The Most Expensive to Underrated: Neymar’s Journey Part Two #796

226 Million Move to Paris Saint Germin


PSG going into the summer had one Target in mind. It was going to be difficult it was going to cost them so much but the one thing they wanted was the Brazilian genius in Barcelona that wears number 11. PSG wanted Neymar and they were going to do anything they possibly could to make that happen. Paul Pogba made a move to Manchester United the summer before for 120 million at the time was the richest transfer in football history. By the end of the summer that would no longer be the case. PSG forked out 226 million for the Brazilian Superstar. Neymar loved Barcelona and enjoyed playing next to and alongside his Idol. However Neymar realized he would never get the praise that he deserved ans would never win the Ballon d’Or on the same team as Lionel Messi. Neymar didn’t necessarily want to leave Barcelona but he felt it is what he had to do the better his career. Looking Back now I’m not sure Neymar would have made the same decision as it has been reported that he would open to a return to Barca but regardless of what people have said about him in the last couple years he still is significantly the second best player in the world and he only got better in Paris. Eventually he agreed to the deal after a lot of talks he completed the move. PSG captured the signature of the hottest player on the market and one of the best players in the world. A generational Talent that could help them achieve their goal of the Champions League. As soon as he arrived PSG landed yet another Superstar. Monaco’s Killian mbappe who lit the champions league on fire with Monaco the season before on their way to a league title against PSG. To sum up PSG needed Neymar they had lost the league and blew a massive Champions League advantage that was ripped apart by Neymar himself at Barcelona. Since moving to PSG Neymar has dealt with injury problems but when he has played he has been unbelievable even though it is the French League he has proven his world class abilities consistently even if the rest of the world was falling in love with Killian mbappe it was still quite obvious who was their best player was. Neymar and mbappe got along well and together they were Sensational along with and Edinson Cavani even though he was aging has the ability to score goals. PSG ran away with the league in his first season. Neymar scored 28 goals in 30 games for PSG an injury in the Champions League against Real Madrid shortened his season as PSG ended up going out in the round of 16. PSG ended up winning the domestic travel winning both French cups and the league title. PSG ended up winning the league title the next season as well Neymar was as good as ever but another injury saw him play even less games than the season before. Once again getting hurt at the wrong time as he was injured before PSG collapsed in a Champions League round of 16 match up against Manchester United had he played there’s no way Man United would have come have come back. He scored 23 goals in 28 games. By every metric Neymar was still the best player despite the statistics that Killian mbappe was putting up. There was a Rumors in the summer with a return to Barcelona or a potential move to Real Madrid nothing really materialized. It’s hard to say what’s happening and even though an argument can be made that he’s a little Kyrie Irving to him and brings a certain element of drama he is definitely worth the trouble. He stayed in Paris and put all the rumors to bed as he has had one of his most productive seasons since being in Paris so far this year. PSG this season is loaded with Edinson Cavani Mauro Icardi Killian mbappe and Neymar. In 22 games he has 18 goals this season as he continues to show the world once again that he is one of the best players in the world. He may not be one of the more likable players in the league but without question Neymar is the catalyst to the PSG attack and has shown to be just on a different level then everyone else when he is at his best. PSG has had the reputation of choking in big moments in his first two seasons he was unable to play at least part of the Champions League knockout stages. Neymar has been healthy this season and has been able to play in those moments. PSG lost to Real Madrid and Manchester United in the previous two seasons because of injuries he was unable to play in some of those games. They met Dortmund in the round of 16 and even though they lost the first leg in Germany Neymar scored an important away goal they gave themselves a chance. Then the second leg Neymar was nothing short of sensational scoring once again as his strike knocked out  Dortmund showing his qualities as a big-time player that plays better on the biggest stages. The Champions League campaign this season begs some serious questions had Neymar been able to play in the previous two games against Real Madrid and Manchester United would PSG have really gone out? He takes the team up another level when he is at his best only Leo Messi can really challenge him. However all of a sudden he has become underrated. It seems many don’t see him in the same way as they once did. Neymar has only gotten better each season had he been healthy all three years so far there’s no question he would have scored 30 goals in each of the last two seasons. So many have been blinded by what Neymar has been actually able to do. He still operates on a level that is just above and beyond anyone else around him. How does one of the best players in the world go from the most expensive player in history to underrated? People are having a hard time seeing what’s in front of their face Neymar is the most underrated player in World football there is a significant distance between Neymar and the third best player in the world it’s strange why so many people have failed to see that. Neymar has become underrated because we’ve lost sight of the impact that he makes every single week everybody wants to see the big new star we’ve seen people fawn over many of the young players that have broken out from their shell but none of them even remotely compares to a Neymar has done at PSG and Barcelona.



Neymar’s Personality and the Rise of Mbappe 


Neymar does certain things that at times in the rub of people the wrong way. He may not be the world’s most lovable Superstar there are certain things about the Brazilian that sets people off and why people view him a certain way. The fact of the matter is the likability of it player should not reflect how we view their qualities. However it seems with Neymar he has become underrated because he is not well-liked around the world. Don’t get me wrong he’s still one of the most popular players in football however there are many who just cannot stand him. His personality and the drama that he occasionally does bring has in some ways reflected on how he is viewed by the fans and the media which has controlled the message as he has become underrated because he does not enter the conversation for the best player in the world anymore. A lot of the people bring other players into conversation that are significantly behind Neymar in every aspect. The reason Robert Lewandowski and Killian mbappe and others are in that conversation more so than Neymar is because they are just found more likeable. Diving is something that football fans just cannot stand for and Neymar is one of the biggest abusers of this. He does it a lot and sometime when it’s not even necessary overreacting to fouls so on and so forth this is one of the things that rubs people the wrong way. In a different respect he does things on the pitch that a lot of people don’t like taking the ball away from Edinson Cavani who is going to take a penalty and things like that and his flash isn’t always well received. His personality doesn’t help his situation and has made contributed into the fact that he has become underrated. However even if he Dives and play acts more than he should he is still significantly better than any other player in football other then Messi. Neymar is the only player in the world that really can challenge real Messi for the best player in the world. There are great players playing in all the different leagues in the highest moments delivering for their teams on Neymar is just on an unreachable level. It blows my mind that he does not get the credit he deserves. Part of his personality may contributed to why he is viewed in football in the way he does but no matter what he does somehow it’s always his fault. When PSG is playing great football and winning games in Europe and domestically on a consistent basis who gets the credit? Killian mbappe when things are going poorly and PSG are in bad situations and moments who gets the blame? Neymar. This is a twisted system Mbappe rise to prominence has blinded the rest of the world of who Neymar is. Killian mbappe is one of the best youngsters I’ve ever seen he is just sensational and has the potential to be a football legend. He has performed on some really big stages and deserves a lot of love that he is getting but he may be the most overrated player over the last several years in modern football. The kid is special he really is but people have crowned him before he is earned it. He scored in the World Cup final and was special in that tournament but the France team was largely orchestrated through Antoine Griezmann. He’s electric he is sensational he is such a fun player to watch and just a likeable kid but he has not reached the level that people are appointing him. There’s no debate who the most impactful player on PSG is. Many people are starting to stay that Neymar got out of Messi Shadow and ended up under Mbappe which is an egregious statement. Neymar is the man in Paris if he’s healthy all the time there’s not even a discussion to be had. The rise of Killian mbappe has a blinded people’s vision and thinking in regards to Neymar. If he was more likeable maybe people wouldn’t be disregarding Neymar as much as they are but that’s just the world we live in right now. There’s not an argument to be made for Killian mbappe as a better player than Neymar. Neymar is heads and tails above The rest of the world not named Lionel Messi because of the social media generation and football look for a new star people are losing sight of that. Killian mbappe is unbelievable a phenomenal Talent once-in-a-generation player much like Neymar but Neymar is just on a different level. Leo Messi and Neymar exist in a place that is unreachable for rest of the football world. How people have underrated him so much is beyond me. Neymar has a better goal to game ratio, better assist to game ratio, creates more big chances, misses less big chances, more dribbles per game and has a better match rating then Killian mbappe. He leds PSG in every statistical category When comparing starts to Neymar and Killian mbappe. Killian mbappe special but he’s just not Neymar. Neymar is the most underrated player in World football. In the big matches and the big moments he has delivered El Clasico matches against Real Madrid Champions League finals on every level on every state he has delivered consistency. But because sometimes he rolls around on the ground people wanted ignore everything that is so blatantly obvious about the Brazilian genius. PSG could not get out of the round of 16 without Neymar the 1-year he’s healthy for The Knockout stage PSG advance to the quarter-finals. Only two players have scored more goals in The Knockout stage of the Champions League then Neymar  in the last 7 years Neymar has 13 goals in The Knockout stage the only ones with more are Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi the aliens. People think Neymar lost the opportunity to become the world’s best player. He will be the world’s best player when Messi isn’t anymore. Neymar will win the Ballon d’Or one day. The injuries Is the only thing that has really kept him from being in this conversation. Neymar is better now can he has ever been and and they still fail to give him the credit he deserves there’s something wrong with this picture. Barcelona have missed Neymar severely even they Barcelona manged to capture the league title in each of the last two seaosons they have become very inconsistent with out Messi they would be a mid-table team. The Last two seasons in the champions league campaigns with Neymar Barca choked away a 4-1 lead against Roma as Roma knocked out Barca on away goals beat Barca 3-0 in Rome. Then last season Barca had a 3-0 lead against Liverpool heading into the second leg at Anfield Liverpool beat Barca 4-0. These things wouldn’t have happened had Neymar still been at the Camp Nou that’s why Barcelona are so desperate to bring him back they have been lost without him the team just hasn’t been the same since his exit. If Neymar can stay healthy he will be widely regarded as the best player in the world less in less than 2 years from now when a Leo Messi’s time at the top expires Neymar will be crowned Neymar is the only player in the world football on Messi’s level. Leo Messi is still the best player in the world while Neymar has become the villain Neymar will take his place if you can’t see this I can’t help you just open your eyes.

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