Bunesliga Players of the week Match Day 29 #824

Christoph Baumgartner vs Koln

Baumi“, der Wirbelwind auf dem Platz - Mannheimer Morgen

Hoffenheim, since the beginning of the restart of the league, hasn’t been at their best. They are a team still in contention for European football next season. They must start picking up maximum points throughout the rest of the season. There aren’t that many games left to play, and they needed a resurgence of energy from someone. A young star emerged from the shadows against Koln, another team also trying to get into Europe. This was going to be a battle, and they needed that moment of brilliance regardless of its source. They got it from youngster Christoph Baumgartner; it was probably the most complete performance of the weekend; he truly stood out. While Maximilian Arnold probably was the best performer this week the most complete performance came from the Hoffenheim youngster. It wasn’t just his ability to find the back of the net; it was the runs he made into space to get into the best attacking position possible he did this as frequently as possible. His vision and passing ability were highlighted in his well-rounded performance. His vision allowed him to get his teammates involved a really young player that we should all be keeping our eyes on over the next couple seasons he reads the game so well he’s just different. He showed me something that I hadn’t seen from him before. He had shown be signs of brilliance and productivity previously, but this was his welcome to the Bundesliga moment this was the match he put all of it together. It’s clear he has the talent and ability to be a significant factor in the Bundesliga over the next couple of seasons. As he continues to mature and develop into a much more refined player, he has shown star quality and several points this season However, against Koln he revealed to all of us that he is a game-changer that makes the right play in the pivotal moments. He still has room to grow and needs to develop his skills more but based on what we saw. The Austrian talent is exceptional a truly outstanding performance. Hoffenheim has something special with this kid, and I don’t say this a lot because it’s hard to really judge a player’s potential based on a couple of games, but you see those qualities within him. He made my head spin with some of the things he was able to do it a big match that like that. On the opening goal, Christoph Baumgartner made a perfect run inside the box; he got himself in the right place at the right time. He handled a well time cross from the wing the youngster got into position and buried a malicious strike into the bottom corner. That gave Hoffenheim the resurgence they needed. He was just getting started early in the second half coming from another cross he came in and delivered a Flawless header that crossed the line to double the advantage. Once again, he read the play incredible real almost looked like a natural as he completed his brace. Then not long after on Hoffenheim’s third goal of the night, he showed some more magic. He retrieved the ball in the middle of the box before supplying an incredibly Innovative and creative a back pass to a teammate as he looked like a seasoned pro. His teammate slotted the ball into the bottom corner, and Hoffenheim held on to win and pick up a vital three points to win 3-1. Hoffenheim got that confidence back that they needed. Christoph Bumgarner opens the game with a run inside the box cleanly scoring. Follow it up with a header out of the air and then finished the game with an Exquisite pass that put the game away for good. He displayed three different rare qualities that we search for in young players. This shows me how good he can truly become in the Bundesliga. One thing is for sure Christoph Baumgartner has arrived even his the rest of the world doesn’t know it yet he is a superstar in the making by this time next year everyone will know his name. He is one to watch for the future after seeing that performance there’s no doubt in my mind we’re looking at a star on the rise. He put together one of the most high-grade performances of the weekend with two goals and one assist being responsible for all three of Hoffenheim’s goals in a big match he provided a shift in momentum. If you don’t know the name Christoph Baumgartner, you should get to know him because he is coming.

Alphonso Davies vs Dortmund

Alphonso Davies Has Quickly Established Himself as One of Europe's ...

Alphonso Davies has become one of the most exciting players to watch not only in the Bundesliga but in World football. The Bayern Munich versatile left-back is learning on the fly, but it’s slowly becoming one of the best players at his position in the world. Bayern Munich targeted Alphonso Davies before cashing in on the Canadian left-back. He joined Bayern Munich for 19 million from the Vancouver Whitecaps. It was a record transfer for the MLS as the young star made his debut at just 15 years old in the MLS. A player that seems to be a generational talent is starting to heat up in his career. Davies played in the Bayern Munich youth team. The young star progressed quickly and is now a regular with Bayern Munich and has been one of the best players this season. He is incredibly explosive and can play multiple positions. Alphonso Davies still understands the things that need to work on. He needs to grasp the defensive side of the game a little better than he does, but he has made great strides in that area. It was evident in the match against Dortmund. Bayern Munich, we’re on the verge of going seven points clear. There’s no debating that Bayern Munich is the better team and has been over the last decade; however, with all that being said, they have players that can really make a difference in a game like this. Jadon Sancho and the Norwegian Superstar Haaland. Alphonso Davies, just like John Brooks the week before, left the young star incredibly frustrated. Alphonso Davies made things difficult for him. He contributed on both sides of the ball. He went forward and provided service using his athleticism and his passing accuracy to make a big difference in a match like this. Alphonso Davies was one of the best performers this week in the Bundesliga. We all know what he’s capable of going forward; however, the thing that stood out the most in the match against Dortmund was his defensive display. His speed was on full alert all game long. He single-handedly prevented several Dortmund chances taking the ball from Haaland and others, primarily coming out of nowhere to do so. He is one of the fastest players in the league. Thomas Muller has giving him the nickname the Bayern Munich Roadrunner. His speed is on such a level he can make up lots of ground in a short amount of time. The scary thing is he is only 19 years old and has barely has scraped the surface of what he’s capable of. He is one of the best youngsters in the world. He continues to show his incredible quality week in and week out. He is going to be a world-class player, in fact, he may already be that. He reminds me of his teammate David Alaba, but with more pace, this is a scary precedent. David Alaba was one of the best and most versatile players in football for a long time in his prime he was breathtaking in fact, he still is. Alphonso Davies has the potential to be even greater. Bayern Munich can play him anywhere; he’s active. He is capable of playing on the wing, but left-back is his preferred position. When people talk about the best backs in World football, they talk about Trent alexander-Arnold and Andrew Robertson; however, Alphonso Davies will end up better than all of them. He has the attacking aspects of the game mastered, and you see progress in the defensive areas. Having his speed and athleticism certainly helps him show these qualities, But he’s very new to German football; he’s still progressing as a player. He is just one of a kind. It’s not a matter if he masters the defensive aspect; it’s when. When this occurs, he will be on a level above everyone else at his position. The best left-backs contribute both offensively, and in the attack, he can stop attacks from happening and contribute on the other end. He already does both reasonably well, but when he sharpens his skills, he’s going to be in a league all by himself. In a massive game in the El Clasica against Dortmund with the title on the line, he was the standout performer. He continues to show what a phenomenal player he is becoming a world-class display as Dortmund are stopped in their tracks by the Bayern Munich Road Runner.

Maximillian Arnold vs Leverkusen

Bundesliga |
Wolfsburg is gunning for European football this season. That is the Target in mind they went up against a Bayer Leverkusen team that has the same mindset of what they would like to achieve this season. This match turned out to be a lot more lopsided than anyone really expected. In a Wolfsburg victory, we saw an improbable star that emerged. One of the League’s most underrated players for a long time has been Maximilian Arnold; he has been with Wolfsburg for his entire career. He is the captain; he is the leader of this team. Despite having been consistent for over the last decade, he is only made one appearance with the Germany national team. He is one of the Bundesliga’s unsung heroes as he does the dirty work. His game isn’t flashy & sexy, but he makes a big difference in big games. If you look down his career, he’s come through in a lot of important moments for Wolfsburg. He has seen world-class teammates leave as he continued to stay where he is. What he does doesn’t always necessarily show up on the scoresheet; the mutual fan would not be able to recognize how important he actually is to the team. Against Leverkusen, in a massive game, Maximilian Arnold was the difference. He played like an animal and was very creative and artistic. He was responsible in some way for three of the four goals scored on their way to three points. Against a superstar, in Kai havertz, the best youngster in the Bundesliga, the veteran showed his superiority. Kai havertz had a good game, but nonetheless, he was just a bullet point of the Maximilian Arnold show. He displayed his impeccable vision and intelligence. As his communication with his teammates was at an all-time high. Coming off set pieces accurately he delivered the goods regularly. He had one goal and two assists all coming off free kicks. Two dimes in the box to find Marin Pongračić, who scored his first two Bundesliga goals. On top of that Arnold scored a free-kick underneath the wall that was an outstanding performance from the German the never seems to get enough credit for what he brings within the team and the difference you can make in big games an argument could be made he was the best player this weekend as he helped his team in so many different ways pick up a massive three points that inch them a little bit closer to their goals. He was outstanding there’s not a lot of situations that what he does can be highlighted because of the way he plays, but on this occasion, he was the orchestrator in the Midfield the leader on the pitch and supplied the necessary ingredients to take Wolfsburg to essential points that only enhances their ambitions this season an incredibly exceptional performance from the League’s most underrated player.

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