Most Expensive to Underrated: Neymar’s Journey Part One #795


Neymar is one of the best players in the world many have viewed him as the heir to Messi and Ronaldo when they are finished playing. The Brazilian has had a ride unlike any other. Sometimes it’s hard to put into perspective how good he has been throughout his career. Being from Brazil there’s always been a sense of pressure to deliver on the biggest stage in the biggest moments. It’s really hard to replicate what has already been done in Brazilian football. A country that other than a loss in a World Cup final to Uruguay been spoiled with success. Pele having one three World Cups which is an astonishing achievement. The fans and supporters of expect Continental success at every opportunity. Sometimes almost prematurely crowning the next biggest star in Brazilian football. Brazil is the most successful team in International Football therefore World Cup’s countless Copa America titles & More. Neymar is a player that Brazil crowned as the next Superstar of this generation to take them to World Cup Glory. While he hasn’t been able to deliver on that as of yet he’s still only 28 years old and we’ll have another shot at that trophy. Two World Cup semi-finals you see the progress of what he is building. Neymar as a youngster was one of the most talented footballers we have ever seen. Not quite to the Messi Ronaldo level but not far off. He has been one of the best players in the world for almost his entire career. He ended up scoring 136 goals in his first Four Seasons at Club level. Has continued to deliver on the international stage as we have seen him become one of the most successful players in Brazilian football. His development eventually earned him a big money move to FC Barcelona. He would join the world’s greatest player Lionel Messi and eventually Luis Suarez would join as well. Neymar went to an outrageous level at Barcelona finishing third in the Ballon d’Or winning the Champions League along with two League titles and countless cups. The front line of Leo Messi Luis Suarez and Neymar was one of the best ever seen in football history. The general perception was after Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo or done it would be Neymar’s world. After all that time in Barcelona taking his game to an outrageous level he decided to depart to potentially take his control of a club trying to prove to the world of football that he could thrive and deliver on the biggest stages without Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. Neymar understood it was mutually impossible for him to win the Ballon d’Or or get the credit he thought he deserved while playing alongside the greatest player in history. PSG emptied their Bank for the Brazilian Superstar they paid 226 million for his services. It Still Remains the highest transfer in football history. He continue to thrive and play at a world-class level. Neymar at this moment is the second best player in the world. However certain circumstances have blurred our vision. The rise of Killian Mbappe has distracted many the French superstar has played on just another level than we have seen from many young players in football. However with other players also showing certain qualities many people have forgot how great Neymar is. He happens to be a level above everyone in football. When Neymar left Barcelona he was without question one of the three best players in the world. Even his harshest critics would even acknowledge that. Since being in Paris because the French league isn’t at the level of La Liga a large portion of the football community has lost sight of his qualities. While the French league isn’t La Liga the Premier League the Bundesliga or Serie A it is still a top-5 league many people call it a farmers League but thats just not the truth. There are those who started to suggest that maybe there are more than a couple players better than him. Since being in Paris when healthy he has been at an outrageous level many people even start to think he has been a disappointment in his window to be the best player in the world. It’s crazy how things happens in football sometime. Certain situations or scenarios can change someone’s complexion and how they are viewed in the football world. Some of his Antics have fueled the fire but his product on the field has been blinded by the community that just wants to see the next big star. Not realizing Neymar still is one of the best three players in the world. It’s funny how things happen sometimes seeing different things unfold. Neymar was bought from PSG for 226 million when healthy he has been unbelievable as crazy as it may sound. Neymar has gone from the most expensive player in history to underrated. No matter how much impact he has in Paris when PSG are at their highest level he never gets any of the credit it’s always Killian mbappe but when things go wrong he always gets the blame Neymar is the second best player of the world but he has become quietly football’s most underrated player.





Neymar at Barcelona

FC Barcelona v Real Sociedad de Futbol - La Liga

The country of Brazil has produced some of the best footballers we’ve ever seen. Obviously Pele the man who won three World Cups and is generally regarded as a top three player in football history. The all-time greats that have won in Brazil shirts is absolutely unbelievable. Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, R9 Ronaldo, Romario and countless others. Many of them have produced the World Cup they have more International trophies than anybody in history. Brazil is always searching for that next star that generational Talent that will take them back to the promised land. Even though it has not happened since 2002 when R9 Ronaldo lit the World Cup on fire Brazil produced one of the biggest generational talents in football history a kid by the name of Neymar a flashy player but yet a player that delivers on the biggest stage collects the biggest trophies and is becoming a legend in football. Neymar was a kid at Santos the same club that Pele played for as he tried to continue to keep that tradition going. There has been a lot a pressure on Neymar since his breakthrough on the Brazil National Team. The country has viewed him as their next Superstar that next player who will take them to a World Cup trophy. That hasn’t happened yet but in terms of a talent of a young player he was unlike anything we’ve seen. Neymar made his Santos to do at 17 years old. He was a superstar from the first time he touched the ball. In five years at Santos he racked up 136 goals plus another 17 on the national team at just 21 years old he had a 153 career goals. That’s more than most Strikers have in an entire career It was clear from the very beginning he was just a special talent. Just his second year on the senior teams at Santos he put together one of the greatest Seasons we have seen from someone at such a young age. He scored 42 goals in 2010 he was a superstar and it would only be so long before Real Madrid or Barcelona with scoop him up. During his time at Santos he collected six trophies and really develop himself into the best young superstar in World football. He won the FIFA puskas award given to the player with the greatest goal. On top of that the trophy and the goals he was World Soccer young Player of the Year and was the most valuable player at the Copa libertadores as well as winning South America football of the year two years in a row. He was a generational Talent a player that had skills and ability to concur the world. When you look back at football history Neymar as a youngster Is in a similar class to Messi and Ronaldo. He was already a world-class player before he even played one game for Barcelona. Neymar’s on Pace to break Pele goal scoring record for Brazil this is the type of player he was even before he reached a club of world-class status. He completed his move to Barcelona for 57.1 million with 190 million release clause in his contract. When he arrived at the Camp nou he was greeted by 56,500 fans his introduction. It was one of the highest transfer fees for a player of his age group. Before joining Barcelona officially he participated in the confederations cup that summer a tournament held prior to the World Cup which would take place in the summer in his home country of Brazil. Brazil won the trophy winning the confederations cup against Spain. Neymar was named player of the tournament and was the second highest scoring player in the competition. Leo Messi and Neymar played against each other in the FIFA Club World Cup while Neymar was at Santos. Neymar describes Leo Messi as one of his Idols. He was going to have the opportunity to play alongside him. Neymar struggled significantly during the first season in the camp nou but really started to pick it up late in the season. Many players would have described him as selfish at least during that first season. Neymar in Brazil was the main guy and everything went through him at Barcelona that just wasn’t the case it took him a while to learn how to play collectively as a team But once he got going there was no stopping him. Barcelona struggled That season despite being on the verge of a title Athletico Madrid ended up taking the league title and beat Barcelona in the Champions League quarter-finals. Meanwhile Real Madrid beat Atletico Madrid in the Champions League final as their rivals from Madrid lifted the world’s most exclusive trophy Barcelona also lost to Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey. Neymar scored 15 goals in all competitions that first season. That summer Neymar Led Brazil to be semi final of the World Cup. He was one of the best players in the competition but unfortunately got injured in the quarterfinals against Colombia as he had to watch his Brazil teammates get embarrassed On home soil as Germany knocked them out of the semi-final in a 7-1 annihilation. That summer Barcelona would sign bad boy Luis Suarez who had just recently been suspended for months without pay after biting Italy’s captain in the World Cup Something that Luis Suarez has done done it was his third offense. It was a risky deal however Luis Suarez however Luis Suarez was unbelievable at Liverpool scoring 31 goals and was the best player in the league That season but Liverpool crumbled in the biggest moment. The Uruguay International jumped at the opportunity to link up with the world’s best player and a rising star joining Neymar and Leo Messi at the Camp nou. Barcelona had their missing piece. They created one of the best attacking teams in football history with a trio that scored 122 goals that season. Leo Messi had 58 Neymar had 39 and Luis Suarez had 25. Barcelona ended up winning everything completing a treble once again. Winning the league, the Copa del Rey and the Champions League as they beat Juventus in the final with Neymar scoring a late goal to put the nail in the coffin. Neymar was one of the best players in the world who started to get the praise and a claim that he deserved. He was recognized as one of the best players not only in the league but in the Champions League as well he and Leo Messi both scored 10 goals in the competition. Neymar came third in the Ballon d’Or That season as Messi picked up the trophy for the fifth time. The next season the trio was even better than the year before they ended up retaining the league title finishing just one point above Real Madrid. MSN accounted for 131 goals 31 goals for Neymar 41 goals for Messi and an astounding 59 goals for Luis Suarez. This truly was one of the most unbelievable teams in the world. They won the league title back to back the FIFA Club World Cup the UEFA super Cup and the Copa del Rey. They ended up going out to Atletico Madrid in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Real Madrid would go on to win the champions league for the second time in three years. but Neymar only continue to grow as one of the world’s best players everyone started to recognize the type of qualities and world-class ability that he certainly has. Neymar last seaosn in Barcelona did not go as well as he would have liked. Only 20 goals that season being the architect behind the greatest comeback in champions league history. Against PSG and the quarterfinals the French Champions beat Barcelona 4-0 in the first leg and even got an away goal in the second leg. However Neymar and Messi and Company lead them to one of the most dramatic finishes in champions league history they beat PSG 6-1 with a stoppage-time goal from Sergio Roberto. They went out to Juventus in the quarterfinals. Real Madrid won the league and the champions league as Barcelona was just left with A Copa del Rey Triumph. The trio combined for 111 goals Neymar scored 20 Lionel Messi scored 54 and Luis Suarez scored 37. In a three-year period This was the most poisons attacking trio. They won the league twice in a three year span we thought that they were going to run it back but Neymar found an opportunity to be in control of his own team and eventually he took the chance. In Four Seasons at Barcelona Neymar scored  105 in 186 games including 21 goals in the Champions League showing and proving that he is a big-time player. He was a big reason why Barcelona managed to win 8 trophies and four seasons but Neymar wanted a change of scenery in hopes of benefiting his career and Legacy.


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