bergamo on Saturday night. This was a make-or-break opportunity for Roma. They were playing a mountain of a challenge vs the league the best attack. This match was always going to be difficult and although I’m not surprised by the results it just feels even more frustrating as Roma lose their fourth League game since the start of the new year. Many teams would struggle to beat an Atalanta team that is filled with Talent from back to front and a breathtaking attack. However, this was the game Roman needed to get something from. They have made things incredibly difficult for themselves after the performance. Atalanta now has a six-point lead ahead of rum which makes a run to the champions league for Roma almost insurmountable. Even though Roma were the Underdogs and rightly so given how Atlanta is playing and going on the road in that Stadium regardless of who you are it’s always very difficult. Despite that, it puts Roma in a really difficult situation as they are still having difficulty picking up points. Roma has lost again as things are getting tense in the Italian capital. The previous two games were absolutely embarrassing performances. Paulo Fonseca made some adjustments and for the most part, it worked. The performance itself wasn’t that bad but it still wasn’t enough. In fact, in this game Edin Dzeko gave Roma the lead and just like that it evaporated. They allowed Atalanta to storm back and come from behind to beat them. Things have gone from bad to worse and it’s time to seriously look at the job Paulo Fonseca has done. Even though I think he has the capabilities of doing something incredibly special he has to find a way to get Roma out of this funk or his job could be on the line. Roma played well Atalanta were just better and that’s why they find themselves in this situation. I was not a fan of some of the decisions made situationally. Justin kluivert was electric throughout the match and should not have been taken out at least at that point in the game. He’s not perfect and he can make mistakes but throughout the match, I thought he was one of them as best players he is my man of the match and for that very reason I seriously question why he was taken out. Carlos Perez should have been brought on but there’s no questioning that but the decision to take out Justin kluivert I think affected the way they played the rest of the match. This team is in dire need of results if they keep on dropping games the deficit will maximize further. It was a very good performance but it didn’t matter becuase they didn’t do enough to collect all three points. the displeasure was with the results, not the performance. Every game has to be must-win from now on until they get back on their feet the Europa league maybe the other route to the champions league if things don’t start changing