A Move to the Capital: Why Moise Kean needs Roma move Part One #817

Everton Disaster


Moise Kean is one of the best young prospects in Italian football. The Juventus youth product showed his unbelievable quality during the back half the last season. He provided the league Champions a different component that they did not have before him being involved in the team. He only played 17 games for Juventus last season. Still, he did more than enough to solidify himself as a young talent in Italy not only domestically but for the national team that was scheduled to be a part of the European championships this summer. He was starting to look like one of the best youngsters in the entire league when he went through a wicked stretch that saw him perform like of the best strikers in the league. He scored his first goal in Serie A 2 years ago in the 2016-2017 season since then he went on the loan to Verona the following season, but his arrival didn’t really take place until Midway through last season. All of a sudden he was becoming a crucial part of the team. It wasn’t only Juventus that was noticing teams around Europe were looking at a young star that could help them going forward. He scored 7 goals in 17 games. It may have been a small sample size, but he’s scored in some big games along the way. He had proven to have all the qualities and intangibles to be a future star for the Italian national team. However, even though Moise Kean showed his ability to handle the pressure of playing for a big club like Juventus were willing to part ways with a player that was just getting his feet underneath Him. Juventus ultimately let him go as Everton came in for him; the fee reached 27.5 million euros plus 2.5 million in add-ons. The move did seem a little bit premature after only having played 17 games, but in the end, it wasn’t really his decision he was being pushed out by Juventus at least it felt that way. Even though Moise Kean has not exactly had a great time in England, it may have been a mistake, given the circumstances. Juventus are in the tightest title race since they started the domination of Italian football over the last several seasons. Moise Kean is someone who would have continued to learn the Juventus way and would have provided somewhat of a spark, especially off the bench. It has not been the greatest season for Juventus, and if it weren’t for the Brilliance of Paulo dybala, they would be in a much more difficult situation. However, some accountability needs to be taken this season as the Everton situation has not worked out for the young Italian; not all of it is his fault, but he has to take some responsibility for some of it. It has been nothing short of an utter and complete disaster in England. It was a strange move even at the time Moise Kean is plenty capable of handling top football in England but the situation has been more harm than good. His reputation has taken a slight setback. Moise Kean didn’t necessarily do anything particularly wrong at least consistently he never was really given a chance at Everton, which is the biggest problem he has at the moment. He is not getting enough game time and has been misused by the Merseyside club; he’s only made 22 appearances this season scoring just one goal. In a game this season he was brought on as a substitute and taken off within 15 minutes of being brought on. A lot of this has to do with Everton not being able to handle him and the fact that it seems that a good portion of the problem has been the lack of opportunity to show what he can do. This move itself would have cost a place in the Euro 2020 Squad. However, Moise Kean has to be held somewhat responsible as he was dropped from a match for disciplinary reasons after showing up late to a meeting and after the quarantine epidemic with a coronavirus, he was caught having a party despite the strict rules by the government. This has not sat well with the people at Everton, and there certainly are some red flags with Moise Kean. Moise Kean and Roma have been in negotiations for quite some time, Roma tried to bring him in January to act as a replacement and a backup Striker for Edin Dzeko. After seeing Nikola Kalinic, not living up to the opportunities. It ultimately didn’t go through despite that the interest is still there and a move back to Italy would suit him Roma seem to be the favorites in this regard as they have significant advantages over a returned to Juventus and a move to Inter Milan. Roma seem to be in the driving seat to secure his signature it is a little bit complicated, but a move to the capital would help him rebuild his reputation joining Paulo Fonseca’s side makes the most sense for Moise Kean. A move to Roma would help him recreate the potential and the promise that we saw last season at Juventus.


Relationship with Roma Youngster Nicolo Zaniolo


Moise Kean relationship with Nicolo zaniolo could be genuinely essential not only for pulling off this deal but for making it work both for Roma and Moise Kean. By all accounts, Nicolo Zaniolo is the best young talent in Italian football. There may be a lot of rising stars in the ranks, but Nicolo Zaniolo is clearly the best young star in Italian football. That doesn’t necessarily mean he has the highest ceiling, but his potential in what he could become with Roma could be truly crucial not only to the club getting back into the Champions League but also ending Roma’s trophy drought. Nicolo Zaniolo is the key to getting the best out of him at Roma. Moise Kean and Nicolo Zaniolo essentially have grown up together playing through the different ranks of the Italian national team. They are best friends, and Nicolo Zaniolo being at Roma would help him so he can get back to the way he was playing before. Now putting best friends together on the same team doesn’t always necessarily work; however, there’s a certain vibe about them, and the way they have played at the National Team level has proven they will get the best out of one another. Nicolo Zaniolo is the best youngster, but he will only improve being surrounded by Moise Kean and vice versa. Nicolo Zaniolo is incredibly creative in the Midfield, and he could help him progress regardless of what role he will be given. Not only that, but there are several links between them the way they play fit together, and they could create something truly extraordinary together in the capital. Moise Kean coming to Roma will solidify the future of Nicolo zaniolo. Roma’s young midfielder has spoken out a multitude of times of how much he loves playing for the club, and there’s a reason he committed his future to Roma last summer. However, he is a highly-regarded player, and there are teams throughout Europe that are chasing him. With that being said, if Roma was able to bring Moise Kean to Roma, Nicolo Zaniolo would be the less reluctant to leave even if the club agrees to a deal to sell him. Putting these two together sets up Roma for the next decade. Both players are incredibly young talented and have all the intangibles and abilities to take Roma to the highest level they possibly can. Not only that, their families know each other. Earlier this week, the father of Nicolo Zaniolo spoke about the future of Moise Kean, urging him to join his son at Roma. Stating that he believes his son would help progress Moise Kean into the player we all know he is capable of becoming. Bringing these two together would only add to all the young talent that already exists inside the team. Even without Moise, Kean Roma has the best young core in Italian football. Justin kluivert, Nicolo Zaniolo, Carles Perez, Gonzalo Villar, and the team also has several stars under the age of 25 like Bryan Cristante, Adama Diawara and Lorenzo Pellegrini as well as many others. Adding Moise Kean to this core would set this team up for success. Maybe even progress getting Roma to the level the fans and the players expect, but there’s no question in my mind Moise Kean would be a piece of that puzzle. Use the relationship with Nicolo Zaniolo and find a way to pull the trigger. This may not seem like the biggest deal, but this is the most crucial part of trying to bring in the striker. Nicolo Zaniolo has been recruiting him for months if the transactions are agreed he will be wearing a Roma jersey next season. Moise Kean Needs a team to believe in him Roma just might be that team. Roma is building a winner, and Moise Kean may turn out to be important for the future ahead. There are some red flags that come with Moise Kean, but Nicolo Zaniolo can help him manage those issues so this deal can work for both sides.


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