Snakes in the Grass: Mauro Icardi’s Divorce from Inter Milan Part One #797


Inter Milan is one of the greatest football clubs in the history of the sport. They have produced countless trophies a winning mentality iconic coaches and an emphatic atmosphere at the San Siro I have often referred to as football’s Cathedral. It has been a long way back after the Champions League Triumph and League titles the club lost its way. They became almost irrelevant they are always going to be a big Club regardless of where they were in the league table but Inter Milan didn’t mean the same thing anymore. The iconic past of a once-great team didn’t seem to have the relevance in current-day. They eventually found the way back but it has been a struggle to capture that success that they had back in 2010 where they defied the odds winning Italy’s first ever trouble under Jose Mourinho. Since that season they haven’t even lifted a trophy. Forget the trophies forget that success Inter Milan went through a dark period they became unwatchable. No one really woke up on a Saturday or Sunday morning waiting for Inter Milan. It was a dark times they needed something to inspire them and give them a reason to watch Inter Milan in hopes of eventually finding their way back. The signing of Mauro icardi provided them that Spark. Even though it did not necessarily lead to Trophies it made Inter Milan relevance even though there were some low moments during his tenure in Milan. Mauro icardi changed life for the Milan Giants. In a battle of relevance between Inter Milan and AC Milan who both had fallen off Inter Milan managed to put themselves in position to win AC Milan still trying to figure that part out. Mauro icardi was a Barcelona graduate of the famous Youth Academy La Masia eventually being scooped up by Sampdoria and then ending up at the San Siro with Inter Milan. Mauro icardi had the bad boy image and there’s certain parts about him that rub people the wrong way. In light of all of this Mauro icardi became one of Inter Milan’s greatest ever players. Scoring 124 goals in six seasons one of the highest scorers in club history. He developed himself into a superstar in Italian football the most clinical finisher in front of a goal that I’ve ever seen in Italian football. He had the world at his fingertips breaking records scoring great goals. Eventually it all collapsed the question is why? who was in the right and who was wrong about the situation? A falling-out took place between Mauro icardi and Inter Milan. A club he once Dreamed a playing for in hopes of lifting a trophy. What went wrong? Mauro icardi occasionally has created a certain level of drama wherever he goes but I’ve always viewed him as a drama that’s worth the risk. After falling out over a new contract his wife and agent Wanda Nara started stirring things into chaos leading to a distrust between Mauro Icardi and his teammates. She became a snake in the grass that internally wrecked Mauro Icardi future in Milan. He was sent off to Paris on loan to try to rebuild his reputation. Meanwhile Inter Milan hired Antonio Conte and signed Romelu Lukaku the Belgian Striker was given his number 9 shirt before he departed. This has been a war with words and this has been a really messy divorce who was right question? who was wrong? What role did each party play and the Eternal collapse in Milan?


Before Mauro icardi started breaking records at Inter Milan he started a place we’re great players offten begin their careers. Mauro icardi spend several years in Spain on a small club in their Youth Academy. Eventually he would move to Barcelona joining the famous Academy of the catalans La Masia. An academy that has produced the likes of Cesc Fabregas, Lionel Messi, Sergio busquets, Andres Iniesta, and countless others that have worn those colors and become a part of one of the biggest football clubs in the world. Mauro icardi spent several seasons in the Barcelona Academy. He grew close play player by the name of Maxi Lopez the best friends eventually turned mortal enemies after an unspeakable thing happened between Mauro icardi and his wife Wanda Nara but during that time they were close friends and built a special relationship. Barcelona never gave him a chance who playing the first team Mauro icardi was scooped up by Serie B side Sampdoria. Before he learned his moved and to Milan he developed his game at sampdoria. Spending some time in their Youth Academy before getting an opportunity to prove himself with the sampdoria first-team. Mauro icardi scored 13 goals in 19 games with the Primavera team sampdoria signed him to his first professional contract. He ended up being the top scorer in the reserve league in 2011 scoring 19 goals which was the top scorer in the league. He made his first-team debut in the 2011/2012 season sampdoria at the time we’re still in Serie B he only play two games that season but managed to score his first goal. It was clear that Mauro icardi was a big game player he scored his first goal in Serie A in a victory in the derby against Genoa. Midway through his first season he scored twice against Juventus the eventual League champions as they beat them 3-1 at Juventus Stadium which was the first loss they suffered since the stadiums Construction. Mauro icardi helped them Escape relegation when he scored four goals against Pescara lifting Samp to safety. Then on the final match of the season he scored against Juventus again as sampdoria did the double on the League champions. Mauro icardi scored 10 goals in his debut season in Serie A. He had proven all the qualities to be an outstanding Striker.


This alerted the San Siro as Inter Milan came in to finalize the deal with sampdoria. the transfer fee was 6.5 million with 50% registration rights. Mauro icardi was given the number 9 shirt for Inter Milan at the time of signing he said he had a lot of offers only wanted inter he called the move a “dream come true”. He was at a big club now that was going through tough moments Mauro icardi is exactly what they needed. All of a sudden Inter Milan matches became more entertaining because of the rising star that they poached from sampdoria. Mauro icardi dealt with some injury issues in the early part of his career but once again he proved to be a thorn in the side of Juventus. The striker missed most of the first part of the Season returning in February. At the back half of the Season he really started to get it going. After 4 months he returned to action scoring a winner against Florentina. He scored braces against bologna and against his former side sampdoria. The sampdoria supporters booed him but he shot them up scoring scoring an early goal he made a gesture towards them that saw him get booked but he had the last laugh as Inter Milan collected all three points. In the Final match of the Season it was Inter Milan Legend Javier Zanetti last competitive match of his career. Mauro Icardi scored against Lazio As he celebrated with the Inter Legend in his final game. The victory earned them a place in the Europa League qualifying rounds. Inter Milan finished fifth That season with Mauro Icardi scoring nine goals in 23 games averaging a goal every 145 minutes. Had injuries not played a part in his first season he would have scored twice as much. The next summer Inter and Sampdoria reached an agreement to terminate the co-ownership for another 6.5 million making his transfer from the year before around 12 million. In the Europa League qualifying rounds Mauro Icardi would score his first goal in European football scoring an goal in the first leg and twice in the second leg as Inter Milan Advance the group stage of the Europa League. Inter struggled significantly throughout the next season but nonetheless Mauro Icardi stayed as consistent as he’s been. He scored a hat-trick the second match of the season in a victory against Sassuolo also scored against the Sampdoria again converting a 90th minute penalty against his former team. In the second half of the Season Mauro Icardi scored against Juventus yet again a team that he has punished regularly It ended in a 1-1 draw at Juventus Stadium. He has come up in the big moments and throughout his career even at the beginning he showed his ability to come through on the big stage. However his selfishness did seem to be a problem in that game he had a yelling match with his strike partner who was upset at Mauro icardi for shooting instead of supplying the simple pass. Walter mazzari was sacked as Inter Milan saw the return of Roberto Mancini. Mauro Icardi scored 27 goals in all competitions That season as Inter Milan finished in 8th despite Mauro Icardi winning the Golden Boot as Inter Milan failed to qualify for any European competition for the second time since 1999.



Late in that season conflict would start to arise and his reputation would be at risk. In a loss against sassuolo Icardi tossed his shirt to fans who then threw it back at them as words were exchanged But more on that later. In the 2015 season Mauro icardi became captain at just 22 years old. The striker signed a new contract despite attention from abroad he stayed put Signing a deal at the end of the season. Despite being captain and being easily the team’s best player. His attitude started getting in the way of the team’s success. In a frustrating loss he took shots at them teammates about the lack of service that they had given him. He was benched the following week after his actions despite the fact that Roberto Mancini claimed it was a tactical decision. Unlike the previous year Inter Milan had moments during the season. Mauro Icardi scored in his 100th match for Inter Milan taking Inter to first place at the end of the year. Manchester United looked to be very intrested in bringing him to Manchester during the transfer window they tried to secure his services But Inter Milan a rejected a 30 million transfer for the striker. Late in the season he scored his 50th goal for Inter Milan and all competitions having achieved that at an incredibly rapid pace. Inter Milan finished fourth in the league despite at many moments looking like a title-contending team Mauro Icardi scored 16 goals that season. Despite the striker doing well he’s scored significantly less goals then the year before. In the summer Roberto Mancini left for Frank de Boer. Inter Milan once again struggled even though Mauro icardi was having a sensational season. They weren’t a lot of great moments but Mauro icardi record against Juventus only improved he scored twice in a come-from-behind victory At the striker had scored 7 goals in eight games against them making them his favorite opponent. He followed that up with scoring in 4 consecutive games as he was on fire. Just a couple months into the season he would sign another contract extension which would put in place + 110 million release clause. He thanked his wife Wanda Nara and his teammates at Inter Milan. At this point Wanda Nara was his representation it wasn’t clear At that point what a disaster that would be. That year was one of the most productive seasons of his career. He scored 24 goals in the league which was his highest tally ever as well as 26 in all competitions. He was one of the most efficient players in the top five leagues. However the Frank debor experiment never worked he didn’t make it through the season and was eventually replaced by Stefano Poili. They went out in the group stage of the Europa League and finished all the way down in 7th. Outside of Mauro Icardi’s productivity they were very little positive to take from. The 2017-2018 season was the best year Mauro icardi career. He scored in his first two games of the season that included a goal at the stadio olimpico as he helped Inter Milan overturn a deficit. It was Inter’s first victory at the stadio olimpico in 9 years. Inter Milan was much improved and really started to see ambitions for Champions League football under new manager Luciano Spalletti. Not long after their hot start Mauro Icardi scored his 76th goal for Inter Milan as he became one of the clubs top 10 goal scorers. His hot start only continued as he scored a hat-trick in the Milan Derby against cross-town Rivals AC Milan as becoming the first player to score a hat-trick in the derby since Diego Milito. Throughout That season he was just a killer on a different level than everybody else he broke records significantly throughout that entire season he was just special during that campaign. Against sampdoria he scored a 14 minute hat trick scoring four againt them it was his sixth hat-trick in Serie A and he reached the Milestone of 100 League goals as he became the sixth youngest player to achieve that at the age of 25 and 27 days old. Late in the season he scored against chievo Verona taking his League total to 26 becoming the first Inter player to achieve that since Antonio Angelillo in the 1958-59 season. He also becaming the first Inter player to score at least at least 15 goals in three stright seasons since Zltain Ibrahimovic and Chrisitan Veri. He contributed a goal against Juventus but the league leaders came back to beat Inter Milan it was his eighth goal in 11 appearances against them A a mind-boggling turn over. On the final match day of the Season against Lazio the winner would go to the Champions League. Mauro Icardi contributed a penalty in a come-from-behind win for Inter Milan who qualified for the champions league for the first time since 2011 having the head-to-head advantage against Lazio. He finished the season with 26 League goals and 29 goals in all competitions becoming the first player to reach it since Antonio Angelillo. Mauro Icardi was one of the best players in the world at his position and just led his team to the Champions League Everything was going well for him until it all fell apart.




Mauro icardi did not start the season well it was Luciano spalletti the second season in charge and the club had brought in another Striker the young vibrant Latuaro Martinez. It was a challenging situation because the two Strikers are not necessarily equipped to play together. While Mauro Icardi prefers to be on a loan strike line. It was a very complicated situation Inter Milan’s Ambitions for the league title Slipped Away very early even though it looks like they’re going to finish in a Champions League spot it was a rough start not just for Inter Milan look for Mauro Icardi. However in the Champions League he was as good as anyone he scored a late equaliser against Tottenham Hotspur in what was an eventual victory. He scored again against PSV as inter came back to win. He became the first Inter player since Adriano to score in each of his first two Champions League matches. In the big moments he still continued to deliver. In a goal against SPAL it took him to 103 goals matching Christian vieri as the 7th highest goal scorer in club history. As per usual Mauro Icardi scored in the derby against AC Milan as Inter won his fifth consecutive game at that point in the season. Even though Mauro Icardi was not at his best the disaster didn’t seem to be an issue at least yet. Inter Milan’s captain was stripped of the armband as turmoil started to heat up. Mauro icardi wife Wanda Nara started making comments against his teammates and management in reaction to this Luciano spalletti stripped him of the captaincy and gave it to goalkeeper Samir handanovic. This enraged Mauro icardi the striker refused to play in the club’s UEFA Europa League match against Rapid Wienn. Martinez balled out as Inter Milan made the round of 16 but was shot down by Bundesliga side Frankfurt in the Round of 16. Mauro icardi removing himself from the team caused their Europa League campaign to end had he been in the lineup they surely would have gone a lot further than they did. After being out of the team for 53 days the club announced he would return to action.  Inter Milan got back into the Champions League but it was a disaster season for Mauro icardi. He scored 17 goals in all competitions but only 11 in the league. The turmoil that was created by Wanda Nara and the drama that Icardi himself created Midway through the season certainly did not help himself as it seemed like his time in inter was going to come to an end. Mauro icardi in the summer pre-season tour was not listed on the roster. The club had appointed Antonio Conte as the new manager. He wanted no part of Icardi and a director at Inter Milan told him he would never play for the club again. Inter Milan had the opportunity to take the high road but instead they retaliated. In August they signed romelu Lukaku from Manchester United and handed him Mauro Icardi’s number 9 Jersey. A huge display of disrespect for one of the greatest players to ever play for the club. He left Inter Milan as one of their greatest ever players scoring 124 goals goals in 219 games truly one of the best they have ever had. Mauro Icardi found a home as the club sent him on loan to PSG with an option to buy at 70 million. It is unclear what will happen Beyond this season but Mauro Icardi greatness at Inter Milan cannot be denied both parties played a role in the departure that could have been solved.

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