Superga Air Disaster: The Fallen Hero’s of Grande Torino Part 3 #807

Dark Times: Torino Decline 


Torino football club had to deal with an incredibly difficult time. The great champions lost their lives the team of invincible a club that gave the City hope was taken away from them. All 31 lives taken in the hill of Superga tragedy. There was a certain loss of belief and as the city, went through some really difficult times it was challenging having to deal with the loss of the young men that gave the club so much hope and admiration. Even though the reserve team managed to still win the title the year of the tragedy there was a level of uncertainty of what was to come from a Torino team that has the capabilities of becoming one of the biggest names in World football. In the modern-day Torino isn’t what they once were that’s not really their fault had the tragedy never occurred they would be on a similar level to Real Madrid. Their trajectory was heading to the Mountaintop unfortunately the plane was heading the same direction. It was a long time before Turin felt a sense of hope again. They were bigger than just football the impact they had on the city and the country greatly affected by the great tragedy. There really isn’t an easy way to grieve it’s always difficult and challenging regardless of the scenario or situation but losing the great Champions certainly put a dark cloud over the city especially over the club that never really recovered from the crash. There are Redemption stories up clubs going through tragedy and recapturing the greatness but this was just different. They were no survivors from the crash they removed the hope and pride of the city that puts so much on the Grande Torino team. A dark time was awaiting them it even seemed like Torino could not catch a break. At the time of the crash there was only one scudetto separating Torino and Juventus it was a true rivalry that was fueled in the city and made the football so much more enjoyable every match meant something because of what occurred between the two teams while Torino did gain temporary glory as the years gone by they began to live in the shadow of Juventus that was becoming the greatest Club in Italian football. After having so much success and putting together the greatest team in the history of Italian football they were the pride in the joy of their Homeland and Country but a decline was about to ensue. The fall of Grace began following the crash Torino had a decade of misery the 50s was an era that pushed Torino backward the club did what they could to try to recover But ultimately it seemed the task was too massive to handle it. Gabetto isn’t walking through that door, Valentino Mazzola isn’t walking through that door Franco Ossola isn’t walking through that door it’s hard to recover from so much history in quality to nothing they lost everything including hope. In Torino, without them, people in the city thought lost felt like they couldn’t do anything it was a long time before they felt that feeling again and even in the modern-day Torino still doesn’t quite feel it. The disaster largely impacted the culture of an attitude of the city. In the 1949-50 season, they managed to keep themselves afloat and competitive even if it didn’t last very long. It got worse from there in 1950-51 they barely escaped relegation finding themselves in 17th with only nine wins all season. They followed that up finishing 15th, 10th, 9th, 9th, 11th, 7th, and 8th over the majority of that decade. What Torino once was didn’t exist anymore. The Following season in 1958-59 the unthinkable occurred as Torino took a Mighty Fall that no one ever thought it would come to. During that season they finished 18th with only six wins as they were bottom-of-the-table conceding a league-high 72 goals. The great Torino was relegated to Serie B. Meanwhile Juventus was becoming the Dominant Force in the city Juventus hadn’t won the league That season but now had 10 League titles to their name As separation from Torino was taking place. The Following season in 1959-60 they won the second division losing only three games but despite that had more draws than wins. Even after their promotion they still struggled to recreate even a modified version of the Grande Torino team that captivated the globe. Over the next 3 seasons, they finished 7th, 12th, and 10th. In that stretch, they made the Coppa Italia final and Lost it may not be The image of Grande Torino but at least they were starting to show some stability.



Another Tragedy: The Death of Gigi Meroni “The Maroon Butterfly”

The incredible story of Gigi Meroni: Italy's answer to George Best ...

In the 1963-64 season, they hired future AC Milan Legend and two-time European champion Nereo Rocco. Even though he had not achieved those things yet he started to guide the ship in the right direction. The new manager signs the team’s first Superstar since Valentino Mazzola. Rocco secured the signature of Gigi Meroni “La Farfalla Granata” translated as the “Maroon butterfly”. His first year in charge Torino finished 10th under Rocco and made another Coppa Italia final but still came up short in the hunt for that trophy. Rocco helps Torino make a jump during the next season he took a Torino team that had gone through so much pain and Agony over the last decade back to a point where they could compete. In 1964-65 Torino finished third even though both Inter Milan and AC Milan finished significantly in front of them they were competitive in the league and for the first time in a long time it looks like they had a team capable of something special no one would ever replace Grande Torino But at least there was some sense of belief again. The next two seasons they finished 10th and 7th they may not have been hunting for trophies but there was somewhat of consistency in the league they weren’t in a relegation battle for a long time Rocco started that Trend with his time there. However, on October 15th, 1967 The city of Torino had to deal with another tragedy. Gigi Meroni the maroon butterfly lost his life. Meroni was hit by a reckless driver with a teammate Gigi Meroni died. He looks like he was going to be a star in 103 games he scored 22 goals was incredibly quick and agile Winger and was gifted the number 7 shirt. He was considered one of the most promising young Stars in Italian football he was often compared to George best he had an incredibly high ceiling and could have been an all-time great had he been given more time. He was only 24 years old when he died the club had to deal with the death of Grande Torino and now another star who had to join them. The belief once again was taken away from them as the city had gone through so much as it is this was the last thing they wanted to see. Despite the tragedy Torino finished seventh that season along with winning the Copa Italia it was the first trophy that Torino was able to put in the cabinet since Grande Torino. 2 years later in the 1970-71 season, they would win the Copa Italia again. They were starting to build momentum they finished third that season that and we’re in the top six for the next 9 seasons.

1993 Coppa Italia Trophy for Torino 

Breaking the curse: Torino's triumph in the 1993 Coppa Italia ...

The people of Torino have endured so much suffering since May 4th of 1947 the Hill Superga ended up breaking the culture in the city. They have waited a really long time for the potential of rehabilitating what they once built. From 1975-1977 we saw a short live rebirth of the Rivalry between both clubs from the city. Competitive firepower would drive both teams over a two-year stretch. Unfortunately, it was unable to be maintained beyond that but Torino at least had somewhat of a reason to believe again. Before the 1975 season, Juventus had lifted their 16th league title there was a true separation between two teams that used to be quite close and fought for titles against one another. The year before the 1975 season Torino had finished in 7th place. In April of 1974 the architect of Grande Torino Ferruccio Novo died at the age of 42 he was so important to Italian football it was yet another loss for the city as its people and they had to say goodbye to someone that ment so much to Turin. The cause of death was undetermined but many of the locals believe that it was of a broken heart his life was never the same after the crash. In 2014 the Former Torino president was elected to the Italian football HALL OF FAME the year that followed would be done in his honor.



Restored Glory: Torino win first League title Since Grande Torino

The 1975 season was one of the best campaigns in the history of Italian football. 27 years after the Superga disaster Torino had an opportunity to forget the pain that they went through as they were in a title race with the opportunity to win their first title since the great Grande Torino lost their lives. It had looked like Juventus was going to win the title last season they had a five-point lead in the spring before things started turning around. Torino was building a comeback against a Juventus team that was starting to dominate Italian football. Juventus lost three games in a row down the stretch which included a loss to Torino in the derby. A very vital and important result as Torino overtook Juventus late in the season. Torino held a one-point advantage until the last game of the season. Perugia upset Juventus on the last game of the season while Torino split points with Cessna as Torino lifted the league title for the seventh time and the first time since the Grande Torino team lost their lives a 27-year absence of the league title was finally restored. Francisco Graziani & Paolo Pulici lead Torino’s Frontline in the attack they were crucial an instrumental in the title win that season. Were they as iconic as Gabetto and Valentino Mazzola maybe not but they lifted the first scudetto since the accident which gave the supporters a sense of hope for the first time in almost 30 years and they added another Coppa Italia to the trophy cabinet.. In the 1976-77 season, they nearly went back to back in another dog fight to the Finish against Juventus. Torino That season only lost one game and had the highest scoring attack and the best defense in the entire league. Nine times out of 10 a season like that would have ended in Glory but unfortunately, they fell one point short of the title has Juventus claim their 16th title at the expense of a Torino team that was trying to come back from an Irenvence. In 1978 Torino finished second again Torino during that era we’re one of the top teams in Italian football but a slow decline would occur slowly but surely. The fact of the matter is it was almost impossible to recreate what they had done with Grande Torino but even short-term glory gave them satisfaction and admiration for a group of people who felt like they lost it. However, during a 3-year span, they had an opportunity to win a league title every season. Even though Torino only lifted one league title it applied enough satisfaction that hope was restored within people who had one gone too long without it. Torino still hung around they finished 5th in 1978 and 3rd in 1980 even while they were declining they were still keeping their head afloat in 1985 they finished second place again as Hellas Verona conquered their first-ever title but nonetheless even on the way down they kept competitive they may not have reclaimed the success that the fans would have wanted but they gave the supporters Joy even if it only ended with one scudetto and a Coppa Italia. Their attempt a glory eventually came up short as they were relegated for the second time in the 1989-90 season. 

Relegation,Serie B and Bankruptcy 

Bianchi match issued shirt, Torino, Serie B 2011/2012 - CharityStars

Just like their first relegation, they came right back up The Following season. following their promotion they made some really important signings that led them to qualify for the UEFA cup The Following season. Torino knocked out Real Madrid in the 1991-1992 UEFA cup semi-finals the last on their way to the final but fell to Ajax. In addition to that they finished third place in Serie A. A year later Torino would lift the Coppa Italia against Roma despite finishing 9th that season. That’s when unrest time began with the club. They went through some financial difficulties and continued to switch out managers and presidents no matter what happened things only seemed to worsen. They were relegated for the third time in 96-97. They spent three seasons in Serie B this time as they found life more difficult to come back. Even when they were promoted and 1998-1999 they were relegated immediately going right back the second division. They would be promoted again and spend two seasons in Serie A before being relegated yet again. From the years 2003-2007, they spent three seasons in Serie B. Then in 2004-2005 they reached their lowest point. Financial troubles continued to drag them down they filed for bankruptcy on August of 2005. they went from the great Grande Torino to a span of success to bankruptcy how the mighty have fallen. the Italian Football Federation accepted a proposal of a new professional entity formed by a group a businessman and led by a lawyer the club right was granted admission to the picucci law which granted registration to Serie b as well as all the sporting titles of Torino Calcio in August of that year the club announced the president and with a sale the club changes name to Torino Football Club. Torino would go on to achieve immediate promotion in 2005-2006 after winning the playoffs. Torino escaped relegation and hung around for three seasons but once again the side was relegated to Serie B during the 2009-10 season. The Torino president named Gianluca Petrachi as a new sporting director at Torino but the club failed to gain promotion That season and the one following. Despite that, the director had done a very good job with Torino during his time there. Torino has not been relegated since. However, from 97 to 2012 the club had dealt with four relegations that included spending 11 seasons in Serie B. Since then they have finished mid-table or worse but have not had to deal with relegation since the 2011 promotion. They have consistently finished in the middle including three separate times finishing 9th in the table as well as to 7th place finishes in which they overachieved. They have gone through a lot of different managers and different players in 2015 they brought in Andrea Belotti he has been hit and miss since joining the club. However, he has had a few campaigns that made him a truly outstanding. At one point he was so good that they added a hundred-million-dollar release clause in his contract he never quite has lived up to the expectations after that but he is at least a star that Torino has and hold close as he now wears the armband. It’s been a long process it’s been difficult even though they have attained stability they never recovered from the Hill of Supera.



Torino In Modern Day: Andrea Belotti and Mid-Table

Andrea Belotti Poster by YoussefHesham-gfx11 on DeviantArt





















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