Bundesliga Weekly Review Match Day 28 Part 1 #822

Bayern 5 Frankfurt 3FT

Five-star Bayern Munich handles Eintracht Frankfurt (video)

Bayern Munich in return to the Bundesliga last weekend, did not look like themselves. Even though they managed a 2-0 victory against Union Berlin. Bayern came out a little rusty, and it was an utterly unconvincing performance against a side that they should have beaten convincingly. I had my doubts and concerns about this team going forward, at least through the rest of the season, after that performance. Bayern Munich, still despite the unconvincing performance, is at the top of the league, and we’re hoping to stay there. Bayern Munich clearly learned their lessons as they came out with completely different energy against Frankfurt. Bayern Munich got annihilated by Frankfurt 5-1 in the first match between these two teams. Frankfurt has had a relatively good campaign but has struggled over the last couple of weeks. Bayern Munich had a score to settle, and even though Frankfurt has the quality, Bayern Munich looked like a completely different animal. They required a resurgence of confidence and momentum as they play Dortmund this coming week; they needed to go into that game with a particular type of energy. I don’t know what the changes were between the match against Union Berlin and the one against Frankfurt, but they figured it out, which makes them a severe threat still. It turned out to be one of the most dramatic matches of the weekend. Bayern Munich had early control, and we’re showing superiority, especially in the early part of the match. Bayern Munich against Union Berlin seemed to struggle with communication this week; everyone is on the same page; they wanted to avoid a repeat performance from the last time these two teams what head-to-head. Robert Lewandowski came close in the early part of the game, but a strike from the middle of the box hit the post. A frustrated Robert Lewandowski should have done better with a service he had on the wing. However, it wasn’t going to be for too long until they pushed themselves in front. Thomas Muller, who has been the orchestrator of the Bayern attack and the leader of this team, applied a touch of perfection to put Bayern in front. Thomas Muller hit a cross from the wing inside the box to Leon Goretzka, who struck the ball out of the air drilling the ball into the back of the net to give Bayern Munich a 1-0 lead. It would be Thomas Mueller’s 17th assist of the season. He has been nothing short of spectacular this campaign. Frankfurt fell out of this game early; they didn’t really come back to life until the second half. They had a few chances, but other than that, they created next to nothing against the Bayern attack that was licking its lips. Before not too long, Bayern managed to double their lead. This time on the foot of Thomas Muller. Alphonso Davies had a perfectly placed ball from just outside the box, finding Thomas Muller in the right position at the right time. The German-controlled the ball with his foot before striking it out of the air in what was an acrobatic strike to give a Bayern Munich a 2-0 lead. Will that go Thomas Muller had officially. It went from bad to worse for Frankfurt in the closing moments of the first half Bayern Munich got on the counter-attack as ball movement was recurring so swiftly. Kinsley Coman was on the Run just before the ball is about to go out of bounds struck across into space to find Robert Lewandowski, who connected on the header in what was a truly spectacular cross and finish by Bayern Munich. It would be Robert Lewandowski’s 42nd goal in all competitions. Bayern Munich built a massive lead. Frankfurt looked dead in the water after the first half but somehow found their way back into it. Frankfurt struck twice in a matter of minutes, coming off two set pieces to minimize their deficit to 3-2 to start the second half thanks to Hinteregger. All of a sudden, there was a game on our hands at least it appeared that way briefly. Bayern Munich eventually supplied a knockout punch. After a mistake in the Frankfurt backline, Alphonso Davies took the ball inside the box before putting it into the bottom corner to give Bayern Munich a 4-2 lead. Then to finish off the job Serge gnabry on a terrific counter-attack forced on own goal by Frankfurt.As Hinteregger ended up scoring a hat trick but not the one he would have wanted as he was responsible for two Frankfurt goals and the final Bayern Munich goal of the game. Bayern Munich came out firing there was so much fluidity about them it was a nearly perfect performance they showed the Bundesliga that it’s going to take a mountain effort to stop them from the title as they cruise to a 5-3 Victory. They have momentum going ahead of the biggest match of the season on Tuesday as they take on Dortmund. Bayern Munich will be prepared to end any title ambition that Dortmund has This is precisely what the doctor ordered for Bayern Munich.



“Berlin Derby” Hertha Berlin 4 Union Berlin 0FT

Bundesliga | Hertha Berlin hit city rivals Union Berlin for four ...

The Berlin Derby kicked off the Bundesliga this weekend as hertha Berlin and Union Berlin matched up for only the third time since the derbies Inception. They have not played often, and there isn’t really a considerable animosity Factor yet, but there certainly will be after this game. Union Berlin, for the most part, has been in Bundesliga 2 while Hertha Berlin has been a constant in the Bundesliga, which is why this derby is kind of uncommon just because they’ve only played a limited amount of matches with meaning. With that being said Hertha Berlin just escaped Union in the previous matchup, which fueled the derby with fire. Hertha Berlin, since the return of the Bundesliga, has actually been one of the best teams they were devastating against Hoffenheim in what was a 3-0 Victory attributed mainly to a massive second half. This game actually kind of went the same way while Union Berlin fell short against the Bundesliga leaders Bayern Munich they had that fight though as at times looking very much in the game. On Friday night, we saw a goal show, but none of these things occurred in the first half. The first half was a bit dry and didn’t offer much at all. Matthias Cunha and Dodi Lukebakio had to pretty decent chances for Hertha Berlin, and Union Berlin came close on A really well-hit free-kick. Still, outside of those three chances, there was nothing really spectacular about the first half it was dry and, at times, unenthusiastic. However, from the first kick of the ball, Boyata was absolutely Sensational. It was an ugly first half, but he dictated the game from the very tip and was the reason Union Berlin could not create much; he did such a good job in the defensive Midfield area and provided all the attacking prowess we saw him the first half carry his team. He would even carry it into the second half which is a big reason why Hertha Berlin was able to breakthrough. In the second half, Hertha Berlin provided an avalanche of goals. Just like they did in the math last week, it was a second-half explosion. Once the goal started, they did not seem to stop. Very early in the second half, a cross coming from the wing met Vedad Ibišević Inside the Box as he converted on the header to give Hertha Berlin a 1-0 lead. They didn’t have to wait very long for another directly from the kick-off union Berlin try to strike on the counter but slowly got interrupted by the chemistry of Union Berlin. Hertha Berlin got the ball from the box and quickly got a back-heel pass that converted into the Midfield before they hit a long pass from the center of the pitch. It created a one-on-one with a striker, and the goalkeeper Dodi Lukebakio dribbled around the goalkeeper, sliding the ball into the back of the net to give them a 2-0 lead. Hertha Berlin hit back twice within minutes. Unfortunately for Union Berlin, it didn’t get much better. Hertha did not have to wait very long to extend it even further. A cross in the box that had a failed bicycle kick, but despite this, Hertha regained control hit it from the outside of the box as Matthias Cunha hit a one strike Dagger into the bottom corner from the outside of the box to give them a 3-0 lead. Matthias Cunha and Boyata have been one of the best players since the restart of the league. Cunha has scored in now four consecutive games; this strike added it to catalog. It got even worse for Union Berlin. Boyata, who was the man of the match of this game that was dictating the entire match through the Midfield. He was being a Dynamo he decided he wanted some of the goal-scoring action off of corner he wasn’t going to be denied as Boyata saw his header rip through the net. Giving Hertha Berlin a 4-0 lead adding to the humiliation. They ran through Union Berlin with a smashing second half providing four goals that didn’t seem that far apart. They ran wild in the second half despite the first half not containing much hertha Berlin woke us up and delivered the damage. Hertha Berlin fuels fire to the derby after crushing their City Rivals, taking all three points as they have been as spotless as any team in the last two games having scored seven goals without conceding once. This is a team that’s on the rise and might squeeze into Europe because of the consistency they have displayed this match was just another reminder that’s how good they are.


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