La Liga Team of the Season Part 3 #811

Striker: Leo Messi, Barcelona  

Leo Messi extends lead as top scorer in La Liga

Leo Messi is the greatest player in football history he is operated on a level that is unexplainable to mankind and has been a representation of the dominance in La Liga. In Spanish football, there is never ever been a better player and there have been a lot of greats but no one has ever operated on this level in this league at any point in time he is in a league all by himself. The accolades that he has received in the past don’t necessarily reflect how he is played and gone through this season. Leo Messi has nine League titles with Barcelona this season there is a good chance it would have been a 10th which is unprecedented in European football. It was a title race between Barcelona and Real Madrid only two points separating them but when you have the best player you have the best chance to overcome that he has been the best player and the best forward in the league for the 9th consecutive season. Had this year concluded he would have only cemented his legacy even further for what he has been able to do on Spanish soil. No one will ever be able to repeat what he has done. This season has been no different. We have seen some deterioration with his competitive rival Cristiano Ronaldo with Leo Messi there still none to be found. He may not have scored the highest number of goals he ever has but his impact and the way he has influence the game has not changed. He missed several matches to start the season due to injury once he came back it was like he never left. He’s had multiple hat tricks including a game in which he has scored four goals. Leo Messi’s value in the Barcelona team is pretty clear without them what are they? They are a mid-table team. Without Leo Messi Barcelona would finish somewhere in the middle of the table they would not be challenging for titles or trophies which continues to show his value within the Barcelona team. Unsurprisingly Leo Messi is the highest-scoring player in La Liga this season with 19 goals adding with his league-leading 12 assists. He is averaging a match rating of 8.61 which is the highest in Spanish football and scores a goal ever 97 Minutes which is also the highest in La Liga. Every weekend he proves again and again that he is the best player in the world. The distance between him and everyone else is the Pacific Ocean. He is truly operating on a level that is beyond comprehension at the stage. Leo Messi the best player in the world and the greatest player in history he walks into the team of the season every season but this year has been even more important. Barcelona has struggled Antoine Griezmann has not found life very easy at the Camp Nou and they have dealt with a lot of injuries on top of all this his impact alone and his link-up play with Luis Suarez has Barcelona at the top of the table. It’s unlikely that the season will continue but even with that, it is truly astounding the position that Leo Messi has taken an average Barcelona team two they were top of the League table with two points clear of Real Madrid Messi basically orchestrated that by himself while he does have helped it’s only been minimal and this Barcelona team has not been legitimately a world-class side since Neymar left Leo Messi is carrying this team and making them look better than they are he has picked up 13 man-of-the-match Awards which even more highlights the impact and efficiency he has on an average of Barcelona team. Leo Messi is the reason they appear to be great even though truly they are not. He would be my player this season yet again and he just walked into the team of the season because he’s Lionel Messi.


Striker: Luiz Suarez, Barcelona 

Barcelona confirm Luis Suarez knee operation - Sports Mole

The final spot of my team of the season goes to Luis Suarez. Since being in Barcelona he has been as consistent as any Striker over the last four to five years. There have been moments and which he has struggled and not looked as consistent as he often does. He is on the back end of his prime and no longer can be truly considered as the best striker in the world as he has been off and refer to over the last several years. However, even though he’s starting to slowly decline he still has been as important and consistent as ever before. Luis Suarez has only been named man-of-the-match on three different occasions but largely because he is teammates with the greatest ever player. Had he been more or less by himself he would have three times as many awards then he does. Despite that Luis Suarez and Leo Messi continue to link up beautifully. Ever since Luis Suarez made his move to Barcelona he has been consistent with Leo Messi and the two of them have worked well together and continue to do so even after Luis Suarez is slowly declining. He is the third-highest score in the League this season with 11 goals and seven assists and a 7.56 match rating. Given everything that has gone on this season with injuries and a lack of consistency, some from Barcelona still find themselves on top of the league before the season was postponed. A lot of that is attributed to Messi and even if Luis Suarez wasn’t there Lionel Messi would still find a way to make things happen but Luis Suarez plays a vital role in the success and impact that Leo Messi has had on the team. Having a player like Luis Suarez has been a reassurance policy for Lionel Messi. Luis Suarez may not be in his prime anymore but he still has those moments in which he plays at an unbelievably high level. We had seen that in some really big games in La Liga as well as the champions league and even though his goal total was going to be his lowest since joining Barcelona. The quality that he has had in this team still proved valuable. It’s not just his goal-scoring it’s the way he’s able to facilitate opportunities for his teammates. Barcelona has dealt with inconsistencies in the attack but the two consistent factors have been Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi. Luis Suarez may not be in his prime anymore but over the majority of this campaign, there’s not been a better striker in the league. Even though Karim Benzema has done well this season Luis Suarez has come through in big moments I may be in the minority I still believe Luis Suarez to be world-class and even though his statistics may not show that his impact within the team certainly shows when you watch Barcelona play. Leo Messi quite clearly is mostly responsible for what Barcelona has been able to do this season but without Luis Suarez, this just doesn’t work to the same extent. They’re top of the league because Leo Messi is the best player in the world and Luis Suarez complements him incredibly well they fit together. Just like on the pitch Luis Suarez joins Leo Messi in the team of the season.

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